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Back Massage


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Back Massage

You’re not alone if you suffer with back pain.  Around 80% of adults experience lower back pain at some point during their life and it is actually the most common cause of job-related disability.  

Back massage can greatly help with this as it loosens up tight muscles that are a large contributor towards the back pain.  For instance, the muscles themselves may cause discomfort, or they can be pulling on tissue, nerves and bones in the vicinity which in turn create back pain. Either way, a good back massage can often be the saviour you are looking for to deal with this pain.

What is a back massage?

Sounds like a strange question, but it’s not just your back that is covered in a back massage.  You get a shoulder and neck massage and your gluteals as well.  This is because everything is connected and so for you to get the most benefit out of your back massage you need to make sure that everything that is connected is also loosened up so as not to pull out the area on your back that is causing you the concern.  See the video below for some more info on this.

There is also the issue of referred back pain which means you can feel pain in your back but when we start working you we find that the start of your problems is coming from an area that is connected.

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How long does a back massage take?

The minimum time for a back massage is 1 hour so that we have time to find your problem areas and work them out.  If you’re having real problems’ you may want to book an hour and a half.

I have arthritis, this is causing me back pain, can I have a back massage?

Yes, of course.  When you have arthritis, your joints rub together (osteo arthritis).  When you have a back massage we loosen the muscles that have been pulled tight due to contraction caused by back pain.  This frees up your joints from rubbing so closely together as the tight muscles are not pushing bone on to bone anymore thus relieving back pain.

When should I see my doctor?

If you’ve had your back pain for a few weeks or more then it’s time to see your doctor.  Many doctors will refer you to a specialist practitioner such as Essential Feeling for a back massage as a result of the information you give them during your consultation with them.  It’s always worth getting things checked out though.

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Can a back massage help?

Yes, we’re fully trained  in back massage and experienced in alleviating all different types of back pain through muscular and tissue release.

Do you have more info on the different techniques you can use during my back massage??

Deep tissue massage

Swedish massage

Myofascial release

How does a back massage help back pain?

Muscle strain is generally the end result of a most back pain whatever the cause.

The thing is, when you strain or tear the muscles in your back, the area around them gets inflamed like it does if you cut your finger.  This inflammation can make the muscles in your back spasm and cause both severe back pain and difficulty moving. Massage can help work out the spasm/irritation and improve range of motion.

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Why would I not be able to have a back massage?

There are a few conditions which mean it’s not ideal to have a back massage. Examples of some are below.  We can advise on suitable alternatives though so give us a call and we can talk things through with you.

The following conditions would not be suitable:

Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor

Infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds

Immediately after surgery

Blood clots risk being displaced during massage.  If you susceptible or if you have heart disease, check with your doctor before.

Pregnant women should check with their doctor first if they are considering getting a massage.

If you have a bruise, inflamed skin, unhealed wounds, tumours, abdominal hernia, or areas of recent fractures the massage will work around these areas.

Please Note:  Deep tissue massage is a totally safe treatment complementary to other therapies (it does not replace medical treatment).If you have doubts, please speak to your GP before coming along.

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