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After just 3 months of regular fertility reflexology sessions I got pregnant, I couldn’t believe it!

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There is lots of information about infertility on the fertility reflexology page here

What is fertility massage?

Fertility massage is a specific set of massage techniques that work the key areas to help when you are trying to conceive.

What areas does fertility massage work?

No session is exactly the same as we make sure we’re working the areas that are specifically causing you problems when you’re trying to conceive.

This is why we only do fertility massage along with fertility reflexology.  The reflexology session identifies areas of imbalance that could benefit from direct work through fertility massage as well as the indirect through the pressure points in the feet with reflexology.

This information feeds in to your fertility massage.

Generally though, when you are trying to conceive there are certain areas that will be at the top of the list for being worked.  Your reproductive area is one, another is your mid to lower back and intestines.

Why is my back important when I’m trying to conceive?

Your central nervous system runs down your spine.  This carries messages from your hypothalamus which is a part of your brain that is the hub of hormonal messages, down to your reproductive area.  If these messages are blocked from getting to your reproductive area because for example, your back has tight muscles, then your reproductive area won’t arrive properly and your cycle is affected.  By helping make sure your back is in great condition, we help you when you are trying to conceive.

Why do you massage my intestines to help me when I’m trying to conceive?

If your intestines aren’t working 100% as they should it will make it more difficult for you when you are trying to conceive as there will be toxins lingering around in the region of your reproductive area.  We’re of the opinion

that if you are already trying to conceive and finding It hard, then every little helps and removing unwanted and let’s face it unneeded toxins from your system can only be a good thing.

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Conditions that may respond well to Fertility Massage


Polycystic ovaries

Adhesions (scar tissue) from surgery

Pelvic inflammatory disease inc infection of any part of the female reproductive tract

Unexplained infertility


Menstrual cycle problems e.g. irregular and heavy periods, interrupted or non-existent cycles

PMS (pre menstrual syndrome)

Hormonal imbalances

Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes

Previous ectopic pregnancy

Cervical problems e.g. over production of mucus and blocking

Can I have fertility massage some weeks and then other weeks just fertility reflexology?

Yes of course you can.  This is an option, there is no pressure, it’s entirely up to you when you feel like having one.  

You can have one or even a few at first to kick start your sessions, you can have them randomly if you feel like it or if something comes up in your reflexology sessions (although if you haven’t pre-booked we can’t guarantee availability), or as part of your normal routines.

If you’re working my reproductive areas if I am pregnant will this have any negative effect?

Imagine you’re in the kitchen and you bend over and press your stomach against the counter top.  This is the kind of pressure that we’ll be using in this area and so this is why we’re happy to give you fertility massage throughout your cycle because if it were going to have any negative effect on you trying to conceive, then pretty much so would daily life.  Our bodies are built to withstand daily life through a healthy pregnancy.

Can Fertility massage help men with this problem?

Yes.  Fertility reflexology helps to identify areas of imbalance and then in the same way as we do with ladies we use this information to help to identify areas that will benefit from a physical massage to help restore your body’s natural rhythm as quickly as possible.

How long before we start to see results?

This depends on many individual factors including how long you have had the problems that are giving you problems when you’re trying to conceive, how severe these are, how committed you are to making any necessary lifestyle changes and how affected you are by outside issues such as stress.  There really is no average.  You’re a unique individual and so then are your circumstances.

Who will be doing my sessions?

Karen is our specialist in fertility reflexology, Charlie is our specialist in massage.  Reviews about her are on our reviews page.

Is there a consultation process?

Yes.  We’ll send you over a consultation form on email prior to your appointment,  You can either return this to us on email prior to your session, or if it’s easier to print this out and bring it along with you to your appointment then that’s fine too.

When you arrive we’ll chat through your consultation form to fully understand everything and then we’ll develop your very own treatment plan tailored to your needs.    

Where will I be treated?

Your reflexology treatment will be in a comfortable, calm treatment room with soft lighting and specialist relaxation music.

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What will happen during the fertility massage?

By this point we will have been through your consultation form and you’ll have had reflexology.  We’ll understand what barriers if any you feel are preventing success when you’re trying to conceive and we’ll have the points of imbalance from your reflexology. This will all be fed in to your fertility massage session.  Generally you’ll undress to your lower underwear and cover yourself with a towel.  Your therapist will come in to the room when you call them in.

Why would I not be able to have fertility massage?

There are a few things that mean fertility massage wouldn’t be advised, in this instance you usually can still have fertility reflexology.

What conditions are not suitable for fertility massage?

Contagious or notifiable diseases

Immediately before or after surgery

Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor

Please Note:  Fertility massage is a totally safe and complementary treatment (it does not replace medical treatment). If you are in any doubt at all, please consult with your GP prior to treatment.  It is important to understand that Reflexology is not a miracle cure, but it is the best chance you can give your body to conceive naturally.

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