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What is foot reading?

Foot reading is used by Reflexologists to understand their clients from a more holistic perspective and is used as a therapy to help people identify the issues in their life and to help them move forwards. It’s a great tool for personal development

Just try asking anybody “how do you feel about your feet” and you will get a variety of interesting answers. Nobody, it seems, feels neutral about their feet and for good reason - they reflect how we are feeling.

What type of things does foot reading look at?

The position and shape of the toes reveal our personality and how we deal with emotions. At a glance, you can tell if someone’s bossy, or talkative, or tired and you can gain an insight into what’s going on in their life.

Even corns, verrucaes, callouses and fungal infections can be interpreted. Bunions are common on feet where the person is doing too much for others and not enough for themselves. People are often amazed at just how detailed a foot reading can be

What happens at a foot reading party?

Foot-reading parties are for groups of 8 people. You supply the drinks and nibbles in one room, whilst the foot reading is taking place in a separate room. It’s great fun.

Wait for your friends to ask “what did she say? What did she say?” When you re-enter the party after your reading. It’s an interesting alternative to a Tupperware Party!

How long does each reading take?

It usually takes around 20 minutes for each persons foot reading.  The whole evening lasts around 3 hours so that all 8 guests have time for their reading, however, once the night starts, it can go on as long as you like!

Am I able to invite more than 8 people?

Yes of course, its just that we won’t be able to read more than 8 pairs of feet in the evening that’s all.

What if I don’t have 8 willing guests?

Please call us and we can discuss how we can best make this work for you.

How can I pay?

Payment is by cash on the evening.  We just ask that you gather the payment from all the guests for one simple payment.

Foot Reading Parties

8 foot reading guests

Each guest has a foot reading

Each reading is £20

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Have 2 friends that book foot reading parties on the night & get your foot reading FREE

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