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Hopi ear candling


Standard treatment

including facial massage

£35 per single hour

£95 course of 3 treatments

Luxury treatment

including luxury facial massage

£50 per single treatment

£135 course of 3 treatments

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What is Hopi ear candling?

As with many complimentary therapies, the use of ear candles can be traced to many ancient civilisations. The candles work on a chimney principle and draw impurities to the surface for removal. Hopi ear candling gently stimulates secretion flow which flows as a vapour in to the chimney like candle which turns in to vapour and removes impurities from the body.  This could lead to the pressure in the head and ears being balanced.

Conditions that may respond well to Hopi ear candling

Most ear, nose and throat conditions

Stress related conditions, where anxiety is the issue (IBS, asthma, menopause)

Any age can benefit (as young as 15 months)

Excessive or compacted earwax (don’t use ear drops 24 hours prior to treatment)

Blocked ears

Hearing loss



Glue ear


Pink eye

Vertigo (dizziness)


Hay fever

Throat problems



Swimmers ear

Problems after flying

Stimulation of local and reflex energy flow

Relaxing and calming effect

How do hopi ear candles work?

Treatment with hopi ear candles increases blood flow and stimulates lymphatic drainage, restoring the balance that enables your body to correct any problems.

The candle flame produces a heat which physically stimulates creating a warming effect.  This creates a spiral energy vortex removing excess mucus in the middle ear, inner ear, sinuses and nose.

Hopi ear candling also increases the movement of the white blood cells which fight infection therefore improving the strength of your immune system.

Ear candles do not remove ear wax directly, so you won’t see a collection of wax at the end of the treatment.  Instead the warmth from the candles removes blockages that would have otherwise trapped toxins in and the funnel structure of the hopi ear candle allows these impurities to then flow out of the ears.

Will I feel an immediate benefit?

Everyone is different and depending on how long you have had your condition for instance will determine how long it will take for you to feel the full benefit of your hopi ear candling treatment.  

Generally speaking most people will feel an immediate relief, but if you have a deep rooted problem, a course of 3 treatments within a week or two may be required.  A lot of clients then like to keep on top of things with a monthly treatment.

Where will I be treated?

Your hopi ear candling & facial lymphatic drainage massage will be in a comfortable, calm treatment room with soft lighting.

What will happen during the treatment?

During your Hopi ear candling therapy, you will remove your shoes and lay down on a specialist couch.

You will then receive a facial massage designed to release the specific areas of pressure related to your condition.  You will then be asked to lie on one side. A piece of soft tissue will be placed over your ear and the tip of the candle lit and inserted in to your ear for around 20 minutes before the hopi ear candle is removed.  You will then receive a short ear massage before rolling on to your other side and having the same treatment on your second ear.

After the candling, depending on which treatment you have booked, you will either receive a standard or luxury sinus and auricular facial massage which is not only relaxing, but also helps to stimulate the movement of your toxins from your body and increases the effectiveness of your treatment.

Is there a consultation process?

Yes.  If you have a computer, to save your treatment time, we’ll send you a consultation form to complete before you come along.  This will detail information about your health conditions and you will need to sign it to say that you are happy to proceed with the treatment.

When you arrive we’ll chat through this to fully understand you would like to get out of your Hopi ear candling.  We will then decide together on a treatment plan.  

Why would I not be able to have a Hopi ear candling treatment?

There are a few illnesses which mean Hopi ear candling would not be the best holistic therapy for you.  In this instance, we wouldn’t be able to treat you with Hopi ear candling, but there are plenty of other therapies that would be more suitable and we can help and advise you in making the best choice.

What would mean I couldn’t have a Hopi ear candling treatment?

Infection of the ear

Inflammation of the ear

Surgery on the ear within the last 3 months

Perforation of the ear drum

Lack of ear drum

Auricular cysts

Grommets, drains or ventilation tubes fitted

Known allergy to candle wax

Please Note:  Hopi ear candling is a totally safe and complementary treatment (it does not replace medical treatment). If you are in any doubt at all, please consult with your GP prior to treatment

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Benefits of hopi ear candling

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