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Why have a hopi ear candling treatment

Hopi ear candles have shown fantastic results in removing excess wax from the ear and re-balancing internal pressure and releasing toxins that are blocked in the head thus relieving a large number of conditions associated with the Ear, Nose and Throat including hay fever.

Nasal and throat allergies – including hay fever
Technically known as allergic rhinitis, this is a condition whereby the membrane of the nose and throat becomes inflamed. This occurs as a result of an allergic reaction e.g. following inhalation of allergens such as dust or pollen.

Allergic rhinitis (or hay fever as we know it) occurs during the spring or summer.

Symptoms include:


Runny or blocked nose

Irritated eyes and nose

Using Hopi ear candles weekly for the first month and then via a monthly maintenance programme has been shown to help reduce these allergic reactions (and thus the effects of hay fever).  More frequent Hopi ear candling treatments during more intense hay fever attacks may help to reduce their severity.

Relief of a build up in pressure (often after flying or diving)

Are you one of those people that experience a change in pressure in your ears when flying?

If so Hopi ear candling can help you.  It happens when your ear drum swells due to lower air pressure unbalancing the pressure between the inner and outer ear drum. Your doctor may have noted that you have problems with your Eustachian tubes – this would mean you are more likely to be affected by air pressure changes such as flying as your Eustachian tube normally helps to keep an equilibrium of pressure.

Hopi ear candling can help with this problem as the warmth of the ear candles help the pressure to be removed through the ears and balance is restored.


The sinuses are air filled cavities around the eyes and nose of which the linings become swollen and inflamed. This swelling then causes the openings in the sinuses to become blocked preventing mucus from draining effectively out from your nose.

As mucus builds, pressure increases and so therefore does pain in the area.  Sinusitus can often be mistaken as a common cold symptoms being headaches.  Hopi ear candles can be used on a daily basis in the first few days of sinusitis to alleviate the build up of pressure, releasing mucus and preventing infection and further inflammation.  Persistent symptoms can be dealt with via a weekly/ monthly basis as a preventative measure.

Glue ear / blocked ear

If you get repeated fluid in your middle ear, then you have glue ear.  It is very common in young children. The middle ear can become filled with think, sticky, glue-like fluid leading to a degree of hearing loss and very often it can lead to an ear infection.

The development of glue ear usually occurs over several months so if you can spot it early and use Hopi ear candles they can do a fantastic job of being a preventative measure by releasing the bacteria before it builds.  However, if it does go unnoticed as it often does, the Hopi ear candling can be great for not only alleviating your symptoms but also speeding up your recovery.


We’ve all had a common cold – it is one of the most widespread ailments suffered in the modern world - around 50% of the population of Europe and North America estimated to be affected each year.

You very often will feel generally achy which is as a result of the build up of bacteria in the primary symptoms being:

   * Runny nose

   * Sneezing

   * Sore throat

   * Coughing

Cold are massive inconveniences to everyday life and can be a major cause of sick days resulting in docking of pay.

Hopi ear candling can really help when done regularly during your cold. Hopi ear candling can help clear congestion and blockages arising from colds, easing your symptoms and allowing you to feel well enough to return to work!

Headaches & Migraines

For most of us, if we get the occasional headache its nothing to worry about.  However, some of us really do suffer from regular headaches and migraines that become particularly debilitating.

As well as helping to clear the congestion that can often be the root cause of these awful headaches, Hopi ear candling can also help to relax you again relieving headaches and tensions.


Tinnitus is that horrid ringing we have all probably had in our ear or ears when there is no external noise.  Not only can it make you feel like you are going slightly mad, but it can hinder hearing.  This can be as a result of a build up of a pressure in the ear or damage to the ear drum.  Hopi ear candling has been shown to have some really positive results in the fight against tinnitus – if not completely removing the noise, showing a significant reduction in the noise experienced.