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Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works the principle that every organ and gland in the body has a corresponding area on the foot or hand.  By working the feet with specific moves, reflexology allows your body to re-balance enabling healing. The theory is that following illness, stress, injury or disease, the body is in a state of "imbalance", which blocks vital energy pathways preventing the body from functioning effectively, by clearing these blockages through reflexology, homeostasis (natural balance of the body) can be restored.

Reflexology can have the following effects on the body

Revitalise all bodily functions

Calms nerves

Creates inner harmony

Strengthens the immune system

Pacifies overactive glands and organs

Arouses sluggish body parts

Relaxes muscles

Eliminates toxins

Relieves tension and distress

Regulates blood pressure

Eases aches and pains

Reduces swelling & inflammation

Aids wound healing

Energises mind, body & spirit

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Conditions that may respond well to reflexology

Back and neck problems inc. sciatica
inner balance
Arthritis and similar conditions such as tennis elbow
Anxiety and stress

High blood pressure

Circulation problems

Prostate conditions
Fertility (read case study and find out more about subfertility and reflexology)

The process of pregnancy & labour (after the 1st 3 months)

Menstrual problems

Prostate problems
Headaches and migraines

Plantar facilitas
Digestive disorders



Gastro-intestinal disorders (including irritable bowel syndrome and peptic ulcers)

Ear, eye, nose, throat and sinus problems

Skin problems (including eczema and psoriasis)

Multiple Sclerosis


Parkinson’s disease

Wound healing

How long does it take to see results?

It depends what you are looking for.  Stress relief is very often almost immediate as this is a very relaxing therapy.  

Some of the more deep rooted problems listed above may take more than one treatment.  Most people will start to see some really amazing results within 3 to 6 weekly appointments.

What is the purpose of reflexology?

Reflexology works pressure points on your feet or hands to help balance your internal system.  In so doing, it supports your body so it is able to heal itself.  Your reflexologist will work areas that are not under pressure as well as those that are so that you are holistically in tip top condition.  This is important because your body will often draw on the recuperative resources of areas that are not under strain to assist those that are.

Will reflexology hurt?

No it shouldn’t hurt and we use different levels of pressure for different types of sessions.  However, if you feel that an area feels like it is bruised and it hasn’t previously had any damage then this could be an indication that there is an imbalance in the corresponding area of your body – this could be either mental or physical.

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Can reflexology diagnose?

No, only your registered health care professional can diagnose.  Reflexology can often tell where there is a build up of crystals (uric acid), toxins and stresses by the way your foot feels under their expert touch.  Likewise, you may be able to feel changes in how your reflexologist's touch feels on your feet, an area may feel bruised, or like a nail is digging in.  Both of these sensations can indicate an emotional or physical imbalance in an area of your body but do not diagnose.

Does reflexology treat diseases?

Reflexology works by re balancing your body so that it is best able to deal with ailments naturally, but it doesn’t treat an illness or disease.

I have a serious illness/ am in remission from a serious illness, can reflexology make this worse?

No not at all.  Reflexology works to balance your body and put it in the best possible position to fight disease.  If you’re under any doubt at all then please speak with your healthcare professional, but the results of reflexology can be completely amazing.

Is there a consultation process?

Yes there is, we’ll send a consultation form to your email address prior to your appointment so that you have time to complete this before you come along. You can either print it out and bring it with you or email it back to us. Whichever, we’ll discuss this prior to starting your first session.

Where will I be treated?

We have specialist treatment rooms where you’ll have your reflexology session amidst soft lighting and gentle atmosphere.  You’ll lie back in our reflexology chair and enjoy the amazing relaxation that you’ll experience during your session.

Who will treat me?

Karen is our fully qualified reflexologist and is a fully paid up and active member of the AOR (Association of Reflexologists) which requires regular training to ensure she is fully up to date with the latest techniques and practices.

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What will happen during my session?

After we’ve gone through your consultation form and agreed a treatment plan, you’ll go in to the treatment room and take a seat in our relaxing chair.  Reflexology is a fully clothed holistic therapy so you’ll only need to remove your shoes and socks.  If you have problems bending, then we’ll be happy to help.

We’ll then place your chair in to the recliner position and you will place your feet on a pillow covered with a towel.  We’ll clean your feet and cover with a powder that helps your reflexologist administer your treatment.

We’ll then warm up both feet and then cover one with a towel whilst we work the other.  Every treatment plan is different so the rest will be down to what you require, but this will be explained during your consultation.

What should I do during my reflexology session?

Nothing, you can chat if you like, but this treatment is so relaxing that many people choose to take the little bit of me time as an opportunity for a quick snooze.  Whatever suits you is fine with us!

How will I feel after having reflexology?

Everyone is different and you’ll be given a sheet after your session so that you know what to expect.  However, you will probably feel really relaxed and possibly a little tired for a few hours as your body flushes out toxins (drink lots of water).  After this, you’ll more than likely feel on top of the world.

How often will I need a reflexology session?

Again it depends on what we’re working with and how deep rooted your problem is.  You can have reflexology as often as you like, so you won’t ‘overdose’ so it’s really down to how often you feel you want a session in line with what we are trying to achieve.  We can discuss this with you on the phone or email prior to you booking if you’re concerned.

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Can children and/ or babies have reflexology?

Yes they can.  We often do shorter sessions but they respond well and are particularly useful for asthma, anxiety related illnesses and sleep problems.  We will need you to come along with your child and wait with them whilst they have their reflexology session though.

Will my health insurance pay for my reflexology?

Some will so it’s definitely worth checking your policy, we’re happy to provide a receipt if they do.

Why would I not be able to have reflexology?

Contagious or notifiable diseases

Immediately before or after surgery

Under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor

Although there is no evidence of a relationship between miscarriage in the first trimester and pregnancy, some ladies prefer to wait until this period has passed.

Please Note:  Reflexology is a totally safe and complementary treatment (it does not replace medical treatment). If you are in any doubt at all, please consult with your GP prior to treatment.



1 hour treatments

£60 per single hour

£170 course of 3 treatments

1 ½ hour treatments

£90 per single treatment

2 hour treatments

£120 per two hours

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What our customers say...

                5.0 out of 5

I have so far had 6 reflexology treatments from Karen and I feel like a new person! I can walk and run for longer periods again, with less frequent aches and pains.  Karen is very professional with a lovely calm manner - I would definitely recommend her.  

Pippa Housego

                5.0 out of 5

To date I have had 10 reflexology treatments with Karen.  I initially started it to relax, but as well as being a bit of me time, the results were shocking.  Until I started the treatment, I’d had bad asthma, regular pins and needles and also a shooting pain in my right ear.  All were alleviated after just a few weeks of reflexology.

Lee Baker

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