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Reflexology  case study-alzheimers  2


Client is retired and cared for by her husband as she has Alzheimer’s and also arthritis in her back and knees which gives her a noticeable stoop.  Her eyesight is bad and so the 2 combined make her mobility a real issue. Client also suffers from severe headaches and thyroid problems that make it difficult for her to lose weight.

Client is not sleeping which is having an impact on her carer as well.  She gets up in the middle of the night and walks around unaware of her surroundings.  She has been getting very stressed and agitated so we will concentrate on relaxing her and see where this leads.

She will come for weekly sessions.

Week 1

Client actually commented during her treatment at how surprised she was at feeling so relaxed.  She went home that night and slept the entire duration for the first time in as long as her carer can remember. This continued.

Week 2, 3

Client was feeling uptight before her session, but slept during it and commented again on how relaxed she is feeling.  Client continues to sleep through the night and doesn’t even wake when her carer gets up to go to the toilet in the night now.

Client is also starting to eat more in the mornings and is now complaining of feeling hungry which is something that is positive as her carer previously had to try and cajole her in to eating enough as she regularly wasn’t hungry,

Week 4

The effects have been so profound that the clients doctors are trialling taking her off her medication to see what happens and to ascertain whether the changes are due to reflexology.

This starts tomorrow.

Week 5

Despite coming off medication, client is still maintaining sleep patterns and appetite.  Have now started working her back and knees.

Week 6, 7, 8, 9

Client continues to improve her recognition and memory of things seems to have more clarity.  She is remembering things like what she had for lunch and what she did at the weekend and can even remember how to get in to the chair.

Week 10

Client commented that her knees are not giving her as much problems as they had done previously and that her back is also feeling better although she does have good and bad days.

Week 11

Client nearly had a car accident on her way in today and she was visibly shaken and really didn’t know what to do or where to go.  When her session started though, her hand stopped shaking and she relaxed before we had even finished the warm up.  She did chatter throughout her session today, but her recollection wasn’t as clear as it had been in previous weeks.

Week 12 and ongoing

Client now back to normal after last week’s hiccup, her knees and back continue to improve.  She continues to lose weight whilst eating more.


Both the doctors and myself saw that the changes in the clients behaviour including improved clarity and recognition as well as social interaction and sleep patterns continued once her medication was ceased for the trial period.  The only thing that was different was the reflexology sessions that she was receiving.

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