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Case Study- Reflexology  for Fertility 2


Client has been trying to get pregnant for the past year with no luck. She eats a balanced diet, doesn’t smoke or drink, but only has 1 glass of water per day.  She feels stressed all of the time although she admits she doesn’t come across like this, she likens herself to a duck that is calm on the surface and paddling for all it is worth under the water.  She also suffers from PMT.

Client will come every other week.

Session 1

This was a discovery session although client commented on how relaxed she felt.

Session 2

Client felt very relaxed during her session and this continued afterwards although she did feel a little run down with a sore throat and light cold in between.  Advised client of need to drink more water to flush out toxins.

Session 3

Client thought she was pregnant since her last session, but this was a false alarm and so whilst she was upset about this, she feels more in control of things and as a result of this says she is feeling much more calm.

Session 4, 5, 6

Client is now very relaxed and is chatting generally now and noticeably smiling more.  She gets emotional in the time up to her period as her hope builds...  She is now drinking much more water.

Session 7

Client reported strange twinges in her right side and a new calmness in her demeanor.  Following this session, client had a positive pregnancy test.


Client has been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for a year and in just 7 sessions she was not only feeling more calm and relaxed, but she had a positive pregnancy test.  In my opinion as her therapist, the only thing that has changed is her having reflexology specifically targeted at calming her down to start with and then fertility following this.

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