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Essential Feeling,

Gidea Park  near Romford,Hornchurch,Rainham


01708 747991

Opening hours 7am to 10pm

7 days a week

Pregnancy massage


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Pregnancy reflexology

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Holistic Therapy  Specialists

01708 747991

Gidea Park, Romford, Essex

7 days a week, 7am to 10pm

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Deep Tissue Massage Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex

Holistic (Swedish) massage

This can be massage of just one area, for instance a back massage, or head, neck and shoulder massage.

Essential Feeling will tailor your holistic (Swedish) massage to your lifestyle; understanding how your way of life affects your body means that we can build your massage treatment around the stesses and strains that are unique to you. Contact us

Deep tissue (sports) massage

Deep tissue massage concentrates on breaking down damaged muscles so that they can heal again. This can be beneficial for neck pain or back pain, sports injuries plus many more conditions.  It can be combined with holistic massage during your treatment. Contact us

Fertility reflexology

Specialists in fertility, we use specific reflexology techniques, diet and lifestyle advice to allow your body to be as naturally fertile as possible by balancing out your hormones and allowing your body to deal with stress way better. Option to combine with fertility massage. Contact us

Couples massage

If you’d like to come for a relaxing back massage or shoulder massage with your friend or partner then we can accommodate you at the same time in adjoining rooms.  Contact us

Pregnancy massage

We’re fully qualified in pregnancy massage so you can come along with the peace of mind that you’re in a safe pair of hands whilst we work out the aches and pains in your back and legs. Contact us

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Suffering from water retention or just had surgery including plastic surgery or liposuction?  This is the perfect massage for you, plus it’s gentle and relaxing Contact us

Myofascial release

If you spend a lot of time in one position or suffer from some debilitating illness such as fibromyalgia then this system of manually allowing your body to reconnect muscularly will, we think, help you no end. Contact us

Reflexology for male infertility

In the same way we work with ladies to balance their hormonal system, fertility reflexology can also be effective for men.  We can work with any number of conditions or just ensure that you are as balanced as possible to support your partner that may be having medical problems. We also advice on nutrition & lifestyle Contact us

Maternity reflexology

We know it sounds farfetched if you’re not in to this kind of thing, but yes, we can work with you to either help your body go in to natural labour quickly, or over a longer period of time, we can help your body go through labour in the shortest possible period of time.  In this instance, labours tend to be in the ballpark of 4 hours or less. Contact us

Post natal reflexology

Your hormones can be off after giving birth and we can help to balance that with post natal reflexology to help you feel more in the now and help the connection you make with your newborn baby. Contact us

Hayfever buster

Hayfever can be debilitating and when nothing else is working this can be a saviour especially at exam time etc. These are shorter more regular sessions than a standard reflexology session. Contact us

Reflexology dementia alzheimers

We’ve seen several Alzheimer’s patients come out of the reflexology chair after an hours session revived and able to hold a conversation again giving themselves and also their carer a little respite and also a few days of their loved one back with them again. Contact us

Reflexology for depression

Time and again we’ve helped clients with depression, anxiety and debilitating panic attacks work through this part of their life.  We also can help with preventing our clients from slipping back in to depression. Contact us

Holistic Massage Therapy Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex Pregnancy Massage Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex Myofascial Release Massage Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex Couples Massage Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex Sub fertility (infertility) reflexology  Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex Maternity Reflexology Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex Reflexology - Alzheimer's Hayfever buster reflexology Gidea Park Romford Essex Foot Reflexology Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex


Reflexology is the ancient art of using pressure points on your feet to bring balance back in to your body.  By doing this we help your body to act as it would do without the pressures of everyday modern life. Contact us


A gentle relaxing session that works with your body’s natural energy to reconnect and re-balance. Contact us

Foot Reflexology Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex Foot Reflexology Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex

Triathlon massage

We use our specialist muscular knowledge to give you a massage following sports such as triathlons that is suited to your bodies needs at your specific point in your training programme. Contact us

Foot Reflexology Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex

Indian head massage

All your nerves and senses start in the head, Indian head massage releases tension throughout your body, but in particular your head and neck area by massaging the sensitive nerve endings on the head. Contact us

Foot Reflexology Essential Feeling Gidea Park Romford Essex

The Philosophy Behind Essential Feeling

Essential Feeling are holistic therapy specialists based in Gidea Park, between Romford and Hornchurch near Rainham.

Specialists in ensuring you, as our client receive the best therapy for your ailments, you can be sure that when you book a massage or other holistic therapy treatment such as reflexology or Hopi ear candling with Essential Feeling that you will be treated according to your needs.  

We don’t follow a generalised treatment routine, every element is tailored to your body’s individual requirements ensuring that you really do get treated as an individual.  

Open for appointments 7 days a week 7am to 10pm we also work around the clock to ensure that if you need a therapy such massage, reflexology or Hopi ear candling that we’ll be here when you need us to be.  

Contact us

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