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Case Study- Reflexology for Depression and Paranoia


Client presented with depression and paranoia as well as tension headaches that she is unable to shift for weeks at a time.  She has considerable pain in her neck and shoulders from tension.  Not surprisingly, her ability to relax is poor and she’s not a fantastic sleeper despite exercising regularly.  Client is a non-smoker.

Client came for bi-weekly sessions.

Session  1

Immediately client felt tingling during her session and felt much more relaxed after her session and was sleeping better.  Her headaches stopped and she hasn’t needed to take the pain killers that her doctor had provided her with.

Session 2 – 2 weeks later

Again client felt tingling during her session, this week noticeably in her head and saw bright colours when her eyes were closed.  She was now feeling much better.

Session 3 – 2 months later

Client has been fine since her last treatment, until the last few weeks when the Xmas preparations have been getting on top of her prompting her return visit.  She is now feeling tense and cannot sit still.  Client felt lots of tingling and bright lights during her session again.  Following this session she was much better again, she calmed down, enjoyed Xmas and is feeling generally more in control of her own reactions.

Session 4 – 3 weeks later due to holiday

Felt lots of tension in release during this session today and client saw colours again and felt tingling in her head. Client is now feeling much less tense and is getting on with things in her life that she wouldn’t have previously been able to do, she is travelling by train now which was a no no previously.

Session 5 – 2 weeks later

Following her last treatment, client had a healing crisis and had a really bad day.  However, following this after drinking lots of water, she then felt the calmest she has ever felt.  This was compounded with her being stranded on a train at night since her last session and dealt with this confidently and without a panic attack.

Session 6 – 3 weeks later

Client has had no panic attacks since her last session and is starting to feel much better in herself.  She feels like a ‘normal’ person again and is able to get on with life as ‘normal’ people do. She is starting to drink alcohol again which she had stopped.  This is not in an irresponsible way, but such that she can join in with social gatherings without feeling that she will have to deal with any repercussions at a later day as it tended to exacerbate her depression and panic previously.

She has booked her next appointment in for 4 weeks and continues in this manner.


Regular reflexology sessions focussed on reinforcing the key areas associated with this clients particular issues appear to have improved her ability to relax and sleep, alleviated excruciating headaches and made her feel more confident in her everyday life such that she can behave as her peers.

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