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Cancer Care

Both Karen and Charlton are qualified in the disciplines that help to care for those with Cancer. We don’t treat cancer, but we do help to make your life easier by helping you deal with its effects. We can reduce stress, calm your mind and give you an outlet to let out all your feelings, or just be you for a moment rather than a cancer sufferer.

What do we offer?

Each session is up to 1 hour. Within that, we’ll tailor your package to your needs. Below are the options which we can discuss together to make sure you get the most out of your sessions.

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Reflexology is widely accepted as part of an integrated healthcare approach in cancer care and is a very popular choice with cancer patients. We’ll work on your feet or hands using gentle pressure to stimulate balance which in turn helps you to feel better and for your body to work easier, helping to strengthen your resistance.

Karen is also trained in a breakthrough technique -nerve reflexology which helps to alleviate pain. Read research on how reflexology helps cancer patients.

Reflexology is a simple, safe and highly effective session which helps to ease any feelings of anxiety you may have, reduce stress and symptoms such as pain and nausea. It’s also well known for aiding sleep and making you feel more relaxed and able to cope.

Our reflexologist is also a certified counsellor, so if you need a safe place to just let loose, then feel free. This is your hour and you can trust that anything you say will not only be treated with utmost confidence, but you will never be judged.

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Cancer Care

Up to 1 hour


£170 course of 3 treatments

3 booking options

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After the first session I was sleeping again, after 4 sessions I was starting to get on with my life again - I feel normal and just come back when I feel things slipping for a ‘top up’

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We’ll use a combination of pressure suitable to your requirements including lymphatic drainage which is a really light and gentle touch. It’s very soothing as well as beneficial in helping your lymphatic system eradicate toxins. Massage has long since been accepted within conventional healthcare for it’s therapeutic effects and is often offered to patients and carers as part of healthcare in hospitals.

Massage creates a feeling of deep relaxation which benefits emotional as well as physical disorders. Massage also raises spirits and reduces anxiety and depression. It also assists with breaking the pain -spasm cycle for chronic pain by releasing muscle tightness.

Charlie is also qualified in Reiki, so you’ll more than likely find an inner peace during your massage through his gentle touch.

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What will your session help?

Counterbalance the effects of stress

Encourages deeper and easier breathing

Improves joint flexibility

Improves circulation

Relaxes muscles and nerve fibres, easing pain

Provides gentle relaxation

Can boost your immune system by calming down your adrenal glands and releasing endorphins

Gives you important ‘me time’

Facilitates stillness of mind as well as body

Helps you obtain a more positive approach to getting through tough times

Aids depression

Provides a sanctuary to express views and fears (if you want)

Induces better sleeping patterns

Re-establishes enjoyment from your body being touched rather than just being prodded and poked

Empowerment and relaxation

I’ve heard massage can spread cancer?

There is no evidence to suggest therapies including reflexology and massage can cause the spread of metastases through the lymphatic or circulatory system. Hands on therapies such as what we offer at Essential Feeling are adapted to the most gentle and light touches and are no more likely to have an adverse effect than many other every day activities, such as taking a hot bath, walking and other forms of gentle exercise.

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The area is particularly tender and I’m sensitive in general.

We will work you with incredible compassion for your pain threshold. We may also be inclined to avoid areas where you are having your treatment, or for example where you have a cannula or Hickman line. You are in control, we won’t do anything that you’re not happy with. This is about you enjoying your time, so anything else is pointless.

We’ll also give you lots of pillows to plump yourself to a position where you feel comfortable, and if you need a break, that’s fine too.

Can complementary therapies affect chemotherapy?

Reflexology, Reiki or Massage do not interfere with chemotherapy treatment, in fact having a session before chemotherapy can help your body tolerate your chemo sessions better. Neither do they have an adverse effect on the patient receiving chemotherapy or make it less effective. We suggest leaving it 3 days after your chemotherapy before having a treatment with us.

Can complementary therapy effect radiotherapy?

No, reflexology, reiki or massage do not interfere with radiotherapy treatment. As for chemotherapy above, we suggest leaving it 3 days after your radiation before having a session with us, just so you’re not overloading your body. However having our complementary therapy before radiation can help your body process the toxins the radiotherapy medication delivers.

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Will the sessions intensify sickness?

We will use a very light touch throughout and our oils/ creams will be fragrance free. If you’re feeling sensitivity let us know and we’ll adapt accordingly for instance, we may decide to avoid your abdomen when massaging.

Im the carer, can I have a treatment too?

Of course, it’s a very stressful and emotive time for carers and you often feel like you’re the one that has to be strong. You have two choices whilst your loved one has their session. Leave them in our trusted hands and go off and grab some guilt free time to yourself, or you can both have your sessions at the same time.

Why would I not be able to have this cancer care complementary therapy?

There are a few instances where our cancer care therapy may not be the best option for you. We’ve listed these below:



Brain metastases we’ll avoid head massage

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Where will I be treated?

Your reflexology treatment will be in a comfortable, calm treatment room with soft lighting.  We don’t come out and do home visits we’re afraid.

What will happen during the treatment?

During your reflexology session, you’ll sit in a reclining chair.  You’ll remove your shoes and socks and then we’ll wipe your feet and dust with powder to help with traction when working.

We’ll then work one foot and then another with our specialist depression reflexology programme reinforcing particular areas of imbalance as we work.

How will I feel after my cancer care session?

You’ll generally feel relaxed and then later on alive and have more energy than you have had in a long time.  

Gradually over time you should notice that you feel more confident doing the things that have been problems for you in the past - read our case study

Please Note:  The techniques used are  totally safe complementary treatments (they do  not replace medical treatment). If you are in any doubt at all, please consult with your GP or specialist prior to treatment.

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