Cancer therapeutic touch


Therapeutic touch is important when you’re dealing with the effects of cancer. People will often avoid touching you for fear of causing you pain. At Essential Feeling we are trained in cancer care and will only give you the lightest most gentle soothing touch to help your body heal from the side effects of the invasive treatment or to quieten the pain in your head and body.

Cancer therapeutic touch is a wonderful escape for cancer patients at all stages of their oncology journey Enjoy the peaceful benefits of time out and just be. We have designed our oncology support therapies to support you every aspect of your experience with cancer.

Every treatment with us is unique. Both physically and emotionally according to what you best need to help you cope.

We are experienced and professionally qualified cancer care therapists and can provide you with the highest quality treatments.

Qualified in a variety of relaxing and therapeutic holistic therapies, you have a buffet of options which are helpful if you’re dealing with treatment for cancer. And the pain associated with the condition and its treatment.

Being touched often hurts when you’re dealing with cancer. All your nerves can feel like they’re on fire. Or they can be numb from chemotherapy induced neuropathy. But, because we’re expecting you to be sensitive, we’re gentle. In fact, healing touch in an energy therapy which often overrides any need to move muscles, etc.

Reiki healing touch is a gentle energy exchange whereby your therapist sometimes won’t even lay their hands on you. Great if you’re already dealing with painful conditions. You’ll feel the heat from their energy as they pass their hands above to you in this approach, for your body to use with as it can. This is one of the most relaxing therapies offering healing touch that Essential Feeling do.

In addition, therapeutic massage and healing is another gentle therapy which involves moving your lymphatic fluid which can be an incredibly beneficial technique for anyone who needs to rid their body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials, following cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

This kind of healing touch and therapeutic touch is great if you are a woman who has had breast cancer surgery because they often damage the lymphatic system your immune system is also compromised. Breast cancer patients more than any others will suffer with their lymphatic system not working optimally, which often then needs some additional help to restore it.

We don’t cure cancer, that’s the realm of your medical practitioners.

Our complementary therapies are integrative and may include information on nutrition to improve your body’s chance of fighting the disease and calming side effects of treatment. They help you cope with health the side effects, including nausea.

For instance research shows the effectiveness of healing touch of reflexology has proven to cut down pain in many distinct sets of patients, including those in oncology cancer centres which is why many are now offering healing touch as an alternative or to complement traditional clinical medicine.

Cancer institutes around the globe have a study of cancer literature and evidence which shows uplift and improvement in the quality of a patient’s lives when they embark on this program. They’ve proven therapeutic touch beneficial in also cutting down on the anxiety and stress following diagnosis of the disease and in running up to receiving treatment which we would argue aids their recovery.

Compare the effectiveness of healing touch massage therapy and review them against your other common options for nursing and cancer care. Read all the information on the therapy pages above. Make the right decision for you.

Not all patients with cancer will respond in the same way to touch therapy. This is a very personal journey, hence why we have developed different options. Different types of therapies incorporate into your cancer care in unique ways that match your needs. Supporting your wellness routine.

If you don’t see what you want here, then call us on 07757 946023 and we’ll chat through nurturing techniques we can incorporate into your session to bring about the significant balance and relief from symptoms you crave.

Whichever of the cancer therapies you choose from our offering whether that be massage or reflexology modality, that you’ll not only enjoy the comfort of healing touch but also from compassionate therapists who are human and understand that you are primarily a person, and second, a patient. For sure, we have a bunch of qualifications, and therapeutic touch is used to manage pain cancer can inflict on you, but we’re not just about that.

It can be nice to rest in a kind environment where you are you again. If we can do that for you whilst you experience the benefits of therapeutic massage and healing touch, all the better.

Our goal at Essential Feeling in Romford is to help you reach your goal.

It doesn’t matter why you come for physical therapy at Essential Feeling, we’re here to help you.

You’ll have a full consultation before you come. We are available at short notice. So if you’re having a grim day and just need a therapy which widely promotes a sense of wellbeing; we’re here.