Reiki for Grief

What is reiki for grief and loss?

Before we answer what is reiki for grief, we need to walk back a step and answer what is reiki? And then we can move on.
Have you heard of chakras? Did you know that these are actually physical areas in our body (plexus) where our nerves come together like a road intersection like Gallows Corner in Romford? Or a junction box where energy transfers between intersections. Reiki works with our internal junction boxes, which connects to our emotions.

There are seven chakras.

The Crown — connection to spirituality
Third Eye — ability to focus, connects to intuition, imagination, wisdom and decisions
Throat — connection to our ability to communicate
Heart — love, inner peace, joy
Solar Plexus — self-confidence, esteem and self-worth
Sacral — sense of pleasure and sexuality
Root — survival issues

Sounds like codswallop!

Yeah, we know. And we took some convincing too. If you're still unsure when you get to the end, you might want to read more on Reiki.

When the energy in these centres aligns we feel top notch. Everything is running smoothly, and the light doesn’t blink if we turn on the washing machine. But, if they block one or more or the energy is unbalanced, as it is when we're dealing with grief, then we do not feel right. And that’s when we get the blinking light. Something isn’t working properly, and the washing isn’t clean despite it running through the cycle.

This is what grief does to our chakras. It throws everything out of balance, our spirit is running off in the wrong directions because our energy resource becomes all consumed with healing our grieving. This doesn’t leave us with enough power to run the rest of our body.

So things fail. We don’t sleep so good when we're dealing with grief; we ache all over, our brain feels like it will explode. And basically we just need a bit of extra help in getting through the day. That’s where reiki steps in. Because it allows us to pull extra energy into our junction boxes to clear out the bad wiring until we heal again on our own. Kind of like an emotional bank loan. Reiki aligns the energy as it flows through our junction boxes so that our light is always bright. Or brighter at least while we're on the road to healing.

What is a Reiki treatment like?

You’ll lay down on the massage table during your reiki healing or you could sit comfortably in a chair. It’s just important that you relax. You will remain fully clothed throughout. The atmosphere will be similar to how it is if you’ve had a massage before. The practitioner will move their hands over, they may rest on you or they may hover above you. Treatments do not hurt and you leave feeling relaxed. Often you’ll close your eyes and you’ll start to feel fluttering inside you, under your therapist's hands.

Reiki for grief is combining our energy with that of your reiki practitioner to enhance your ability to heal naturally. Sound odd? Sure, we get that. But here’s the thing. We’re used to accepting that a heater uses energy to put out heat, , so this is just like turning up the thermostat to get more heat.

And what better time than when we lose a loved one. This is a natural part of life’s cycle, but it doesn’t make it easier when the time comes. And the bereavement process is one of adapting to a new reality. That process can mean that we experience deep emotions. They may range from shock, anger, sadness and confusion, interspersed with the odd moment of relief. Reiki for grief aims to give you more of those moments and help you on your path to healing.

Can reiki help with grief, and how?

By allowing yourself to fill with the wonderful calmness of reiki healing, you are already opening the door to a more calm state of mind, which helps you to deal with grief. But, whilst receiving reiki, you’ll feel a wave of calmness wash over you and as you relax, you’ll be more open to the emotions which you’ve been bottling down deep inside.

In allowing these feelings to surface and float free during your reiki healing session, you’re unlocking your potential to move through the seven stages of grief faster. Imagine if you have to run the 100 metres straight, or if you’re doing it over hurdles. Which will be your quickest speed? It’ll be the straight run without the hurdles. This is the emotional equivalent of what reiki can do for you if you open your heart and allow the energy to channel through you.
At the end of a reiki for grief session you’ll feel lighter and like we have freed you from a burden. You won’t forget your loved one, and you won’t be ‘fixed’ but every reiki session is one incremental step forward to feeling more healed.

What is the healing power of reiki on grief?

Energy flows through a Reiki practitioner’s hands to the person who needs it, you, our client enhancing our ability to heal naturally and providing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual relief.
As we discussed in the question above, the healing power of reiki on grief is potentially enormous.

How does Reiki help grief?

Receiving Reiki when you’re dealing with the effects of grief help you in taking care of yourself. This can be physically, spiritually and emotionally. Being more balanced and relaxed when we’re grieving helps us to locate that tranquil sense of calm which can help us to not rush into a despair at our crushing loss.

Reiki also clears the buzz and/ or fog in our brains, helping us to think clearly. And that helps us to sleep better.

Don’t be under any illusion though. Reiki healing isn’t a one off miracle cure. It won’t magically eradicate our sadness and grief. But it makes it much easier to cope with grief’s difficulties. Plus, enjoying that sense of calm and balance helps give us the courage and stamina to tackle head on our journey through grief.

Grief relief through reiki. What are the benefits?

As with all living beings, humans are balls of energy. And like a plug socket which also operates on energy. When our energy paths block or get disturbed, as they often are when we’re living through the fog of grief, the result can be illness, weakness, and pain.

Reiki frees these blockages so our energy paths are free, which then allows our body to balance and strengthen. This may decrease pain, ease muscle tension, improve our sleep, and enhance our body’s ability to heal.

Some benefits of Reiki include:

Promotes relaxation and improves sleep
Reduces stress and tension and anxiety
Helps with pain management
Soothes digestion
Improves circulation
Enhances healing

Is it a coincidence that the symptoms associated with grieving and the benefits of Reiki almost match each other one-for-one? We’ll let you decide, but we think not.

Reiki and grief

So, in summary, reiki helps enhance our body’s natural ability to rebalance. This means that our entire body is operating better so touching our body, emotion, mind and spirit to evoke relaxation, peace and wellbeing.

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