a present

If you’re looking for a present for Christmas or a birthday then buy your loved one a gift voucher for a massage or reflexology from Essential Feeling in Romford, Essex.

The vouchers are valid for three months from the date you specify meaning that you can purchase them in advance in full confidence that your loved one will have a present that they can use when it’s convenient for them.

What’s more, Essential Feeling book their time out by the hour. So you purchase a period of time and then it’s down to the person who you buy the gift for what they use within that time which takes the second guessing out of making the right choice.

For example, people may choose to book a 1 hour massage, or reflexology. Essential Feeling are also used to working with mothers to be, so your gift vouchers are perfectly suitable for pregnant ladies needing a pregnancy massage or pre-natal reflexology sessions.

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