lymphatic drainage massage for lymphoma

A lymphatic drainage massage for lymphoma is wonderful. It’s a light pumping action which is as soothing as it is therapeutic. Many people worry that they’re going to be in pain during the massage, but the touch is so gentle that people often drift off to sleep.

The reason that doctors recommend a lymphatic drainage massage for lymphoma is because this is a cancer that begins in the cells which fight infection. They’re in the lymph nodes, in your spleen, thymus and bone marrow as well as other areas of your body. If they’re struggling to fight infection, they become ‘blocked’ and so the system struggles even more than it would naturally, hence why doctors are keen to keep your lymphatic system moving with an MLD massage.

Essential Feeling are based in Romford in Essex. You need to come to our relaxing treatment rooms where you’ll be given gentle care by a trained and experienced therapist, compassionate about your needs.

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