A glass of white wine


Kick back and enjoy a glass of Chablis white wine when you book your stay at Essential Feeling’s Airbnb Romford.


Just because you’re away from home we don’t believe that’s a reason for you to have to suffer on the quality of wine you drink so when you book a night with us at AirBnb Romford white wine by the 250ml glass is something we understand must be of the same quality as our suite of rooms for your personal use.

Imagine getting in from a busy day of meetings and all you want to do is relax. You’re in the right place. Essential Feeling’s AirBnb Romford place isn’t just a suit of 3 rooms for your personal use, it’s a whole lot more.  You can book a relaxing massage or reflexology session here in our onsite therapy centre and then afterwards kick back and enjoy a glass of good quality wine.

That’s why we have handpicked the French wine Chablis that we serve, having spent time in the region visiting the vineyards ourselves.

Wines from the Chablis region of France have a citrus aroma which is combined with a white flower. They are dry wines, but carry a lean, light body flavoured with citrus and pear. The land in the region affects the minerality, as does the side of the valley on which the grapes were grown.

One thing of which you can be certain is that when you select an AirBnb Romford white wine by the 250ml glass, this French Chablis will leave you with a long, tingly finish of high acidity and flint-like minerality. All that’s left now is for you to choose whether you enjoy it while relaxing in a luxurious free standing bath, or whilst lounging on the sofa in your personal lounge and office space.



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