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Including menopause symptoms, menopausal hormonal imbalances right the way down to dealing with teens.


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Hormonal issues including menopause and teens.

You may be wondering how hormonal issues can be helped with complementary therapies such as massage and reflexology and by default, how we can use these hormonal changes to bring about an improvement in health issues.

Not just women suffering with menopause symptoms

Our hormonal balance isn’t just the realm of women. Hormones are the chemical messages that run from our pituitary gland in our brain where they are secreted, right the way down to wherever needs to change. They use a system in our body called the endocrine system to get from a to b. This is a series of glands and organs which process the hormone before sending it off to its next destination. So, we obviously think about menopause, or the time of the month, but how about digestive issues? Our gut needs to be told to break down food, right?

There are a variety of hormonal treatments that we’d class as complementary therapies. Some deal with topical issues such as IBS and bloating or thyroid issues, while others deal with issues that we are used to pushing under the carpet such as infertility.

Signs of any hormonal imbalance, not just menopause symptoms

There are several signs of a hormonal imbalance ranging from skin problems to losing our hair, which can cause moodiness and fatigue (think about teens and the irritability of pregnant women) and lack of an ability to concentrate which is crazy when you think that it’s teens who are studying the most and sitting the most exams. Hormone imbalances are also are systematic in destroying our sleep when we reach menopause and they’re the blighters that make us gain weight, encouraging growth around our middle!

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And hormones aren’t just the realm of women. Sure women suffer with irregular periods, endometriosis and hot flashes to name a few, but hormone imbalances occur in the male side of the population too. We’ve all heard of prostate cancer nowadays, some people suggest that a hormonal imbalance in men caused this.

The role of stress on hormonal imbalance and menopause symptoms

Stress (hypertension) can throw our hormones completely out of whack as our body generates too much cortisol in our adrenal gland. This is not only part of the endocrine system, but it is also the fight or flight mechanic which is why it is so affected by stress and anxiety.

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