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Charlie & Karen at Essential Feeling are experts in post surgery aftercare including lymphatic drainage massage. We mix multiple techniques to give your body what it needs to heal effectively when it needs it. This could be several techniques within one session, or just one.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD) or lymphatic drainage massage including an all-inclusive package for peace of mind.
  • Deep oscillation for faster healing and fewer post surgery complications
  • Mechanical lymphatic drainage with a top of the range, state-of-the-art machine.
  • Deep tissue massage to break down fibrosis & fatty deposits/ sheets
  • Myofascial release to free up stuck tissue & reinstate range of motion
  • Radiofrequency skin tightening
  • Scar therapy including microneedling & electroporation
  • Celluma light therapy for faster wound healing
  • Vitamin injections for general health and faster healing
  • Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolver injection should be you be left with small patches of fat after liposuction

If you’d like to find out more, use the menu above, or text us on 07941 668456 or book your session using our online booking system now. We work out of Romford, Essex & Central London.

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Post Surgery Aftercare inc MLD (manual lymphatic drainage)

Body Treatments (inc massage & reflexology)

Skin clinic inc skin tightening after liposuction & Lemon Bottle injections to tidy up fat left after lipo

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How We Differ

Since 2010, Essential Feeling has been a pioneer in the world of holistic therapies, leaving a lasting imprint on the industry. Notably, we are not just a therapy provider but a trusted resource for training surgeons and medical professionals. Our expertise has led us to become distinguished speakers at esteemed conferences, including BAAPS and the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), where we enlighten professionals about the transformative power of manual lymphatic drainage massage in expediting post-surgery patient recovery.
Our journey began by offering lymphatic drainage massage to post-mastectomy patients, introducing a holistic approach that seamlessly merges MLD massage with deep tissue massage and myofascial release. This unique fusion not only mitigates post-operative swelling but also plays a pivotal role in minimising the impact of scar tissue, setting new standards for patient recovery.
As our journey unfolded, we established dynamic partnerships with Harley Street plastic surgeons, positioning ourselves as their preferred post-surgery body rejuvenation collaborator. Our blend of therapies, including lymphatic drainage massage, consistently delivers exceptional results, reducing post-operative complications and enhancing cosmetic outcomes. This is what truly sets us apart from the competition—our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are so confident in our ability to help you heal at your fastest with minimal complications we offer you the option of an unlimited aftercare package.
While our qualifications are noteworthy, it’s our relentless pursuit of excellence that distinguishes us. We have honed our expertise over the years, empowering us to craft tailored treatment plans with precision. When you choose Essential Feeling, you are not merely opting for therapy; you are selecting a commitment to unparalleled care and a legacy of success.

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Affiliated with Harley Street & Knightsbridge clinics for post surgery lymphatic drainage massage

We are proud to be affiliated with many surgeons on London’s prestigious Harley Street & Hans Place (Dr Mike Comins) a liposuction specialist in Knightsbridge as a recommended provider of their post-op care and specifically lymphatic drainage massage. Whilst this includes manual lymphatic drainage massage (MLD), deep tissue massage, myofascial release, plus many more techniques are at play in providing a full post lipo therapy.

Pre surgery, think about vitamin injections and a few MLD sessions to get you in optimal wound healing shape as soon as your surgery is done.

During recovery we’ll hold your hand every step of the way, whether this be compression advice, wound and scar healing down to vitamin injections & LED red light.

Post surgery, we offer state-of-the-art skin tightening and if your surgeon has left any pockets of fat, then Lemon Bottle fat dissolving injections too.

We work out of our treatment rooms in Romford, on the East London & Essex border and for these post surgery clients, we also work in Central London near Harley Street and provide one off appointments all the way through to unlimited treatment packages for post op aftercare at both locations.

We are also delighted to announce that we are now also working with surgeons in Istanbul who hold their patients aftercare as a top priority.

Dr Navid Jallali plastic surgeon
Dr mike comins cosmetic surgeon Hans Place Practice clinic knightsbridge

Exclusive MLD Massage Partners for Transgender Care, London

At Essential Feeling, we are committed to providing quality & affordable therapy services to everyone. This is why we provide an unlimited treatment package option after your surgery, so you always know any hidden surprises won’t catch you.

Every Transgender Care patient will receive 3 MLD massages included within the price of their gender affirming surgery package.

We take private patients who would like to book direct as well. To do so, just head over to the online booking page.


Mr vahidi transgender care transgender surgery recovery
Transgender Clinic

“Following my liposuction and tummy tuck surgery, I had lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massages at Essential Feeling. Charlie was very professional, made me feel relaxed and knowledgeable… I would recommend them for anyone requiring post surgery massages and will go back for other types of massages.”

We Specialise in all types of massage so we can help your body heal faster

Deep Tissue/ sports Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)

Most Popular Therapies

Skin Tightening

Using our state-of-the-art Radio Frequency skin tightening machine to increase your body’s natural collagen production to help tighten your skin after liposuction surgery. We may combine this with the techniques used in a vampire facial to help tighten skin too, perhaps with microneedling & electroporation too.

MLD (manual lymphatic drainage)

Post surgery aftercare is gentle and relaxing. A smooth pumping motion during your lymphatic drainage massage uses minimal pressure to help your body deal with post surgery swelling efficiently.

All-inclusive packages available.

Deep Tissue Massage

Break down tight muscles that lead to back pain either through life or following wearing compression garments after surgery. We’re experts in pregnancy massage too, so whatever your condition, you’re in safe hands.


Vitamin injections to boost your immunity and healing rates

Lemon Bottle injection to remove any pockets of unwanted fat. Lemon Bottle fat dissolving is a natural game changer in the world of fat dissolving

Mechanical lymphatic drainage

We may use one of two specialist machines to help your body eradicate toxins and heal faster post surgery. Also great for fibrosis and hard fat after liposuction. We’ll combine this with manual therapies to eradicate scar tissue – new and old.

Combining reflexology with lifestyle, nutrition & massage to improve fertility

Fertility Reflexology

Experts in Pregnancy Care

Working with Harley Street & Knightsbridge Cosmetic Surgeons

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