Sports injury rehabilitation

Below are a list of therapies we offer at Essential Feeling all focussed on sports injury rehabilitation. Every therapy is the same hourly price. This is because your therapist is likely to use a mix of their skills to give you the best possible result. For instance, we’re likely to combine myofascial release with deep tissue work. We’ll even throw in deep oscillation therapy or ultrasonic cavitation if we think this is right for your healing process.


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Sports rehabilitation


What is sports injury rehabilitation?

Sports injury rehabilitation is the planned recovery from any kind of physical sports.

You’d expect sports injury rehabilitation to mean a debilitating athletic injury so you can no longer play or perform to your optimal level.

However, part of being an exceptional athlete is understanding that keeping your body in fabulous shape and preventing slight tensions, or injuries (chronic), from building up into these debilitating health and performance issues (acute).

If you are a professional athlete, a student athlete or are a weekend warrior, you deserve expert care to pull your body from injury. And as we just explained, we’re not only talking about sport rehabilitation from an acute issue.

Niggling sports injuries are just as important to deal with through sports rehab. It minimises your chances of having to cope with a formal sports injuries rehabilitation programme.

While musculoskeletal injuries are inevitable when you take part in physical sport it might interest you to know that football is the highest incidence of catastrophic injuries.

I bet you’d have thought the physical nature of combat sports such as boxing or rugby would be the top of the list.

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What are the types of injury?

Sports injuries fall into different categories:
*Macrotraumatic injuries will be as the result of potent force. So the type that you’d see in rugby or boxing. They are also common in football because we are often colliding with our opponents.

*Microtraumatci injuries are the chronic sports injury that comes from overuse through a sport. So for instance, if you’re cycling a lot, you could expect a tight muscle, tendon or ligament. You may strain your neck when swimming if your technique isn’t correct. That kind of thing. We see a lot of golfers who have this issue from their repeated swing pattern.


Comprehensive rehabilitation helps to cover all facets of your recovery so that your body works as a cohesive unit — part of the issue that led to your sports injury to start with. If we approach sports as something distinct parts of your body need to endure, as one entity, we are stronger as a whole. Therefore we’re not just dealing with recovering from a sports injury, we’re preventing any related injury or future injury.

The tricky part about putting together a sports rehabilitation therapy plan is that the physical sport in which the sports injury occurred often continues.

We’re physical therapists working out a treatment plan with athletes entering rehab who either make money, or engender a vast amount of personal fulfilment from pushing their body to the limit.

Being injured is not part of their equation, they’re champing at the bit to return to their specific activities, often regardless of the pain.

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Self care

You may acknowledge self care. But it isn’t be a massive part of the athlete’s natural training programme. We bet your tendency is to push yourself hard. And rest is how you make your difference.

Use sports injury rehabilitation as a regular part of your training schedule to remain competitive.

Leading care

This is where the therapies we offer at Essential Feeling, Gidea Park, Romford come in. We are one of the leading sports injury therapy centres in the area.

Forming a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to sports injury rehabilitation is our preference. We are used to working with, and are happy to liaise with other rehabilitation workers, e.g. coaches, athletic trainers, psychologists (because the psychology of injury is as important as the physical), chiropractic treatments and physicians and your physiotherapist.

Our certified physical therapists to treat sports injuries will test your sports injury and map out your plan with a view to you reaching your overall training goals and as long as you give us permission.

We’ll discuss your progress throughout your recovery. We feel it is important that we approach sports injuries as a cohesive unit. This improves your overall sports performance, both in terms of your immediate recovery and future sports performance.

If your entire team don’t all communicate then it can slow down and even hinder your recovery.

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What will you work on?

We’ll aim to improve your flexibility and joint range of movement/ motion which often decreases after sports injury or surgery — or often, a combination. We’ll treat tight muscles and soothe swelling so you (and your tissue) can recover to full strength.

If you’re looking to increase your cardio ability via new sports-related activities, then we’ll help you maintain your schedule as you use, and stiffen new muscles that aren’t used to taking part to the gruelling level of conditioning you’re now pushing them to. Tell us which equipment you’re using and we’ll tailor your massage session to take this into account.

We have an expert massage therapist to treat sports injuries. They will also aim to even out any muscle imbalance in your rehabilitation programme, as it requires because of your sports-related injuries.

Having a muscular imbalance may well have caused your injury to start with.

We see this a lot with weight lifters. Regardless, we’ll be treating the symptoms and the cause. We’ll track back where your issue has started and advise you or your team on how to exercise and avoid further issues.

What are the four stages of rehabilitation?
1. Protection mobilisation walking
2.Open closed kinetic chain exercises
3. Sport specific drills/ reconditioning
4. Maintenance and prevention of re-injury

To book into our sports injury therapy centre you can book a session by clicking over onto the next pages. Select your treatment option before using the online booking form. Or you can drop us a text on 07941 668456. Detail your plan and injury plus what your rehabilitation requires in terms of timelines etc. We’ll call or text you back as soon as we’re free with an overview of how our rehabilitation services can help you.