Techniques to deal with stress

Below are a list of therapies we offer at Essential Feeling which are great techniques to deal with stress. Everything is the same hourly price. This is because your therapist is likely to use a mix of their skills to give you the best possible result. For instance, we’re likely to combine myofascial release with deep tissue work.


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Reflexology for stress & anxiety


Techniques to deal with stress

Are you looking for techniques to deal with stress?

And do you feel like you’ve tried every one of the techniques to deal with stress that are listed online? But nothing is working? You can read a lot about the same old things and we hear it a lot.

‘Try meditation’ they say. But, I don’t know how to switch my brain off which is why I’m suffering with stress and anxiety to start with.

‘Eat healthy meals which are packed full of the right nutrients.’ Yep right. I’m already chasing my tail without having to research recipes, buy ingredients and then cook from scratch when I’m already starving hungry.

‘Sleep better’ they say, ‘early to bed, no blue lights.’ But, I’m stressed because I need to do all of the things you’re suggesting I don’t do. I have to work on my phone right up until the point I go to sleep at night, because if I don’t, my boss will have my head. We get it. We’ve been there.

That’s why we have put together OUR top five techniques to deal with stress.

What are the five stress management techniques?

Here is our list of the five stress management techniques we’ve seen work over and over — with minimal effort on your part. Yay!

1. Firstly, take some action. It may sound odd, but taking back control is not to be underestimated. A big part of being stressed is because we feel like we’re caught in a vacuum of a life which isn’t ours. And there’s no way out. News blast. There is. You just need to know where to look for it.

Our trained counsellor at Essential Feeling will listen to you. But, don’t panic. They’re not about to ask you about your childhood. Unless you need that of course. They’ll help you work through the muddle and frustration of your thoughts and come out with a simple plan that is perfectly possible to implement without adding to your anxiety. Don’t be afraid to talk it through, you have a safe environment which is totally confidential.

This alone will have you leaving with a new spring in your step.

2. Now that you’re taking back control, it’s easier to relax. So take some time. And we don’t mean take your lunch every day and make sure you have your full hour. We know that isn’t possible, even though in theory it should be. But, you can come for a massage or reflexology session. That’s one hour out of the 168 in the week that you can give to yourself. Forget the benefits of the therapy, do not underestimate the wonders that taking control and giving yourself some quality headspace will allow you.

3. This one is totally passive on your part because by the time you get to this, your good choices in steps one and two are paying dividends. Both massage and reflexology have great side effects, they lower your blood pressure, or they calm your overactive mind. All you have to lie back, enjoy and be smug because your time management is second to none.

4. Now we can get back to the points that other people suggest. You can meditate. But this time, there’s no panic, because we’ll talk you through it. Once you’ve finished off loading and you’ve taken control back of your stress, we can reduce your anxiety by showing you how to slip into a deep meditation. With our help, you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is. But, you have of course done all the right groundwork in your earlier steps.

5. Love yourself. We know. It sounds cheesy. But here’s the thing. You’ve done what you can. By now your sleep will improve as your anxiety drops and you’re already starting to feel better. This will only continue as we work with you to help you with your personal techniques to deal with stress in your own life. As it comes up, we’ll be there to work through things with you. So, you can now allow yourself to be happy and confident that you’re on the right, positive path of change.

And what’s better about all of this is that it doesn’t take a lifetime. Our clients felt better right after your first session. So, the next time you’re asking yourself, ‘What are some ways to relieve stress?’ come back to this page and give us a call or text on 07757 946023.

What are five emotional signs of stress?

When you’re dealing with stress you often miss the emotional signs that could give you the heads up that you’re suffering from stress and anxiety. Here’s some quick fire points to look out for:

*Not sleeping or sleeping too much, either way it’s a shift from your usual sleep patterns.
*Emotional and moody. Snapping at people, you may realise you’re doing this, but just feel out of control to change.
*Your diet goes out of the window. You crave sweet foods or you just eat junk the whole time. The overarching theme here is that you’re choosing the easy option. And that’s because you have so much stress going on that you simply don’t the headspace to consider what you’re going to eat.
*Your thoughts race. You can’t settle and feel twitchy.This is the body reacting to your stress by producing too much adrenaline which is its natural defence against danger. Which it considers stress to be. This is why people suggest meditation as a great technique for dealing with stress. The issue is that when your mind races, you often can’t do this on your own.
*Linked to the above and lack of sleep is that you have terrible concentration and so your memory becomes fogged. This often leads to you making poor decisions that have a bad effect on your life. This negative impact then becomes like a self fulfilling prophecy,

How do you handle work stress?

Work stress is one of the most challenging to deal with because this is the ultimate feeling of being out of control. We have to be in a certain place at a specific time. We must behave in a manner that is deemed acceptable by other people who we don’t even necessarily like, let alone respect.

And yet we allow them to dictate the biggest part of our waking week.

It’s easy to see why we would look for techniques to deal with workplace stress. Some relaxation techniques we will teach you during your reflexology session are great ways to deal with stress when you’re in the office. You can breathe in a certain way that no-one will spot and take back control of your body in that small moment. It goes a long way to managing stress. Even now, as I sit here writing this text, I may run my own therapy company, but I also have the web development agency breathing down my neck for copy so they can release the site. We all have to find coping techniques!

But seriously, where this used to bother me and where before my husband and I set up Essential Feeling I was STRESSED and had no idea how to cope with stress. Just a few simple techniques has changed my life and now I no longer experience stress at work, even when my web development agency are chasing me.

I practice relaxation techniques as I go.

And I cut myself some slack.

As you read some copy on this site, I’m sure you’ll find some errors. I’ve been writing so much I’ve turned a little ‘snow blind’. But hey, I’m human. I understand that now and the role that plays in helping me with coping with stress and the feelings of stress is immense.

We’re not here to give you arbitrary tips on how to manage stress and reduce stress. We’ve lived it. We can show you the way to deal with horrible bosses and assist you in practising relaxation techniques, both with us and alone. By the time we’ve finished with you, you won’t even bat an eye to the effects of stress because you’ll have changed the way you allow other people to make you feel and therefore the way you deal with stress will decrease stress. Does that make sense? We hope so, because the snow blindness may set in again!