Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology

Whether you’re looking for reflexology to bring on labour or a pregnancy massage near me, we’ve listed below some of the maternity therapies (and post partum massage including c section recovery) we offer at Essential Feeling in Gidea Park, Romford to give you the best natural pregnancy.

Your therapists are both fully trained, certified and qualified in their relevant pregnancy massage discipline. To book, you can do so online below, or text us for more information on 07757 946023. You may also buy gift vouchers, here.


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Deep Tissue Massage During Pregnancy

Reflexology for Maternity—Baby Blues

Lighter Legs

Pregnancy Massage

C Section Recovery

Post Partum Massage


Best maternity massage

If you’re looking for the best maternity massage so you can enjoy a natural pregnancy and you’re searching out prenatal massage near Romford — we’re in Gidea Park, Essex. So, you’ve found your place for pregnancy massage. If you’d like to know some benefits of having the best maternity massage, you can find some interesting information here.

Whether you’re looking for pregnancy massage near me because you are suffering with 14 weeks pregnant back ache, or if you’re 37 weeks pregnant need massage and aching legs, sore leg muscles during pregnancy or aching feet while pregnant, then we’ve got you covered.

If you’re suffering from e.g. gestational diabetes or morning sickness in your first trimester and still want a natural pregnancy, then we can also help with a good maternity reflexology which is also from therapists fully trained in pregnancy and prenatal care.

Gift vouchers

Pregnancy massage is the ideal gift so if you’re looking for a pregnancy massage gift we can help you out with an array of maternity massages to soothe your way through a natural pregnancy. We’ve even got gifts for pregnant women.

We have gift vouchers for the best maternity massages in the local area, or for maternity reflexology. On top of that, take a look at our mother to be pamper package which is a nurturing massage that focuses on providing a quality relaxing massage therapy experience. We also love customising maternity pamper packages to suit the needs of your mum to be because we believe that giving the best prenatal massage is as much about understanding the needs of our pregnant clients as it is about being a qualified, certified and experienced maternity massage therapist so give us a call or text on 07757 946023.

Our prenatal massage therapist can use deep pressure to eek out knots and tight muscles in e.g. hips or a light gentle massage on swollen ankles or aching legs.

Mom, it’s time to relax. You won! And seeing how your stomach swells in front of his eyes, it may be time for you to take your last opportunity at ‘me time.’ Are your shoulders are tense, you’re suffering with lower back pain, or those poor feet are asking for some love (hopefully not all of the above!) Get in the maternity massage in Gidea Park, Romford.

But first, a few tips before you come along:
Most doctors recommend postponing maternity massage until you are in the second trimester, as there are certain stress points that can disturb that little baby in the early stages of your pregnancy. If you’re totally desperate for a pregnancy massage in your first trimester then be sure to get written approval from your doctor or midwife first because we’ll need that to proceed.