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Backache and in particular lower backache are rife in our modern society. Thankfully we’re specialists in all kinds of bodywork therapy to free you from this pain. Below are a list of the most relevant treatments that Essential Feeling offer that will help to heal your general muscle aches.


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Muscle aches and lower backache

Dealing with general muscles aches, such as lower backache and painful skeletal muscle cramps, can be a headache. Repetitive behaviour may cause these types of pains. And often we can’t to control these triggers.

It’s impossible to not go to work because it a cause of general muscle aches, so we just keep doing it resulting in chronic muscle pain such as an ongoing backache. Likewise, we don’t stop exercise just because we have a specific painful muscle. We can’t let our garden grow out of control because we get a cramp in our back now can we? So we carry on.

Because we don’t sort out our general muscular aches and even a trip to see our general medical practitioner won’t provide that much relief because they can’t do much in terms of treatment for general muscle aches such as backache, even if those are aches and pains during pregnancy.

Your professional massage therapist is used to breaking down damaged muscles and leaving them in a suitable condition to re-heal.

How can massage help backache?

So, a trip to a highly qualified massage therapist can be the best thing to deal with general muscular aches and pains. Your massage therapist deals with the muscles themselves, manipulating your tissue so they loosen, resulting in fewer aches and fatigue.

A great massage can also deal with muscle cramps. Muscle stiffness is a common cause. If you exercised a few days or hours before, and now you’re feeling tight or get a niggle such as a lower backache, this overuse could be DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) if you are not used to doing exercise at that level.

Therefore, DOMS is a muscle injury and can often be the causes of muscle pain. A good massage often helps your body’s natural healing process and you’ll find your symptoms disappear.

How do tight muscles cause injury?

Muscle tension can lead to minor injury. Tightening pulls your joints closer together and causes joint damage.

Therefore this damage is because the joint and the muscles surrounding it are physiologically interconnected. Having a deep tissue massage can therefore ease joint and muscle pain.

If you’ve been overworking your muscles, they become tired. They’re just like any other area of our body. We call this muscle fatigue. It can be what you experience when you get, for example, a lower backache after standing for too long.

However, aches and pains are common, but sometimes generalised another health problem may cause muscle weakness such as fibromyalgia or infection.

Likewise, constant lower backache can be a sign of endometriosis in women.

If in doubt, get checked out by your doctor

If you’re in any way uncertain, always check with your doctor. If you’re sore and aching muscles accompany a fever, as this can be an indicator that there is some disease at play and therefore it will affect your general health.

Likewise, if you notice swelling or inflammation, this is more likely to be soft tissue damage, such as a tear to ligaments and or tendons, than tight muscles or an infection. You should seek the advice of your GP.

The role of age with backache and muscle aches

Age can also be a contributing part of general muscle aches. The young suffer from growing pains as their muscles struggle to adapt to their new found length. And the old have all kinds of muscle disorders and aches as they get older. This may be from muscles and fascia seizing up because they’re not being used enough, or by medications and other acute conditions related to our muscle health.


Another factor which affects our muscle health is anxiety and depression. You’ll notice on this site we have an entire section dedicated to bereavement. Because these mental disorders not only stop us from being as active as our body needs us to be, but the mental tension affects the way we hold our body. When we’re under stress, we will often sit with our shoulders hunched up. The effect is general muscle aches that, if left untreated, can lead to injuries and other more serious conditions.


When being pregnant leads to general muscle aches as a woman’s body adapts and expands to the changes that are happening. Your back may grow weak, resulting in excruciating lower backache. Your neck might be tight and your hips are a cause of pain as you get tight hip muscles as the weight of the baby bears down on you in your later pregnancy, usually your third trimester. Check out our pregnancy massage.

Modern living

As we can see, pretty much any part of our modern lives has the potential to affect our muscle health, resulting in pain and discomfort. Therefore, even dehydration can affect the general muscle aches that occur when we’re not looking after ourselves in the most healthy way possible.

Muscles are composed of sticky fibres which from the one structure. They need water to keep them lubricated and prevent them from sticking together. Think about oil in a car. We need to keep those parts moving to avoid muscle pain and stiffness.


For more information on how massage helps with these general muscle aches, watch the videos below. If you would like more information on the services we offer, which will help with these specific conditions, research more using the boxes above. And to book your online booking system is below.

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