Skin Clinic

We use radiofrequency (RF therapy) in our skin clinic to achieve several differing, pain free skin rejuvenation outcomes.

Treatments include, but are not limited to; non surgical facelift, body sculpting, fat reduction (non surgical lipo), skin tightening. We are also specialists in wrinkle removal & tightening loose and sagging skin.

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Non Surgical Facelift

Use radiofrequency & cavitation for a non surgical facelift or isolate one area e.g. non surgical neck lift or non surgical chin lift

Radio frequency

Sculpt & contour your entire body inc face & neck lift in a non surgical procedure

Body sculpting

Shave off those excess fatty areas that destroy your confidence, body contouring is non surgical liposuction

Fat reduction

Remove small fat rolls from e.g. your back, belly, underarms, thighs with radio frequency & cavitation

Skin tightening

Tighten loose skin with radiofrequency as we improve the look & feel of sagging skin in this non surgical procedure

Wrinkle removal

Turn back the signs of aging with this non-surgical relaxing procedure. Our skin specialist will use radio frequency to stimulate collagen.

Loose skin/ Sagging skin

Not limited to non surgical facelift, we can do a whole body lift, a thigh lift or even non surgical tummy tuck. Our non invasive cosmetic procedures are almost limitless.

Microneedling face & rest of body

We  use our state of the art EPN to administer microneedling alongside electroporation which allows us to add nutrients deep under the skin for a more effective treatment

Non surgical lipo (liposuction)

It may not be worth getting under the knife for small niggly areas. Use the warmth of radio frequency to enjoy non surgical liposuction

About our Skin Clinic

If you’re looking for a skin clinic near me (Romford, Essex) then you probably want to know as much about it as possible.


Our skin clinic uses radiofrequency to improve your skin & contour your body without the need for fillers or liposuction

As we age, our skincare becomes more important, how we look aesthetically affects our confidence; and this is where our skin clinic comes in. Because we’re not about injections. So our skin treatments use (radiofrequency) RF therapy so you have a safe option to remove fat, wrinkle removal and general skin rejuvenation without injections or medical cosmetic procedures such as lipo.

How do you use radiofrequency treatment at your skin clinic?

You’ll have an initial consultation which is an effective but quick appointment in determining your treatment goals (see below for options). Then at this point we’ll explain everything to you, but you can also read a lot of this information in our blog. It’s also your opportunity to ask questions. So we’ll also give you prices, it’s not that easy to give you these as a structured price list, because we find out our prices on the extent of the work that needs to be done. Therefore, the consultations are so important.

For example:

If you want an A4 patch on your stomach working, then it sounds simple, but the reality is not so much.

Your cost will vary based on whether you want to reduce fat or just tighten skin. This will also be affected by how dense your fat cells are.

If you don’t want fat removal, then surely just skin tightening will be the same cost? But again, not necessarily, because the age and condition of your skin guides this — how many wrinkles you have and even how deep they are. As well as your ethnicity. Did you know that black skin has more natural collagen in, for example, so this will improve and speed up the process.

You see the issue. So, when we talk about how we want to do the best imaginable job to rejuvenate you skin, then we need to be accurate and discuss your bespoke plan.

This is how we get excellent aesthetic results.
  • As a guide though, prices start from £70 for a single session. But in all honesty, these are better as top ups if you need some maintenance work. You’ll need a course, usually of six which start at £245 and you can get something simple in this time like and eye lift, or cheek lift.
  • A smoother complexion as a non-invasive full facelift to restore your beautiful looks before ageing started will take longer, and also depends on how full your face is as this affects how long it takes the area to warm up. And also your existing volume. We explain this a little below.
  • If you’d like your full face working with radiotherapy including re-contouring your jawline and tightening your neck, then this is possible. We can also add your decolletage, but again, our starting point will affect your payments. For a great aesthetic finish of this area, though you can look upwards of £995.
  • But compare this to the cost of what a doctor will charge for plastic surgery in one of their clinics then this is cheap. Plus, your downtime is nil, there’s minimal after care beyond applying a natural, luxury cream which you get included in your package. Going to see doctors for a similar result from surgical intervention is no minor undertaking.
Examples of realistic treatment outcomes at Essential Feeling Skin Clinic
Body contouring experience.

The key to this is the understanding of what we mean by contouring. We’re not looking at removing the need for vaser (laser) lipo which is most effective at reducing thick set areas of excess fat. What we’re talking about here is tightening up patches of loose skin which are sagging post weight loss or pregnancy, shaving off the lumps and bumps that destroy our confidence when we wear that tight dress or shirt, and removing a thin layer of soft fat through fat dissolving.

Examples of areas

  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Belly
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Skin tightening


Skin tightening and cellulite reduction

We don’t use any chemical peels and not a single injectable. All we do is heat the skin to a specific temperature until your body understands that it is under attack and needs to heal.

Here’s the thing though, we don’t continue beyond this point, so you’re never actually doing any damage. Therefore, this treatment not only gives amazing results, but is also healthy as you’re just left with all the collagen and elastin that it sent to the area, restoring our youthful appearance by smoothing out those hard lines you hate so much.

Voila rejuvenated skn with no Botox or chin implants. And without the months of healing, incredibly important when we’re talking about the beauty of our face.

Examples of areas

  • Face including eyes and neck/ jaw and cheeks
  • Stomach
  • Enhance the appearance of areas riddled with cellulite.

Yep, we’re talking big time cellulite reduction here. Our skin clinic is delighted to provide this to our clients. There’s nothing worse than wearing that short dress, the one you used to look great in. And seeing those dimples that never used to be there. Our radiofrequency machine is innovative within the skin care industry and our friendly team will provide you the best care to enhance your appearance and ensure you’re rid of this pesky cellulite problem.

The classic example is thighs and bum.

These treatments are just guidelines to give you an idea of the type of treatment that is possible for our patients.

If our staff don’t think you’re going to get the best likely outcomes, we’ll hold our hands up and have a heart to heart about what will be a better approach than our leading technologies in the field of RF therapy.

So, if you’re looking at an improved outcome with surgery, then we are affiliated with the best respected surgeons in London. We can recommend you and even put you in contact with our colleagues, explaining your needs to them from a clinical perspective. Your safety is always our priority, whatever the service.

How does administering the radiofrequency the solution work?
Skin tightening

We heat the dermal layer of your skin to just the right temperature with our radiofrequency heads because this tricks your body into thinking it is about to be harmed and so it sends collagen and elastin to help heal the injury it is expecting.

But we’re constantly monitoring the temperature and so we stop heating before you get injured and so this means you’re left with an excess of the good stuff. Think about it like sending just the right amount of vitamins to the site you want to improve. It’s that kind of approach.

Fat sculpting

We use a cavitation head first which uses ultrasound causing a continuing vibration on the walls of our fat cells. As we maintain this, we create a weakness in the walls of the cells. Think about the wall being perforated a little, so it becomes dotted lines rather than a solid deep one.

Once we’ve done this, we heat the area in the same way we do for skin tightening. Delivering this for a couple of minutes at the temperature in the guidelines requires some expertise and training in the technology, but we have that. And so we’re able to warm the fat molecules so they leak out of the fat cell and out of our body via our lymphatic system. We can use this in all the usual spots.

Cellulite reduction

Cellulite reduction is delivered in much the same way as we remove excessive fat. We use the cavitation and heat combined to transform the structure of the fibrous tissue that lie under the surface of your skin. By relaxing these tight anchor points that create the dimple in our flesh, and plumping the area with additional collagen, our skin surface is more smooth.

So, scar tissue is also fibrous tissue, and we’d be happy to try this to reduce the pitted effects of acne scarring.


You can book in online. Before you go ahead and book please ensure you read the consultation form to make sure you’re a good fit.

Quickfire Q&A
  • We don’t use radiofrequency on areas such as our lip and breasts.
  • It should conduct treatments at fairly regular intervals whilst we’re trying to achieve change. For instance, your face will be every two weeks, your body a few times a week and then reducing. This is a journey.
  • This isn’t microneedling nor will it make any effect on your hair or sweating.
  • The heat doesn’t work deep enough to affect your muscles, or internal organs.
  • We’ll need to check what medicine you are taking before we go ahead.
  • Effects are subtle over time. People won’t notice, the effects are gradual. This is great because we do not need to explain to people the beauty work we’ve had done.
  • Our therapists in our skin clinic teams are English speaking and British and are experts in their field.
  • We will take before and after pictures and send these to you after your course of sessions.
  • The machine we use is the ProMax Lipo. It’s award winning, used by the NHS and is safe for your health.
  • When we remove fat from your body, we do this permanently. But if you continue to eat fat, it will continue to be stored in your body. Just from a lower base level. If you avoid bad foods and exercise such as running, then this piece of your body will no longer be of concern.

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