COVID-19 Return to work

COVID-19 return to work

According to government guidelines, we’re still not entirely sure when we’ll be resuming our normal massage and reflexology practise in Gidea Park, Romford. But, we’re preparing! You’ll see some pics below of some lovely men upgrading our current air conditioning unit. Our new, very flashy Nanoe X unit not only deodorises the air and moisturises […]

Deep tissue massage is often called, deep massage tissue. It’s the same thing.

Treating lower back pain with your neck massage

Deep tissue massage is often called, deep massage tissue. It’s the same thing. Deep massage tissue is where your massage therapist works the muscle with deep pressure to release your body and the muscles and their connective tissue. Your muscle is made up of layers of fibres which overlap and interconnect. They’re sticky. So when […]

Looking for Radiofrequency near me in Romford or Essex?

radiofrequency near me in Romford Essex

Then stop looking because Essential Feeling in Romford not only use radio frequency treatments for skin tightening but also inch loss and cellulite reduction. So when you’re looking for radiofrequency near me, if you’re in Romford, or Essex, then you’ve found the place for your treatment. Radiofrequency works by using energy to heat the lower […]

Radio frequency facial before and after

radiofrequency facial before and after

Radio frequency facial before and after shots are important, because the results seem too good to be true. Until you see them with your own eyes. We all get to a certain age and we don’t like the way the loose skin on our neck now sags, or our jowls elongate, seemingly overnight. And let’s […]

Radio frequency (some call this ultrasonic) cavitation

radio frequency cavitation banish fat

Want to target fatty areas for a contoured figure? Use radio frequency cavitation. After this confidence-enhancing, non-surgical and non-invasive fat removal procedure, customers usually see immediate weight loss results from radio frequency cavitation and continue to see results up to 72 hours after treatment as our bodies continue to break down and remove fatty deposits. […]

Radiofrequency — aftercare notes and Q&A for patients

Aftercare advice RF therapy radio frequency ProMax Lipo radiofrequency

There are very few side effects when you have radiofrequency treatment with Essential Feeling. This is because we use a state-of-the-art machine endorsed and used by the NHS. You shouldn’t feel any pain during or after your procedure. All we’re doing is using a medical grade radio frequency energy to build a heat in the […]

Looking for a fertility clinic with no BMI limit?

fertility clinic with no bmi limit near me romford essex gidea park

Here’s why you could make a mistake, and the straightforward way to find an alternative to looking for a fertility clinic with no BMI limit if you’re a patient told to lose weight. Ok so, you’re reading this because you’re looking for a fertility clinic with no BMI limit. Read on. We’re going to explain […]

Losing weight after fertility drugs

Losing weight after fertility drugs infertility blog Essential Feeling Romford Essex

Losing weight after fertility drugs can be tough for women. Especially if you need to go in for more treatment and you need to get your BMI below 35 or 29 depending on the parameters of the IVF infertility clinic. Does IVF cause weight gain? It is not IVF itself that leads to weight gain, […]

Solution to quick weight loss before IVF

Losting weight and BMI for IVF with radiofrequency therapy

If you’re looking for a quick weight loss before IVF then you have a fast (and easy) solution here. But first, let’s quickly discuss why crash diets are not the answer. Poor nutrition doesn’t fuel your body enough to support fertility in women. Think about how anorexic people suffer with losing their menstrual cycles. In […]

Cellulite treatment cost

Extensive scientific findings conclude that 80-90% of adult women suffer from cellulite in their lives so it stands to reason that you may be looking for a cellulite treatment cost. Considering studies suggesting that over 80% of those affected see that the cosmetic condition is affecting their quality of life, it is not surprising that […]

Collagen for saggy skin is like wind to a sailboat

If you’ve spent hours in the gym losing weight, you probably know that loose flaps can be a frustrating niggle that won’t shift. This is when you need to learn about collagen for saggy skin. Sagging skin, both on the face and body, is often linked with fat loss. Deterioration or reduction of collagen and […]

The best way to tighten belly skin

If you have loose skin after losing weight, celebrate your victory for weight loss first! Below, learn more about the factors that affect skin elasticity and what you can do to help your body recover and the best way to tighten belly skin. Why does belly skin need tightening? LOOSE SKIN is usually a by-product […]

Collagen skin tightening — how to tighten loose skin

If you’re looking to achieve natural collagen skin tightening, read on to the bottom of this article. Losing a lot of weight after losing weight is an impressive performance that significantly reduces the risk of illness. However, people who achieve substantial weight loss often have a lot of loose skin, which can adversely affect the […]

What’s the best thing to tighten skin?

If you’re looking for the best thing to tighten skin, the first thing you need to decide is whether you’d like a surgical or non-invasive (i.e. non-surgical) treatment. It is not uncommon to have loose skin after losing weight, especially on the arms, abdomen, chest, buttocks and thighs. This can be physically uncomfortable, such as […]

Fix loose saggy knee skin (Kninkles)

Many factors can affect the appearance of saggy knee skin. Excess weight, sagging skin associated with aging or fast weight loss, and decreased muscle tone because of inactivity or injury can all affect the appearance of the knee area. While no specific technique can target knee fat on its own, there are ways to lose […]

Want to get rid of loose neck skin?

One of the most obvious signs of aging is the lack of firmness of the skin which leads men and women to want to get rid of loose neck skin. With age, our skin loses the elasticity it had in our younger years, which leads to the fact that it loosens and looks flabby. This […]

Skin lifting and tightening

Today, trained clinicians as we are at Essential Feeling specialise in skin lifting and tightening of your face and body, often without using a scalpel. These are the new treatments that really work. What is skin tightening? Skin tightening refers to a variety of devices, products, and procedures that make the skin firmer by actually […]

Coming soon to Essential Feeling. RF Tightening.

how radiofrequency radio frequency rf cavitation therapy works

Firstly, thank you to everyone who helped us with the deposit for our new skin RF tightening machine. We are truly humbled and we’re delighted to announce that our brand spanking new ProMax Lipo radiofrequency machine will arrive with us on Friday 2nd July. We’ll be taking appointments to improve your skin laxity and treatment […]

Radio frequency cavitation — not as scary as it sounds.

When we hear radio frequency cavitation treatment is a way of reducing fat naturally without surgery and tightening loose skin on your body at the same time. When we first heard this term, we thought it sounded rough, akin with what you’d think of with traditional liposuction treatments. However, it’s a really gentle, and would […]

Radiofrequency skin tightening near me.

Romford based clinic invests in specialist radiofrequency skin tightening near me in Gidea Park. I couldn’t wait to try out the treatment, so when I was invited to have a session that promises to increase the collagen my body produces, I was all ears. Oh, and I had a list of questions too. But first, […]

Massage in Romford

Massage in Romford — a professional service with no happy ending! Whether you’re looking for full body massage or just one particular area such as head neck and shoulders or lower back, and your location is Romford, then we can help. Massage Romford is based just off the intersection of the A127 and A12 by […]

RF Skin Therapy. What you need to know post surgery.

Benefits of using the ProMax Lipo and Lymphatic Massage post surgery Manual lymphatic drainage is part one of a two-part treatment protocol and is an essential part of recovery period post surgery. This moves the fluid that the body generates because of the trauma of surgery. This is because of the buildup of lymphatic fluids […]

Body tightening with state of the art radio frequency body contouring skin treatments

Body tightening is a non surgical collagen reapir treatment that uses radio frequency to tighten loose skin resulting in an effective sculpting outomce. Your therapist will use a specialist device recommended by Harley Clinics and the NHS to stimulate your body into the production of additional collagen. This has the effect of tightening skin on […]

RF Therapy

The RF in RF therapy stands for radio frequency. Essentially radiofrequency treatment is a way which has been proven by research studies to improve the laxity of skin. With this in mind, radio frequency skin tightening is used by people who just want to improve the appearance of wrinkles in tricky double chin or jowel […]

The best third trimester massage

Woman lying on side during Pregnancy massage and having bump massaged

When you’re looking for the best third trimester massage in Romford, then it’s important to find someone who is not only highly qualified, but also experienced. This isn’t just about keeping your mind and body fresh, it’s also about caring for your baby. What are the main reasons for a third trimester massage? A prenatal […]

Massage therapies v’s beauty school massage.

Woman lying on front covered with towel while Charlton, the therapist at Essential Feeling massages her shoulder

It’s amazing how often people visit us for the first time who have had a massage before and leave with a parting comment like ‘I didn’t realise this is what proper massage therapies were.’The issue is that these clients have been to therapists who have received different training from ITEC qualified massage therapists.Let’s be clear, […]

Looking for Lymphatic drainage Essex? Stop.

manual lymphatic drainage essex MLD effects post vaser liposuction

If you’re looking for lymphatic drainage Essex, whether this be for post surgery healing or general localised swelling, then look no further. You have found your place. Not only are Essential Feeling affiliated with Harley Body Clinic on London’s prestigious Harley Street, but we have gained such notoriety because we have been using MLD to […]


Karen the MAR reflexologist specialising in Fertility at Essential Feeling Gidea park, Romford giving reflexology on foot

The number one question I’m asked is, ‘what is reflexology?’ So here is my personal perspective. As a practitioner there are certain things we can and can not claim, legally and to be within the confines of professional conduct. You’ll read that elsewhere on this site, but here; well, this is my take on the […]

Massage for lymphatic drainage

Massage for lymphatic drainage

Massage for lymphatic drainage is performed by our specialist, certified, lymphatic drainage therapist in order to reduce swelling from fluid which accumulates in the lymph nodes. This is otherwise known as lymphedema sometimes spelt at lymphoedema. Having a massage for lymphatic drainage can be important for several reasons: Our body eliminates metabolic waste through a […]

Mother’s Day this year

Mother's Day this year

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your stressed out mum on Mother’s Day this year? We know. Finding a gift for mother’s day this year, one that sums up just how special your mum is to you is tough at any time; but this mothering Sunday may be the toughest yet with some parts […]

Back massage therapist

back massage therapist treatment in Gidea Park, Romford, havering

Need a back massage therapist near me in Havering Being a back massage therapist and doing back massage treatment generally is our bread and butter. We help our clients with their muscle pain day in, day out with our therapy on their damaged and tight muscles. What is a back massage treatment? It’s a kind […]

Back massage deep tissue

back massage deep tissue

Back massage deep tissue — how it helps your entire health. If you’re looking for a back massage deep tissue is the best for eking out pain from tight knots in shoulders and your neck. Don’t get us wrong, there are all kinds of pressure that you can use during a back massage but deep […]


endometriosis inside your uterus and common symptom in women of reproductive age

Endometriosis Everything you need to know about endometriosis in women of reproductive age, including causes of endometriosis and common symptoms. About 10% of all premenopausal women in the UK are diagnosed with endometriosis, a complex disorder of the female reproductive system, and they do not diagnose many others (the average diagnostic time is 7.5 years). […]

BBL post op care

BBL post op care

A Brazilian butt lift or bbl as it is known is a fat transfer procedure which changes the shape of the buttocks by using excess fat cells from one area and transferring them, via an injection, to your butt. Essentially this is a surgical butt augmentation procedure and so there are some post op after […]

Reflexology gift vouchers are the perfect gift of health and wellness.

reflexology foot massage voucher gift card

If you’re looking to buy a treatment voucher for your loved one for Christmas or some other special occasion, then stop. You’ve found them the perfect gift of wellness. Buy electronic gift cards for reflexology treatments today and help the recipient find themselves again. So much more than a foot massage. When you buy reflexology […]

About Massage Gift Certificates Available Online

massage vouchers

Why not purchase the gift of comfort for your loved one with a massage gift certificate or reflexology gift vouchers? What is an Essential Feeling Massage Gift Certificate? Each Essential Feeling Massage or Reflexology Gift Card has a cash balance that can be used to purchase salon and spa treatments exclusively on the Essential Feeling […]

Massage vouchers

massage vouchers

Massage vouchers. Looking for the perfect gift voucher for our loved one. Our gift of a massage voucher is your gift of choice. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, you could do worse than the gift of some me time with massage vouchers from Essential Feeling. Buy their soul a […]

What is massage for sports injuries?

Charlton giving deep tissue massage therapy to a client who is lying on his front

Massage for sports is massage that involves the manipulation of soft tissues for the benefit of a person engaged in regular physical activity. This could be to treat pain, improve the effects of blood flow on your body or deep muscular work performed to improve flexibility and other performance benefits. So whilst most people think […]

After surgery massage

lymphodoema after surgery massage

After surgery massage can be an essential form of post-operative treatment. A person can undergo surgery for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the most common types of surgery include cosmetic surgery or removal of lymph nodes due to cancer. After surgery, you may often experience pain, inflammation, scars and a condition called lymphedema. […]

Benefits of a neck massage

Before we look at the benefits of a neck massage, we need to look at the muscles of the neck. Because without understanding how these interact with an increase in pressure around the shoulder areas and the trigger points of the shoulder and other parts of our anatomy, it’s impossible to truly understand how a […]

Sport massage therapist near me. Gidea Park, Romford

What to look for when you’re searching out the best sport massage therapist near me in Gidea Park, Romford. First, we’d always recommend a great qualification. Someone who is ITEC certified, as Charlie is at Essential Feeling in Gidea Park, Romford, has learnt the basics well right from the start of their training. So well […]

The best reflexology post COVID lockdown in Romford.

Best reflexology in Romford, Karen MAR reflexologist Gidea Park

Post COVID lockdown finding the best reflexology isn’t as easy as it once was. It’s not just the reflexologist and their training that you need to check out. But also their safety practises to make sure that your entire health is being taken care of whilst you’re having your reflexology treatment. Settling down for a […]

Pregnancy reflexology — what’s it all about?

Many of our clients are firm believers that pregnancy reflexology works. They have passed our details around ante-natal groups as our proven track record in bringing on labour and easing other earlier complications of pregnancy have gotten the word out there. But, what if you’re in one of the groups that hasn’t benefitted from our […]

Dealing with menopause in women

dealing with menopause

Women who are dealing with menopause often feel like they’re going mad. Hot flashes, memory loss and disturbed sleep and mood swings; all combined with weight gain and vaginal dryness, erratic bleeding and lack of sex drive are just a handful of symptoms associated with lowering levels of oestrogen. However, that isn’t the end. Groundbreaking […]

After surgery massage.

After surgery massage

Why do you need an after surgery massage? There are many reasons you need an after surgery massage. The reasons may range from easing pain from post-operative scar tissue right the way down to reducing swelling in your body as it struggles with healing on its own. The massage we use for these different issues […]

Why massage is the best of natural anxiety treatments

natural anxiety treatments

If you’re looking for natural anxiety treatments, I bet you haven’t considered massage. Here’s why you should. Many people think massage is only good for treating muscle pain. And for sure, they may relax when they go to a spa day, but somehow we never really get as far as making the link into massage […]

What is ITEC massage?

ITEC masasge

ITEC massage is one of the leading massage therapy qualifications in the world. To qualify to be an ITEC registered massage therapist, students must complete countless hours of practical training. Charlie, your massage therapist at Essential Feeling is qualified to ITEC standard. But, besides this, getting their diploma means therapist’s must understand the detail of […]

Covid-19 reveals sexism towards holisitic healing therapies

holisitic healing therapies

The government has categorised holistic healing therapies such as the pregnancy reflexology and the remedial massage work we do at Essential feeling, as being less safe than getting a haircut. Apparently maintaining social distancing working only on a client’s feet whilst wearing full PPE, disinfecting between clients and treating fewer patients to allow our space […]

Scoliosis. We can help.

Ease pain from scoliosis

What is scoliosis? Scoliosis is an idiopathic curve of your spine that often requires surgery, sometimes with rods, if you want it straightening or for children a brace can be effective. We don’t get involved with this at Essential Feeling, but there are other ways we can give you treatment to reduce your pain, ease the pressure […]