Fully Clothed Massage

Below are a list of our fully clothed therapies we offer at Essential Feeling. If you’re looking to remain clothed throughout then you have quite the choice. Every fully clothed massage is the same price so your therapist may use a mix of their skills to give you the best possible result.


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Full body stretch massage therapy

Head & neck massage

Indian head massage


Reiki therapy


Fully Clothed Massage

If you’re looking for a clothes on massage near me and you’re local, based in Romford, or Gidea Park area in Essex, then you’re in luck. Essential Feeling provide massage therapists near your location and offer a variety of types of massages and complementary therapies which we customise to your unique needs. There is no need for you not to enjoy the holistic therapeutic health benefits of complementary therapies just because you prefer to keep your clothes on.

Benefits are the same

Just a quick point re not wearing clothes — it’s necessary for some therapies. If you want a Swedish massage for instance, then this will require you to remove your clothing due to the lotions and techniques that we use. We ensure that we utilise draping of towels to maintain your modesty while you are being massaged if this is a concern for why you are searching for clothes on massage near me. At no point will you be naked. If this is an issue, we’re happy to have a quick chat and answer your questions.

We’re a human on the end of a phone (07941 668456) so you can chat to your healing practitioners and decide on which massages therapy, and how many minutes, would offer you the best care for your wellness goals and hence improve your life within a world of change.

However, we can still achieve the same result of relaxation and soothed muscles with a clothing on full body sporting stretch massage therapy which incorporates movement and some basic exercise methods to deep stretch out tight muscles. This is also great for getting your lymphatic system working better.

Stretch therapy

If you’re looking for traditional Thai massage therapist, this is the best stretch therapy and can achieve similar end results. It’s often called Thai yoga massage. This is a superb way to improve sports athletic performance and many fitness athletes now incorporate this in their pre-tournament boot camps.

In terms of what to expect, it’s the best idea to wear loose, comfortable clothing for these massages such as shorts or leggings that allow you to move around in during your massages. We’ll need you to remove your shoes, but are free to keep your feet covered with stockings or socks.

Head massage and face massage

Head and face massage is not the same as a facial. A face massage concentrates on easing tension in your jaw, eyes and ears. Whereas a facial is more skin focused.

The aim of a head massage and face massage is to soothe and relax you with a healing touch. It can deal with issues such as jaw clicking. You can even add in some back and shoulder work over your clothing on the massage tables if you fancy.

Neck massage

Likewise, if you have a stiff neck, then we can also help with this while you remain clothed. Some people expect this to be on a chair, we can work this way, but you’ll have a better experience and therefore outcome if we use the specialist equipment.


Reiki is a relaxing energy therapy where our clients remain dressed at all times. Often we’ll tie this into another type of massage so you get double benefits, but this isn’t necessary.

You can have reiki as a standalone treatment. In terms of clothes on options, you can have reiki along with reflexology (foot or hand) which has been proven to help pain. Reflexology is also a great technique to enjoy if you’re a client who needs prenatal therapy.

Private treatment room

You’ll be in a private treatments room for your clothes on massage therapy.

If you are wearing clothing you are always compliant with any religious beliefs that require you to wear clothing during massages; we work with a lot of Asian clients with these and other techniques, perhaps for this reason.

In terms of the gender of your practitioner, this very much depends on the type of massage therapy that you book. Both our therapists (women and men) have undergone thorough training, are certified in their chosen field of expertise and are professional at all times.

How to book your fully clothed massage therapy

If you would like to book a fully clothed massage appointment, then Essential Feeling are the best massage around.

Drop us a text with your ideal time and date and your selected service or services on 07941 668456 or make your appointments online.

Location in Romford, Essex.

We’re based near Romford and Hornchurch in Gidea Park. The closest bus routes 174 and 496. The minimum appointment time is 60 minutes (1 hour). You can book a session 7 days a week. We offer different payment options: online by card, in advance by bank transfer or cash or card at the shop.

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