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Karen Botha MAR reflexologist at Essential Feeling Gidea Park, Romford who specialises in fertility

Reflexology and Menopause Symptoms

Menopause symptoms are the side-effects to a woman hitting that time in her life where she’s ‘going through the change’. Or in more technical terms; is menopausal.

This is a natural process by the end of which a woman will no longer be able to conceive. Either naturally or with the help of IVF. Whilst the side-effects of firstly perimenopause and then full on menopause vary by individual, there is one commonality: menopause symptoms are unpleasant. But not insurmountable.

However, without support, the symptoms of menopause can be more attenuated than anyone ever expects. They often catch ladies off-guard. And from someone going through it, trust me, I understand. I’m Karen, your MAR reflexologist by the way. I specialise in working with women with hormonal imbalances. Here’s how I can help.

Karen Botha MAR

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They say there are as many as 34 symptoms of menopause. But, let's content ourselves with checking off those common symptoms, including:

.*Vasomotor symptoms such as night sweats and hot flushes any hour of the day
*Being excessively shattered not just from sleep deprivation
*Insomnia which incidentally contributes to a whole host of other emotional symptoms such as being wooly headed.
*Menstrual cycles which are all over the place
*Weight gain, notably around our middle. And there’s not a thing we can do about it! Until we get the knack of how everything that we’ve accepted for generations has shifted. Then it’s not so bad. But at first, we’re in shock!
*Emotional outbursts, crying for no reason, being angry or detached from your loved one even though you know there’s no real cause

If you’re suffering from symptoms such as hot flashes, don’t panic. You can gain some relief.

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Plus, an hour to yourself!

You have a few options for how you spend your menopause reflexology session. Either way is as powerful at adjusting your hormones. It depends on how much emotional support you feel you need. You can choose to use each session differently too, depending on your needs on the day:

* You can chat through some of your frustrations with Karen, who is also a certified counsellor.

* Or you can use the space take some calm, ‘me time’ — reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing therapy that is remarkable at stilling your overactive mind.


Can you postpone my menopause?

If you’re struggling to get pregnant, then there’s no formal medical proof that we can hold up your menopause. But, I have worked with ladies whose eggs were poor quality due to age and they have successfully conceived. It’s vital to understand, though, that we can only work within what the body presents. If you’ve gone too far down the path, we can’t reverse this. While we’re happy to try, there are never guarantees.


What happens during menopause?

The age at which we are affected by menopause is different for everyone. But, when we reach our personal line in the sand, go into perimenopause. This can be like a dotted line that lasts for a few years or months.

It’s the start.

During perimenopause, our body transitions. It’s like the train drawing into the station. If it sits there without opening its doors and we’re standing on the platform. Waiting. We grow agitated. Menopause has the same effect. Hormones fluctuate during this stage, and we finish up with less oestrogen.

Our body is still releasing eggs, but our menstruation is unreliable — to say the least. Yep, this is the stage when our periods are all over the place.

It’s only after this that we begin to see the developments associated with full on menopause. We may experience a physical vaginal dryness due to our hormone level changes, a reduction in our sex drive or mood swings where we just feel we can’t cope. This is when our body stops producing eggs.

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How long does menopause last I hear you cry?

Too long in my book! But, honestly, this is down to the individual woman. It can be a matter of only a few months down to a protracted period of years. But I’m here to explain that it doesn’t need to disturb you. You can just drift through it without enduring many of the symptoms.


So, what's the treatment for menopause?

Reflexology is a natural holistic therapy that literally involves you lying in a reclining chair for an hour while I, (I’m Karen by the way, your reflexologist) use different pressure points on your feet to rebalance your endocrine system.

This reduces the chronic effects of menopause you’re riding out.

Foot map showing some of the main reflexology points in different colours
reflexology romford

How does reflexology work?

No-one 100% knows. Other than the acupressure points relate to different organs and systems in your body. By manipulating them in precise ways, your body still continues through the menopause, but it’s better able to cope as your system is more balanced.

This means that the chronic side effects which are the legitimate pain the **** for us on a routine basis, perish. Not straight away. Like I said earlier, you need to invest to this once a week for an ongoing period. But over time you’ll extend the frequency of your appointments.

The added benefit of reflexology is that it isn’t merely for relieving menopausal symptoms.

Reflexology readjusts the balance in your full body. Then, I hone in on your endocrine system on top of this total body cleanse. This means that if you’re worried about your health, whether these be age related or otherwise, reflexology is a positive way to help your body cope with whatever life throws its way. You’ll leave more happy!

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