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What is a Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is any kind of massage that you get while you’re pregnant to help you cope with the changes of pregnancy (mentally and physically). It should always be administered by a massage therapist, trained and qualified in pregnancy massage. In short, it’s a therapeutic treatment which is customised to your unique needs as a mum-to-be.

The aim is to enhance the function of your joints by loosening your muscles, improve your circulation and general skin and muscle tone as well as relieving mental and physical fatigue while stretching out tensions.

Whichever pressure you choose (type of massage) is down to you. You can have a deep tissue prenatal massage to ease back pain relief while pregnant, or something lighter and more relaxing like a Swedish pregnancy massage. Or, you can mix different pressures depending on the area we’re covering. It’s down to you — the best prenatal massage is the one that you need in that moment.

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Questions & Answers


I’m suffering from back pain while pregnant, I’m not sure I’ll be comfortable on my side.

This is something a lot of our pregnancy women are concerned about, but you needn’t worry. Most are so relaxed that they fall asleep pretty much straight away.

The reason they’re so relaxed is because we have specialist pillows and wedges to cushion you and bump so that there is no strain and you are totally relaxed.


Are you certified in pregnancy massage?

Yes. Many women are concerned about whether it is safe to have a massage while pregnant and as long as your therapist is not only experienced, but trained in pregnancy and is also certified in prenatal massage (as your massage therapist at Essential Feeling is licenced in prenatal massage,) then you are fine to have a massage performed during pregnancy as long as your pregnancy is running without complications and you’re not within your first trimester.

If you are, then pregnancy reflexology is a better holistic therapy for you.


I can’t get there during the day as I’m at work, is this okay?

Yes. We work on an appointment basis. You can book online anything up to 24 hours in advance and then you’ll notice that we have appointments available 7 days as well as working as late as 9pm for a 10pm finish on those days. We also start maternity massages at 7am in the morning.

If you’d like to secure a last minute massage therapy appointment, that’s fine, but you’ll need to text us on 07941 668456.

pregnancy massage

What are the benefits of prenatal massage?

*Dissolves stress and soothes depression by raising endorphins
*Enhanced muscle tone and prepare you for labour by making your pelvis more pliant.
*Stimulates your mind by improving blood flow and aids lymphatic flow which encourages removal of toxins
*Increased circulation, important for mums-to-be who suffer with swelling due to a natural tendency for the blood flow balance to be ‘off’ during the later stages of pregnancy
*It’s a safe and relaxing way to relieve pregnancy’s common discomforts such as backache, leg cramps and shakes, swelling, carpal-tunnel syndrome, nasal congestion, sciatica, heartburn, headaches, shortness of breath and hemorrhoids.
*Eases muscle discomfort such as neck, back and joint pain during pregnancy
*Prenatal massage does more than benefit you, the mother. It also helps your baby. Everything you do, from your diet and fitness to relaxation and contentment also affects baby. There is a ton of research out there that concludes that your calmness leads to a healthier in utero development.

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Why don’t you use the prenatal massage therapy table with the holes in so I can lie on my stomach?

These sound like a great idea, but the problem with these specific maternity massage tables is that it’s really difficult to get a hole that perfectly fits the size of your ever changing bump.

Plus, there is no support for your pump and gravity can make the whole experience more uncomfortable than cleansing.

We find that plumping you with soft cushioning while you lie on your side and turn half way through your prenatal massage therapy is definitely the way forward. You’ll fall back to sleep again after turning.


I don’t know how much time I need, can I reserve 60 minutes and then increase the time if we need it?

Yes, as long as we’re not scheduled to be with another client directly after you. If you think this may be the case, give us some advance warning when you book your prenatal massage so that we can try our best to ensure we give you some flex time. Please ensure that you bring cash along to your session to pay for the extra time. Our prices for prenatal massage are below.

To book an online booking please follow the link below. If you would like to book in for a last minute appointment (within 24 hours) then you can text us on 07941 668456 and we’ll call you back as soon as we become available.

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When was prenatal massage first used?

As way back as in the early civilisations which is more than 6000 years ago, women have been using pregnancy massage for back pain relief while pregnant. This was mainly in the Greek and Minoan civilisations, and came to the west 2000 to 3000 years ago.

The history is found in Ayurveda medicine text because they recognised that mums-to-be need mental, spiritual and physical preparation for childbirth.
Today, this research has moved all the way to the US where Dr Tiffany Fields at the University of Miami has validated the use of pregnancy massage.

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What massage oil do you use during the pregnancy massage therapy?

We use a pregnancy safe massage oil that is also one of the most gentle available and without any kind of smell or essential oils.


How often should I have a prenatal massage sessions?

It depends on your needs. A lot of our ladies will come for a pregnancy massage services once a week and then a few times after their birth for a postpartum massage or two. After that, it’s as and when they require it once they get into the swing of things. But there’s no pressure. You come when it suits you.


Should I check with my doctor before coming for a pregnancy massage?

Yes, we always say that if in any doubt you should always check with your doctor or health professional before coming along for a prenatal massage, particularly if you have a high risk pregnancy. If you have a low risk pregnancy but have any concerns, there’s also no harm in checking first.

The reason is that there are some conditions where prenatal massage is concerned. This is often where a prestress test is required, such as preeclampsia which mean that pregnancy massage may not be the best therapy for you. Don’t worry though, if this is the case, give us a call on 07941 668456 and tell us and we’ll recommend another, more suitable therapy such as pregnancy reflexology.

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