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Karen Botha MAR reflexologist at Essential Feeling Gidea Park, Romford who specialises in fertility

Transpire Clinic: The Life-Changing Treatments of Dr. Emam

Helping patients of Dr Emam from Transpire Clinic in Central London.

We’re delighted to be working with Transpire plastic surgery clinic in London. And specifically with Mr Emam, between them they have a breadth of experience and awards and we’re proud to be their post surgery aftercare partner.

Also, an NHS reconstructive surgeon, at Transpire Clinic, Dr. Emam specialises in providing a wide range of medical and healthcare services. He is an experienced and highly trained doctor, dedicated to providing his patients with the best care possible. He understands the importance of preventative medicine and focuses on helping his patients maintain their health and wellness. He uses the latest technology, techniques, and treatments to ensure each patient receives the highest level of care.

Karen & Charlie Botha

Your post lipo aftercare specialists

post lipo after care

Questions & Answers

Overview of the services offered by Transpire Clinic

Transpire Clinic offers a range of surgical and medical services, including plastic surgery, liposculpture fat removal, tummy tuck, and more with a team of highly trained and experienced doctors.

Mr Emam is also an NHS reconstructive surgery provider, something that we’ve found breeds a high level of reconstructive skills that transpose to a better cosmetic finish in private procedures.

It’s not just about getting a tummy tuck, it’s about choosing the right surgeon and clinic for you. And one that prides itself on quality of procedure and aftercare is not as common as you’d think.

And that’s why we’re super proud to be working with Transpire and Mr Emam in London.

What makes Transpire Clinic stand out from other providers?

Transpire was founded after a particularly shoddy surgery left its owner, Beryl Atkins feeling disfigured. And needing a ton of aftercare. At that point, she swore that she would set up a clinic that would never do that to any of her patients. And so Transpire was born.

Now in London and Manchester as well as Birmingham, we’re delighted to be their aftercare provider in London.

She refuses to work with surgeons who don’t meet her strict criteria, both in terms of surgical skills, but also aftercare. She really strives to provide treatments which have a positive life-changing effect on Transpire’s patients. She’s been on the other end of that, and literally wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Types of treatments available at Essential Feeling for Transpire patients

When a patient comes in to see us, it’s usually 24 hours (ideal) to 48 hours post surgery. We’re dealing with a lot of fresh swelling that we need to move through your lymphatic system in order to make way for fresh blood to deliver the healing properties to the wounds. We therefore, will use MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) to support your system’s natural healing abilities.

A few days after this, your body will be more able to cope with the fluid, and so now we may decide to use some deep oscillation which will speed up your lymphatic flow even more than MLD. It’s important to judge the right time to do this, because if we use it too soon, we flood your lymph nodes and you don’t get any benefit from your treatment.

It’s like emptying the skip and then immediately filling it. Your drive will still look a mess because the skip is still overflowing. That it’s a different waste is irrelevant.

In addition to this, you’ll probably at some point receive some myofascial release when your tissue grows tight from the compression garment, or lack of movement, and some deep tissue massage work if you get a type of surgery related fibrosis in the form of a soap like texture to your skin and tissue below. If this happens, it can often be tricky to move, so we also have a specialist machine which we can use to break this down in a few, not only effective, but relaxing sessions.

If you’d like to book the red light therapy, then you can do this at each session (London). 

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Dr Emam Transpire Clinic
Post Operative Aftercare Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Expert bespoke service throughout

And that’s why it’s important to choose a specialist in post surgery aftercare and not just go for someone who has done a quick MLD course. There is a lot involved, and even the way we do our lymph drainage is tailored to healing post surgery, rather than simply moving lymphatic fluid. We must consider the tissue that it moves through has been damaged and is therefore inflamed.

Your aftercare will change according to the procedure you’ve had.

Not only does the way your body deals with physical trauma affect how often you have your sessions and what we do within them, but your surgery will make a difference, too.

If you elected for liposculpture fat removal alone, then we don’t have to consider the effect of a more firm pressure on a scar as we would if you had a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).



Transpire Clinic: Winners of multiple customer care awards.

  • Best Cosmetic Healthcare Provider – UK 2021
  • Best Independent Cosmetic Surgery Group – UK 2022 and 2023
  • Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of the Year award 2021/ 2022
  • Best Cosmetic Surgery Practice – Birmingham 2020
  • Best Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery Company – UK 2022
  • LUXLife Aftercare Patient Award – UK 2022
Transpire award Cosmetic Clinic of the year

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We have tailored packages based on the clinical recommendations of Doctor Comins and his staff. Then lie back and relax; comfortable knowing that you’re caring for your incredible self in the best possible way.

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