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Empowering Patients: How We Support Dr. Mitsakos’ Vision of Holistic Care.

The power of collaboration in post surgery aftercare. A vital step towards wellness after plastic surgery.

In the world of plastic surgery, achieving optimal results doesn’t just come from the surgeon’s skillful hands, but also from the comprehensive aftercare that patients receive.

This is where Dr. Mitsakos’ vision of holistic care comes into play. As a leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Mitsakos believes that the key to successful outcomes is not just in the technical aspects of the surgery, but also in empowering patients to take an active role in their recovery process.

This includes providing them with a fully rounded and experienced aftercare team via Essential Feeling. Mr Mitsakos has seen first hand our personalised guidance, education, and support throughout patient’s entire journeys to wellness.

Karen & Charlie Botha

Your post surgery aftercare specialists

MLD massage

Questions & Answers


What is Dr Mitsakos' track record?

At our clinics, we fully embrace Dr. Mitsakos’ vision and strive to create a collaborative environment where patients are fully supported in their quest for optimal health and wellness. And we’re delighted to be working with such an esteemed surgeon who’s credentials include:

His medicine practice history was at the world-renowned St Thomas Hospital, London before moving to Harley Street.

He specialised in reconstructive surgery in his NHS roles and uses this to underpin his his work today; breast surgery, the full range of body contouring, including liposuction, abdominoplasty and fat transfer.

Mr Mitsakos is expert in performing a range of procedures under local anaesthetic which helps you recover faster when you leave theatre.

He is a highly regarded teacher and trainer, and also heavily involved in developing new techniques for enhanced recovery after the surgery. And this why when you search, Dr Antonios Mitsakos reviews, you’ll read great things from his patients as we write he has 60 reviews on RealSelf, all at the top 5 star review rating.

GMC register and GMC number is 6148715


How do you address physical & emotional?

Through our combined holistic approach to aftercare, we address the physical, emotional, and mental needs of our patients to ensure they receive the best possible care throughout the run up to their surgery, the actual surgery and their healing afterwards.

MLD massage

Dr Antonios Mitsakos Reviews

Over 60 5 star reviews on RealSelf, the industry bible.

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Dr Antonios Mitsakos
MLD massage Romford & Central London

Bespoke service

Before you go in for surgery with Mr Mitsakos

You’ll come to us, at least two weeks before. We will measure you and order you the correct compression garment, in terms of style and fit, for your specific surgical procedure.

Compression garments aren’t just about wearing any old one one, they can make the difference between a good and bad finish. So this is an important part of your end result.

This is also when you have the chance to ask any questions you may have about how you’ll feel after you’ve been in the operating theatre. It really helps you feel calm as the surgery date approaches.

The surgery itself

We leave this detail down to Mr Mitsakos himself as he is the expert in this field, but suffice to say, he cares about his patients, even down to the quality of the machine he uses. He doesn’t believe in vaser liposuction per se, and so uses a machine which creates less internal scar tissue. This in turn will help your healing and the amount of pain you’re in directly after surgery. As well as making your life easier in the future should you require future surgeries.

After surgery

Come to us within around 24 to 48 hours and we will start your post surgery MLD. As you heal, we’ll introduce different techniques which will deal with each part of your journey. We will also advise on when and what type you should exercise, and how much. We will take care of your questions and concerns as you go and guide you back to Dr Antonios Mitsakos should there be anything which we feel is out of the ordinary or needs clinical intervention. If you’d like to book the red light therapy, then you can do this at each session (London). 


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