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Hand revival for Carpal Tunnel, Stiff Pinky, & Sore Hands
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I have carpal tunnel syndrome will the hand revival treatment help me?

Yes. When we’re busy repeatedly making the same moves all day long, then our hands become tight. There are a lot of bones, muscles and tendons in your hands which all need to be loose to function properly and if they’re not we can end up with odd things happening such as a stiff pinky finger, or wrists that crack.

A hand massage will loosen these muscles and keep them healthy so that you can improve the effects of, or avoid completely, painful issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome and sore hands.

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Questions & Answers


What happens during my hand revival therapy?

You add this on to any other treatment that you’re having during which time we will massage each of your fingers avoiding stiff pinky fingers, all around your knuckles, wrists and between the tiny bones of your hands.

If you’re having this therapy because you have carpal tunnel, you can book an hours session where we’ll do the above and then concentrate on your wrist area, which will help the symptoms of the syndrome.


What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is common. It’s a condition, the symptoms of which causes you pain as well as some sensation of your arm, wrist or hand being numb and often a tingling. Carpal tunnel syndrome can occur when the median nerve, which is one of the main nerves in your hand is compressed within your wrist.


What is the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome?

When we compress the median nerve in our wrist, that gives off sensations all the way along that nerve. So, because it passes up our arm and into our fingers, this is where we will feel the symptoms/ pain.

Compression of the nerve in the wrist which leads to carpal tunnel syndrome can be due to something as simple as repetitive strain injury (RSI). If for example, we sit at a computer for hours at a time, that process will encourage the condition. It is also common during pregnancy due to the build up of fluid compressing the median nerve in our wrist.


What does it feel like when you have carpal tunnel?

It depends how far on in the condition you are because at first, you’ll experience the symptoms and then they’ll disappear for a while. They may be worse in the morning, and then ease. That kind of thing. Over time, they will occur more often and will become worse.
You could notice that:
*Your fingers may feel swollen, even though they don’t look it
*Pain, tingling and some numbness up your forearm to your shoulder
*“Shocks” through your thumb and fingers. Sometimes this may radiate into your palm.
*It may affect your grip/ ability to pinch, over time resulting in eventually you dropping things
*Unable to do up buttons and other small objects
*If it’s at its most severe, you could endure muscle weakness in the base of your thumb and your nerves won’t sense changes in temperature (neuropathy).

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How can I relieve carpal tunnel pain myself?

If you come to Essential Feeling for the hand massage then we can show you some exercises that will help you based on where you are feeling pain.

In the interim, some say that if you want to ease symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, then you can put your hands and wrists in ice, or put a cold compress on them. The idea is that this will reduce the swelling. However, in our opinion, whether this works or not will depend on why you have the condition in the first place.


Is this hand revival therapy fully clothed?

It can be if you choose to add it into another treatment that is also fully clothed such as reflexology, foot massage or Indian head massage.

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How can I check myself for carpal tunnel?

There is a test called Tinel’s sign which involves you tapping the underside of your wrist. However, if you’re feeling pain, regardless of whether it is officially carpal tunnel syndrome is not important. Pain is a sign that something is out of whack and so we’d always recommend getting your GP to check it out.




How long does carpal tunnel usually last?

If not treated, carpal tunnel syndrome can last easily up to a few months because without the pressure being removed from the nerve, healing is a slow process. This is why having a specialised hand/ wrist/ arm massage at Essential Feeling can be so helpful. Because it may help to take down some of the swelling and tightness which is causing the compression.


Why would I have a stiff pinky finger?

A stiff pinky finger can be caused by any number of health reasons ranging from old injuries and fractures, to genetics and from arthritis through to wear and tear (RSI).

Bone spurs may also develop which is when your bone continues to grow beyond where it normally would causing your finger to become misshapen and thus giving you a stiff pinky finger.


Why would I have sore hands?

The hand revival therapy is a wonderful add on to another session if you simply have sore hands. Our hands aren’t an area that we think much about, but we use them for pretty much every part of life, from brushing our hair to buttering a slice of bread, so it’s not a surprise, if we stop to think, that a hand massage is one of our beautifully relaxing treatments which is great for self care.

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