Follow Mr. Sierakowski’s Aftercare Guidance; Secure Your MLD Session Now

We are affiliated with Mr Adam Sierakowski  at Essex Plastic Surgery practice as their recommended aftercare provider.

As proud affiliates of Mr. Adam Sierakowski at Essex Plastic Surgery, we are your trusted choice for post-surgery care. Our commitment to you goes beyond the ordinary—you’ll receive the highest standard of massage, including manual lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, and deep tissue techniques. What sets us apart is our incorporation of deep oscillation to target stubborn fatty deposits, offering you dual benefits within a single session, all covered within the price.
Additionally, we maintain a direct line of communication with Mr. Adam Sierakowski and the friendly surgical team. This ensures that any questions or post-operative concerns can be addressed promptly by the specialists who understand your unique care needs.
Our packages are thoughtfully crafted based on Essex Plastic Surgery’s typical recommendations, but we’re flexible in tailoring them to suit your specific requirements. Want to experience the benefits of red light therapy? You can add it to each session when visiting our London location.
For immediate bookings within 24 hours, please call or text us at 07941 668456, and we’ll gladly arrange your appointment. Otherwise, feel free to conveniently book online.

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