Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology foot massage

Having your feet touched is something you either love or hate, and having a reflexology foot massage is no different.

Where as standard reflexology is solely concentrated on healing emotional and physical complaints, reflexology foot massage is more concentrated on you relaxing, enjoying a foot massage with the benefit of some reflexology acupressure points added in too.

If you like your feet being touched, a reflexology foot massage is one of the most enjoyable therapies. Not only is reflexology one of the best stress reduction techniques out there, but add in the general relaxation from a therapeutic foot massage, and you’re in heaven.

There are some basics to reflexology therapy such as the body and its organs broadly being aligned across both feet in reflex zones. So, if you look at a foot map, you’ll see your liver is on your right foot and your spleen on your left for instance. This is how your therapist will know how to help your health by using your feet. She'll use the application of specific pressure during your experience which involves her hands, fingers and pads of her thumbs to correspond to the relevant point.

However, giving a good foot massage on top of all these healing techniques is a great skill to enjoy as your massage therapist will connect to your energy and ease your pain and tension away as they restore you to your old self with their many massages treatment. You'll find that you relax and drift away into a different world as you take care of yourself while at the same time being relieved of the symptoms of tired feet and aching legs. It's important to note that the compound effect of having regular treatments should never be underestimated.

Karen, your reflexologist will warm up the reflexology wax in her hands, before applying it to your feet with soothing strokes. Then she’ll alleviate any tightness in your foot sole, joints and ligaments with a range of foot massage techniques all chosen for your certain needs. You may find that she twists your foot, rolls your ankle or pulls on your toes. She’ll identify which areas are tight in your feet and then work out the tension.

As she does this, Karen MAR will gently apply some pressure to relevant reflexology acupressure points on your feet and around your ankles. This is so you also get the healing benefits of the alternative/ complementary bodywork medicine also known as reflexology.

What conditions will benefit from foot reflexology massage?

There is plenty of research around the world that indicates the reflexology is great for helping with a huge list of conditions and their symptoms. A list of some of these is below:

*Plantar fasciitis
*Swollen feet and ankles are stimulated into draining lymph fluid by this gentle and relaxing session
*Ankle injuries may be treated, depending on the type of injury and whether it is chronic or acute
*Tight calves can feel eased by manipulating tight ankle and feet muscles
*Arthritis may heal with a reflexology foot massage by your qualified and experienced therapist. This is particularly useful in feet joints, but please do be specific about this before we start
*Decreases stress and anxiety, improves fatigue, eases insomnia and headaches. It's even been known to ease dizziness although this depends on the cause. We've had wonderful success with helping to reduce dizziness from long standing tight neck complaints as we're able to work internal areas via your foot which works in ways which massage will be too tender.

The above benefits of reflexology foot massage are there purely as a guide. For instance, any massage, including reflexology foot massage is great for blood circulation. We're always happy to discuss your personal health with you directly and devise something special before you book so if you don't see the services you're interested in here, please text us firstly on 07757 946023. The minimum time that we book out is one hour and then upwards in half hour intervals. Alternatively, you may book online using the online booking below.

Please note, a reflexology foot massage isn't the same as a foot massage. Your reflexology foot massage is administered by trained specialists stimulating or calming the soles and other parts of your feet and lower legs. This wellness therapy is great for any woman looking to help her enrich her life while she juggles her many different roles.
Reflexology foot massage is also great for men who need to enhance their relaxation and fertility, balance the effects of stress while stimulating energy. It is the ultimate all over luxurious relief that makes you feel like you've had much needed break whilst taking stock and recentering.