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Non surgical facelifts are all the rage, but what does it mean?

In the old days, we needed to make incisions in your face and physcially pull the skin upwards. This is known as a surgical facelift. But, now with radiofrequency we can add radio waves into the deep dermal layers of your skin so that it tightens and lifts itself. Hence non surgical facelift.

How do we get your skin to lift on its own?

There’ are a whole series of articles on this, but long story short, when we apply radiofrequency, your body thinks it’s about to be damaged and sends collagen and elastin to the area to facilitate healing. When this isn’t needed because you’re not actually injured, this good stuff hangs around in the lower layers of our skin resulting in more volume, fewer fine lines and wrinkles and less sagging. All at the same time as a visible tightening in our skin. So things like drooping jowls are eased by an increased smoothness, laxity and tighter skin.

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Questions & Answers


What skin is suitable for a non surgical facelift?

Some examples of areas of your face that may benefit from this nonsurgical cosmetic procedure are:

Plumping and lifting the countours of your cheeks

Eliminating signs of ageing by removing your double chin (or should we say chins) and giving you definition in your jawline so you don’t have to conitunally smile to remove the signs of aging

Fine lines around our mouth and improving firmness around the tissues of our nasolabial area to tighten creases around our nose

Smoothing out the tissue around our eyes to remove crow feet wrinkle. Drooping eyelids and sunken eyes may be possible by lifting the skin in the general area

We can’t work your temple, but the folds around your frown and forehead are fair game and we can give you smoother brows by increasing skin elasticity, no issue

Tone the skin in your neck, and your chest. Huge deal, right!


Are treatments effective forever?

You’ll see the results straight away because your body rushes to fix the issue it thought was the danger with elastin and collagen. However, after this initial rush to restore your facial appearance, things then take a longer effect.

Over a period of months the longer time results become more effective. Your facial tissue texture may gradually change as a result of the procedures and patients see a minimal lifting for months following their session that defies their age. This is great because not only due to the noninvasive nature that this radio frequency treatment is performed, you’ll not have any downtime from the technique (hence why it’s so popular), but the rejuvenation is so gradual that you don’t need to explain to any well meaning relatives or friends about whether your youthful appearance is as the result of facelifts.

That’s before we start with the pain patients deal with post invasive surgery.


Who is this treatment not suitable for?

There are some factors that will mean this isn’t right for you. For instance, if you’re looking to achieve a full on plastic surgery enhancement that doesn’t give you soft, natural features, then we can recommend some well respected surgeons that are less expensive than you’d think, in a London based clinic. This is an ideal solution when your outcome is based on factors like super tight enhancement that is less about subtle results over time and more about a specific idea of beauty.

This is the type of factors that we pick up in your consultation which is a big reason why we require you to book this before we will confirm your treatment. You’ll find any credible and certified therapist will have the same procedure.

radiofrequency non surgical facelift

What outcomes can I expect?

This depends on several factors that we have touched on above. For instance:

The colour of your skin determines your predisposition to growing collagen and elastin. This applies to skin tightening, but also fat loss and how much sagging skin you may be left with.

Age is another factor. Aging naturally slows the production of collagen which is why if you are older, and have lost weight, you may find you’re left with more loose skin than someone younger whose skin is typically minimally affected.

Depending on the above will affect which techniques we offer you to best support your recovery. If we can foresee issues with how effective one method will be at creating tighter, fresher and younger looking skin, then we will give you our best advice on the alternative types of treatment and their benefits.

Lifestyle. If you’re not active, it won’t support your body’s healing as well as if you are. So this will make a difference to your outcomes. We’re not saying run a marathon, but there are some gentle exercises that will make a difference. We will advise you.

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Factors to consider when thinking about alternative therapies including ultrasound and thermage.

Your aesthetic outcome will range from the very dramatic (and immediately noticeable) with a lot of pain, to restoring and resurfacing a specific feature that you’re unhappy with depending on which treatment you select.

Each have their own benefits and downsides, whether that be the type of energy they use, the archaic nature of the technology or even how safe they are and related discomfort. Many clients have already tried fillers and Botox injections when they come to us. Some love the filler and want to add to their effects, others are concerned about inserting an injectable toxin into their body and associated risks. We have to say; we think the natural nature of RF therapy has a lot going for it. And complications are rare.

On that note, if you’re after the dramatic finish of medical procedures produce, are you therefore happy with incisions, the odd stich or two, post op bruising, scarring and even whether you want an anaesthetic. Plus the associated downtime involved in the healing process. Also prepare for the aftercare that you’ll need. MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) is paramount to an excellent result. Consider all these upkeep requirements when you think about your alternative choice.

You need to think carefully about how safe they are, this is your face. Whatever you do will be difficult to hide in the future if it doesn’t turn out as you expect. Therefore, we prefer the gradual tailored nature of the change Radio frequency therapy produces versus the dramatic, but they key isn’t what we think. It’s which options you are happy with. And what support you’ll receive post procedure.

Also, check on whether your therapist, doctor or surgeon has trained and is qualified. It sounds silly, but sometimes we can be so excited about reducing the effects of time and gravity to improve our face’s silhouette that we forget. And we’re trusting these people with the safe delivery or our aesthetic goals. If they’re insured, then companies require a recommended standard.

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How much does a radio frequency non surgical facelift cost?

As we’ve explained, the costs vary based on your personal circumstances. But book in for a consultation and in just ten minutes, we’ll be able to give you accurate costs.

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