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Looking for non surgical lipo?

If you’re looking for a non invasive weight loss or body contouring solution, then think about non surgical lipo. We use the Lynton’s ProMax Lipo machine to not only get rid of excess fat, but to tighten loose skin after you have removed the fat. And what’s better is that this is one of the best nonsurgical procedures on the market today. There’s not a scalpel in sight. Just the warmth of radio frequency light.

Let’s explain.

We put a handpiece on the skin. This is a cavitation piece. If you think about what happens when you shake a piece of uncooked pizza dough. Eventually the membrane will break down, you’ll see holes appearing. This happens when we use the cavitation handset. It disrupts the membrane (skin) that surrounds the fat in each cell.

Once we’ve done this, we use a different handset. This uses radio frequency at a perfectly safe level to generate heat at the dermal layer of our skin. This is the lower level. Think about what happens when you place melted butter on the uncooked, over stretched pizza base. It finds the space to flow out.

This happens to the fat that was previously contained within the fat cells. Now it is warmed, it can leak out into our lymphatic system. Our lymphatics are the natural skips of our body, removing waste. We have a handpiece to help with this too. We use a vibrational piece that speeds up the way our body can eliminate this waste by up to six times.

Obviously this is simplified, but it’s kind of what happens when we use our state-of-the-art radio frequency machine to remove fat from your body.

With no downtime, no pain, nor obesity surgery, cuts or doctor’s surgeries. And gradual results over a period of weeks so people don’t do a double take when they next see you and you have no fear of being judged. They’ll never know.

It’s like a quick fix to a diet, but with this we lose weight over time in the places that we actually want to lose the fat.

Once you’ve lost the fat, your skin may have stretched. This gives the appearance of you having excess skin. Often it won’t spring back to where you’d like, and so we can use another piece of amazing equipment to tighten those rolls of loose skin. Again this is natural. We explain this in an article, but essentially, we use radiofrequency to build heat which cons our body into thinking we’re injured.

To help us heal, it sends collagen and elastin to the targeted site. Except that we’re not injured, we’re just warm from the radiofrequency. And so there is nothing other than aesthetics for this collagen to do. It hangs around in the area and our skin tightens.

Karen Botha MAR

Co-Owner & Therapist at Essential Feeling, Romford

radiofrequency non surgical lipo

Questions & Answers


Is non surgical lipo permanent?

It’s as permanent as any other solution because it depends on our lifestyle after the weight loss. If we continue to eat more calories than we burn off, then we will put weight back on. But, it will only ever be from the lower starting point. If we eat less than we burn, then the weight loss will be permanent.


How does collagen production work?

Collagen and elastin are one of the key proteins that our body produces when we need to heal. It gives our skin elasticity and so, if we burn for instance, then our skin will dry and become brittle. So, we produce something that will help it gain back its bounce.

Collagen is also important to how we look. It’s the key to the appearance of (or lack of) wrinkles, fine lines and even cellulite. If we have enough collagen in our skin, then we don’t suffer with sagging skin. And as we age, we produce less collagen.

This is a common complaint following traditional weight loss surgery such as liposuction. Because it removes the fat from under the skin, but it doesn’t then treat the skin to tighten it post surgery. So in this scenario, the weight may come off, and so your plastic surgeon has done a great job, but they still leave you with extra skin despite undergoing an invasive surgery.

The beauty of contouring surgery is that by stimulating collagen production with radiofrequency therapy, you not only lose weight, but you tighten skin too.


Won’t a firming product such as creams do the same?

No. And here’s the reason. For a start, they don’t get rid of fat, so if you’re looking to deal with weight gain, then you’ll have no benefit from using these firming products.

As we’re talking about losing weight here via non surgical lipo, then this could be the end of the answer, just refer to the process that we mentioned first off if we’ve confused you.

Once we’ve shaved away the fat by cavitating the walls of the fat cell, it’s only then that we get down to sending radiofrequency into the epidermis to tone and tighten skin with collagen.

Whilst collagen helps to reduce sagging, just adding it onto our skin isn’t as effective as our body producing our own. We mentioned above that we need to send the RF waves into the lower layers of the skin. If you just put on a cream, or take collagen supplements.

You’re not in control of how deep that gets. It’s also a foreign body, not something that our system accepts because it is ‘home grown’. So there’s always a risk of these fancy moisturisers and firming product not being effective.


Is radiofrequency non surgical lipo suitable for everyone?

Radiofrequency non surgical lipo is a splendid choice for some people. But not everyone. If you are looking at a contouring procedure to shave fat from stubborn areas such as hips and thighs, or your belly, then this is great. It’ll do an inch or so and not only will you be rid of weight in the areas that bother you, you won’t have any downtime because the procedure isn’t invasive. And there’s no knife, stitches or bruising.

If you’re looking for significant weight loss and/ or fat reduction such as to remove a few kilos in one area, then this is where we’d always advise one of the renowned cosmetic surgeons that we are affiliated with in Harley Street and Knightsbridge, London. This is because non surgical lipo can only do so much. The treatment is gradual, which is great in terms of judgmental relatives, but the progress will be too slow for radical change. If this is you, speak to us and we’ll refer you for vaser lipo with an eminent surgeon who we know has minimal swelling in his patients post surgery.

Once you’ve had traditional liposuction treatments or tummy tuck with e.g. Doctor Horn or Dr Comins, then you will probably find that you’ll want some skin tightening sessions just to fine tune your procedure and remove any hanging skin.

There are also a couple of contraindications which mean that non surgical lipo as RF therapy wouldn’t be the best for you. For instance, if you have eczema in the location we’re targeting, then the heat will exacerbate your issues. If you have a pacemaker, or other metal device fitted in the area then the heat will make this uncomfortable. Things like that. We can check all of this with you in your consultation which you must have prior to non surgical lipo with us.

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Where is your clinic?

Our clinic is in Essex, right on the Gallows Corner roundabout in Gidea Park, Romford, So whether you’re coming from London on the A12 or Essex on the other side of the A12 or the A127, it’s an easy journey. And with parking right outside, it couldn’t be easier.



Is this the same as coolsculpting?

No. Coolsculpting freezes fat using an attachment which they connect to the skin, and it sucks. Your body will still dispose of the treated fat through your lymphatic system and there will be no incisions because this is also noninvasive. But, the area you can treat is limited to where and how the freezing attachment fits. They only come in certain sizes. You will also have a recovery time of weeks or often months and for best results you’re advised to wear a compression garment as you would do if you had undergone vaser liposuction. Radiofrequency therapy has literally no downtime or period where you need to heal.


Is this healthy for the patient?

The NHS uses the technology we use for Rf therapy. The configuration of our energy settings is less that the NHS. The machine was developed by physicists in conjunction with the university of Manchester. Not only can we help you with the removal of that stubborn fat in specific areas that you want to target. Not only can we improve your profile with a technique that is natural and minimally painful experience. But we can also say that it is a safe alternative with a lower cost than traditional vaser liposuction.

So, take a look at your abdomen or buttocks, your chest or arms, your thighs or chin; locate any areas of unwanted visible fatty bits you’d like sculpting and book in for your consultation today.

Promax lipo machine used by Essential Feeling Romford, Essex for fat reduction, BMI, skin tightening RF therapy
non surgical lipo romford

Where are suitable places for RF therapy?

It’s possible to work your entire body except for a few places e.g. intimate areas. But we can happily reduce the size of your arms, your legs including inner thighs and turn back the effects of gravity on those jowels. And there’re no fillers! Literally, not a filler in sight.

We’ve had outstanding success with fat rolls on your back, around your hips and stomach. We cover off everything non surgical facelift in this article if you’re looking to plump and add some volume to those cheeks!

Essentially, we can give pretty much you a whole body lift, tone and tighten. We just can’t build your muscle for you we’re afraid.




What’s the difference between invasive procedures?

We mentioned the procedure that we follow with non surgical lipo in the first part of this piece. But when you go for cosmetic surgery, you’ll be under the knife. Some surgeons will allow you to elect not to have an anaesthetic that knocks you out, so you may even feel how the doctor injects, melts your fat and then sucks it out with a metal rod. This is invasive.

Afterwards, you’ll be in pain, you’ll swell and need MLD to help you heal. You may have stitches and you’ll need to go for regular check-ups.

For anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks, you’ll wear a compression garment which holds all the parts of you that came loose during the surgery in place so you heal in the right place. It also helps you to get a great shape when your body finishes healing.

There’s none of this with radiofrequency non surgical lipo. None. Some people even say it’s relaxing.


Can I do anything to make the non surgical lipo more effective?

Exercise is a big win. People who go to the gym or some other form of activity, including walking, get better results, faster. We’ll give you advice on what will work well for you following your treatment.


Is there any aftercare advice?

Other than stay active and drink water, we’ll give you a cream to apply three times a day. You only need a small amount of this and it feels delicious on your skin. If you’d like to buy more to use as a standard moisturiser, then we can get you some. But we include your first pot within the price of your treatment with us.

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