Order only the best products that will add true value to your post surgery healing process. We only work with the leaders in their field. And only sell products that will ensure you get your best possible results. 

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Lipoelastic UK. The best compression garments

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Not only are we affiliated with the best surgeons London offers, but we also link with the best aftercare product providers to make sure that you heal as fast and as easily as you can with minimal complications. Whatever you buy on our site, be sure that there is not only a need for it, but that you’ll be getting the best in class.

Most Popular Products


Clinisept+ spray 100mlpH neutral antibacterial spray. Winner of Best Universal Product in Europe at 2022 Safety in Beauty Awards UK.

Scar Strip

Lpioelastic scar tape, the improvement on the best cream for scars after surgeryWhen your wound crusts over, switch to this scar strip to minimise marks to your skin. Easy to apply and mess free, reusable tape.

Compression garments

Lipoelastic UK VH variant compression garmentIf you’ve had liposuction the quality of your compression garment is vital to a smooth finish and minimal complications throughout healing.

Compression bras

Not only are the compression bras we sell the best in their field, but they are also easy to use. With snazzy colours and bright hooks and eyes, you will look and feel good every time.

Compression garment bespoke fitting service

Why waste a garment because you measured wrong? Or risk having poor results because you got the wrong size? Avoid all these complications in one fast and easy appointment.