Autoimmune and degenerative conditions


The list of autoimmune and degenerative diseases aren’t limited to the list below. And neither is the way we can help you. If you would like to clarify which session will help you then please text or call us on 07941 668456.

Autoimmune conditions within the context of what we're talking about cover common diseases such as:

*Celiac disease

*Fertility conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS

*Any kind of inflammatory bowel disorder

*Diabetes mellitus (type 1)


*Graves disease

*MS multiple sclerosis

*Rheumatoid arthritis

Likewise, degenerative diseases covers conditions where there is a continuous process of bodily degeneration. This will affect tissues and organs which take time to deteriorate.

Some examples of common conditions we encounter are:

*Alzheimer's/ dementia


*Huntington's disease

*Multiple Sclerosis MS

*Muscular Dystrophy

*Parkinson's disease

*Rheumatoid arthritis