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Tell me about Swedish Massage for Grief

The traditional Swedish massage for grief is the gold star among our bereavement therapies. It’s tailor made to heal your pain by giving you some much needed time out while receiving a soothing Swedish massage that calms your mind and body.

Early grief is the time when you experience a feeling of vulnerability and rawness which often doesn’t compare to anything you’ve ever experienced. That heart brokenness can mean that you need a tender touch to help you with healing.

At the same time, a loss, whether it be a death or another form of bereavement triggers an increased stress response which releases cortisol. This, before we even start with a sudden lack of movement, leads to tense and tight bodies which are struggling to deal with a high level of physical, mental and emotional strain.

A traditional Swedish massage for grief provides this gentle and healing experience which is devoted to providing you with a comforting warmth which cares for you if you’re grieving.

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Questions & Answers


Who is the traditional Swedish massage suitable for?

We live fast lives and people on the outside, although well meaning, will often expect us to be healed way faster than is possible. This can lead to an even greater feeling of isolation where by not giving us enough time and space to grieve, we lose people to talk with and communicate about our bereavement process.

The traditional Swedish massage is perfect if you’re in the early grief stages because it’s a unique and gentle massage for people in the first days, weeks and months following bereavement.


Safety & Comfort

The Swedish massage to heal your grief creates a safe and comfortable space. It’s a place where we address the physical symptoms of the stress of grieving through slow, gentle massage techniques. Then these provide you with respite from the chaos of the world you probably don’t feel able to operate within. Relax and be you without fear of recrimination, while not being alone. And if that means that you have conversations with your massage therapist about the most banal of subjects, then we’re happy with that too. Likewise, you can chat through your most private thoughts in a private and confidential setting.


What does Swedish massage for grief do?

First, let’s tell you what it doesn’t do. Grief massage doesn’t focus on addressing problem areas. You can chat to your empathetic therapist, but they are not there for counselling purposes. This is your time to choose how you use it.

The Swedish massage for grief creates a safe, no pressure space for you to be where you can welcome your grief while we care for your body. You’ll have no expectations placed on you and you won’t be judged for letting down the walls you have built to protect yourself.

Whilst you’ll feel no pressure after the massage to “feel better”, moreover, the focus of this time is to offer you a haven. We want you to rest along with your broken heart through compassionate touch from an experienced and qualified massage therapist.

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Who the traditional Swedish massage may help with bereavement include:
*If you have recently suffered a loss
*Experiencing renewed grief of anniversaries or other significant dates/holidays, etc.,
*Need some comfort when everyone else moves on and you feel you’re left behind
*If you’re mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted from the stress of grieving
*Need a reprieve from the world

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How does a Swedish massage help me deal with bereavement?

The Swedish massage is a light massage therapy which is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in your blood, decreasing toxins which sit within your muscle whilst improving your circulation and flexibility. This is particularly when you’ve been less mobile than you normally would be if you weren’t suffering with grief. This is how a traditional Swedish massage eases tension.



What are the benefits of Swedish massage?

If you’re dealing with a bereavement, then the list below will give you an idea of how Swedish massage can help with some side effects.

Eases back pain/ muscular tension
Improves alertness and clears that ‘fogginess’
Reduces headaches
Magnifies overall relaxation through improved blood & oxygen supply
Boosts your immune functioning
Relieves physical and mental stress/ tension
Relaxes your body and mind and helps you be happy
Reduction in symptoms of not moving so much e.g. knee arthritis
Lowers blood pressure and fibromyalgia symptoms
Scales down anxiety, depression, and severity of headaches

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What does Swedish full body massage include?

It depends how long you decide to book in for, but within an hour, your Swedish massage will include at least one of the following body areas:
Back (neck, shoulders, and lower back)
Calves and Feet (below the knee)
Arms and Hands
Face and Scalp

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If you’d like a full body Swedish massage, then we can include all of the areas listed above. But please be aware that you may need to book in longer than an hour’s session so that your therapist has the time to complete a quality massage. Don’t forget that this massage therapy is about you, so please let us know if you have a particular problem area. In that instance, we may recommend a deep tissue massage (see below).



​If you’d prefer to remain clothed during this relaxing treatment, then we’ll work with stretches and incorporate your head and shoulders into the session. Should you decide to go with this option, please ensure you’re wearing loose clothing.

You’ll be bolstered as necessary throughout to make sure you’re feeling comfortable, and of course if you do decide to have the Swedish massage your modesty will be protected at all times with towels.



What is the difference between Swedish massage and Deep Tissue?

Swedish massage uses long relaxing strokes where the pressure is gentle to firm depending on your needs because a deep tissue massage by contrast uses intensive pressure to break down muscles so they can reform.

Does a Swedish massage hurt?

As we’ve discussed above, you’re more likely to experience pain during a deep tissue massage. A Swedish uses a lighter pressure which is aimed at improving your blood and lymph flow rather than breaking down tight muscles.

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