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Fully Body Stretch Massage Therapy

What is full body stretching massage therapy?

The full body stretching massage therapy is a therapeutic fully clothed massage which we’ve designed to be the best possible fusion of Eastern and Western concepts.

It is a gentle type of full body massage which we’ve developed using the techniques of a total body stretch to ease out tension in the tissue and fascia under-layers of our skin to improve flexibility, ease pain and help you relax.

With this method we approach active body work with the aim of offering a modern, effective treatment based on stretches, with clothes on, and without using massage oil.

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full body stretching massage

Questions & Answers


What are the health benefits of Full body stretching massage therapy

There are many health benefits of this total body stretch:
*Lowers stress
*Boosts energy
*Relieves headaches and softens tight muscles
*Stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins
*Improves dynamic range of motion while lengthening muscles
*Prevents injuries when exercising and decreases muscle soreness

This kind of stretch therapy is also a wonderful way to remove tension from connected areas of your body. Read more about surprising benefits of lower back pain.


Who is the muscle stretch massage for?

*Anyone who doesn’t want to remove their clothes
*If you are just prior to competing a big athletic event and don’t want to damage your muscles via a traditional massage
*Post exerting yourself in sports if your muscles are too sore to be massaged with oil and pressure
*If you suffer from chronic tension headaches


Is it actually a traditional massage if there’s no oil and I keep my clothes on?

Kind of. In the same way that Thai massage performs a sequence of stretches out your muscles, this works in the same way.

full body stretching massage

What should I expect during my full body stretching massage therapy?

Think about this as a stretch lab, or assisted yoga. We’ll be rearranging your body into different stretches that will always be within your limits, but that will be strong enough to leave your body feeling better at the end of your session.

If you have a particular area of your body which you’d like to be isolated, we can look at that and pay particular attention to loosening up the muscles in this area. However, it is important to note that due to the different areas of our body being interconnected, to have maximum effect we should cover your entire body during your session.

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I’m an athlete, how often should I get a body movement therapy?

In an ideal world we should be stretching daily in order to remain flexible. That doesn’t mean you need this massage that often, it is the booster that you can incorporate in to what you are already doing. So, you know your body and if you’re doing enough already. If you’re not, we’re here.

What we recommend after all of our sessions is that you listen to your body. It will tell you when is the right time to come again.

As a broad brush approach, we have found over the years that if you come weekly at first this is often enough for us to be able to make an impact into the problems that you’re facing. Once we’ve got you mobilised and your problem under control, it’s down to you to work out what will work best for your maintenance. Only you knows how you feel.


Is the full body stretching massage painful?

Firstly, let’s be clear. This isn’t a deep tissue massage that breaks down your muscles. We’re concentrating on lengthening them during this process. However, we’re performing it with a view to leaving you with lasting benefits so that can mean there are elements that are uncomfortable.

This isn’t the same as pain though which is that horrid, sharp feeling of bone grinding against bone.

Man stretching out woman on floor during Full body stretch clothed massage therapy
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Is full body stretching massage therapy for everyone? 

If you have the following conditions, it’s best to speak to your doctor before coming along for your session:
*high blood pressure
*heart disease
*neurological diseases that affect the spinal cord
*coronary artery disease
However, it’s also important to note that Essential Feeling are trained, professional massage therapist and we understand how to adjust our pressure and intensity to suit your needs if you tell us about them in advance, or even during your session if you feel something you’re not expecting.

If you have cancer, are pregnant or are in recovery following surgery, there are better therapies that we can offer you. We wouldn’t recommend this as being right for you.

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What should I wear for my Full body stretching massage therapy?

Wear loose clothing, something that you can move around easily in. Leggings or fitness clothes are great.


Can you do this on a chair?

Perhaps. It depends what we need to work on with you. We treat all our clients with a personal service, so if your problem is mainly in your shoulders and neck, we may be able to help you best with you on a chair. Alternatively working on the massage table may give you better results.


Shall I eat before I come for my Full body stretch massage?

If you can avoid eating before you come along that would be ideal.


Should I stretch before I come for my treatment?

It’s not needed, we’ll cover all of this off during your session.


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