In the heart of Romford, Essex, Essential Feeling stands as a beacon of hope for those navigating the lingering effects of Long COVID. At the forefront of pioneering research, the first of its kind, explores the transformative effects of Deep Tissue Massage (DTM) on the respiratory system, holding promise for individuals grappling with tight chests and diminished lung capacity post-illness.

Unlocking the Respiratory Revolution: Insights from Our Research

In the aftermath of Long COVID, the respiratory system can bear the brunt of lingering challenges. Essential Feeling’s access to a recent study unveils compelling evidence that a single session of deep tissue massage, particularly within the chest area, can serve as a catalyst for respiratory resurgence.

Key Revelations from The Research

1. Chest Expandability Amplified:

The study showcases a significant increase in chest expandability, offering a solution if you’re grappling with post-COVID tightness and discomfort.

2. Vital Capacity Boost

The observed elevation in vital capacity (VC) in the experimental group points towards DTM’s potential to positively influence lung capacity, crucial for those dealing with respiratory issues.

3. Saturation Improvements

Immediate post-procedure results in the study group demonstrated a notable increase in saturation, hinting at potential benefits for blood oxygen levels, crucial for those overcoming respiratory challenges.

Linking Research to Long COVID Recovery

These findings gain particular significance in the context of Long COVID, where individuals often grapple with tight chests, reduced lung function, and lingering respiratory distress. The ability of good deep tissue massage by an experienced and trustworthy therapist enhances chest expandability and vital capacity. Good deep tissue massage holds promise for individuals seeking relief from persistent respiratory symptoms.

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Why Essential Feeling in Romford, Essex for Long COVID Recovery?

1. Extended Operating Hours

Our skilled therapists are available seven days a week from 7 am to 10 pm, offering flexibility for those managing the uncertainties of Long COVID recovery. We can also tie this in with our health tests if you have lingering concerns about what is happening in your body.

2. Convenient Location

Essential Feeling provides free off-street parking, ensuring a stress-free visit for those seeking relief from post-COVID respiratory challenges.

3. Last-Minute Availability

Life is unpredictable, and recovery is a journey with its own timeline. Benefit from our flexible scheduling; last-minute appointments are often available for those navigating the ups and downs of recovery.

4. Rave Reviews

Clients praise the excellence of our services, highlighting the expertise and effectiveness of our therapists. Check out the testimonials on Google for firsthand experiences.

5. Easy Online Booking and Texting

Booking your session is simple with our user-friendly online platform. Text us at 07757 946023 to secure your spot for a revitalising deep tissue massage tailored to Long COVID recovery.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Long COVID Warriors

In conclusion, Essential Feeling invites Long COVID warriors to embrace a journey of respiratory resurgence. Whether seeking relief from chest tightness, enhanced lung function, or simply a moment of rejuvenation, our Romford sanctuary awaits.

Unlock the secrets of deep tissue massage for Long COVID recovery—book your session with Essential Feeling today. Your path to respiratory resurgence begins at []( or by texting us at 07757 946023. Breathe easier, recover stronger, right here in Romford, Essex.