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I need to improve my sleep will your natural insomnia treatments work?

Desperate to improve your sleep but don’t know how? Read on for some hints and tips and to find out how we can help you improve your sleep with our treatment which is specifically designed to improve your sleep by not only relaxing your body, but also your mind to give you the best natural sleep.

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Questions & Answers


What causes poor sleep quality?

Did you know that one in three people experience some kind of insomnia or sleep problems?

If you don’t sleep well, it can affect your mental and physical health. Your energy is down and with it your productivity. Throw in an emotional balance that is then off and we suddenly find ourselves comfort eating, gaining weight, and so the cycle continues.

That’s why it’s important to improve the quality of your sleep so you’re getting the maximum amount of quality sleep a night.

Did you know that the minimum your body needs is between 6 and 8 hours of good sleep per night in order to fix itself? That’s difficult when we have busy lives.

Our daily routine is often a good place to improve our sleep at night.


How can an insomnia massage help all of this?

There’s a point we need to cover off first. If you read up on massage, and its benefits, you’ll see that any kind of massage already improves many of the above negatives that come from lack of sleep.

But, this is a secondary point to the main improvement is actually that massage can improve your sleep. This is either as a one off, come once and just get that good night’s sleep you’ve been craving. Or as part of a course of regular treatments where we break the habit of non-sleep.

Research shows that regular massage sessions decrease depression and anxiety. How? Because it triggers your body to release serotonin which is a neurotransmitter that helps you feel calm. Once we’re calm, it’s way easier for us to drift off to a blissful sleep.

On top of that, Aleksandrowicz notes that the pressure applied during a massage triggers our body to produce melatonin (incidentally this is why massage also includes skin tone and elasticity). Melatonin is the sleep inducing hormone that increases when it’s dark so that Maciejewska claims an hour’s massage provides your body with the same benefits as having a power nap giving us a more healthy sleep.

Massage also relieves pain, stiff joints that wake us and leave us uncomfortable during the night, so we lie awake tossing and turning. Once a massage has eased out this physical tension, our emotional side can relax. And we end up with a massage which has improve your sleep.


What does an insomnia massage include?

We can work this around you. If you have too many thoughts racing through your head, then we can give or include a head massage. If your problem is that you’re uncomfortable then we’ll work the joints that are causing your issues.

Essentially though, there are certain areas that given no instruction, we’ll gently open your meridians via a soothing foot massage to begin your process of relaxation. A foot massage can be a sedative, knocking us out to sleep there and then.

This will move seamlessly into reflexology where we will work with particular pressure points to balance your sleep hormones and encourage the best natural sleep.

After this, you’ll enjoy a tranquil back, neck and shoulder massage which will aim to release chronic stress, which is one of the principal causes of depleted serotonin which affects our ability to sleep soundly. We’ll provide gentle stimulation of your hands in a calming technique to reassure you if you’re anxious.

We’ll work with several relaxing techniques to release tension in your hips, unlock your lower back and gently rotate your spine so that once you fall asleep, you can stay that way. Finally, you’ll finish with a wonderfully relaxing head, scalp and face massage so soothe away every last remnant of tension which may be preventing a good night’s sleep.

We may also include some use of acupressure points to promote deep healing and better sleep.


What are the effects of poor sleep on our health?

*poor mood
*inability to concentrate and memory loss
*headaches and fuzzy head
*overall brain and heart health can be affected
*immune system struggles
*loss of creativity
*we lack energy
*issues with managing weight
*increased risk of substance abuse
*higher risk of long term disease because our body doesn’t have time to fix itself during our down time


Benefits of insomnia massage

*Reduced pain and discomfort
*Decreases anxiety setting the mood for a peaceful night’s sleep
*Deepens relaxation prolonging and deepening sleep

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What kind of pressure do you use in the insomnia massage?

Usually we’ll use a lighter touch and long, gliding strokes up and down your back for the insomnia massage but as always, we can adapt this to suit you. Some people prefer their muscles worked, this is how they relax while other clients can’t think of anything worse. You tell us your preference and we’ll work around you.


How can I improve the quality of my sleep?

One simple tip we always give our clients is that good sleep habits can improve your sleep so try to keep to a consistent regular cycle. Over time this sleep routine will become the norm for you as your body adapts to this routine and the quality of your sleep is enhanced.

Think about when we go on holiday, it only takes us a few days to adapt to a new time zone and thus bedtime. By not sleeping in, even on weekends, and by going to bed at a standard time each night, our body learns that it needs to switch off, we become tired and in only a short time we enjoy better sleep.

At Essential Feeling we’re big believers in meditation. This helps your body forget about all the hassle of the day and transition from active to passive. If you’d like to include meditation as part of your session, then let us know.

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How can I increase my sleep? Steps to improve your sleep


We’re programmed to wake when it’s light, so watch your sleep environment and the amount of light in your bedroom because sleep may be affected by this. Particularly blue light from electronics if you want to sleep better at night.

One of the practical ways to improve your sleep is to wear a sleep mask, others buy blackout curtains. And others just turn off their electrics before hitting the sack. However, you can improve your exposure to light is down to you and your situation, but think hard about it if you want to improve your sleep and learn how you can improve your environment because this makes a vast difference.




How long does the session last?

In just one and a half hours we can improve your sleep and give you natural insomnia treatments. Please be aware though that while this is a short-term fix, a longer solution to your problem will require weekly sessions of 1 hour.



Specialist music can help sleep. This is wonderful to play in the background while you have your ‘improve your sleep’ massage therapy. But, you may also want to try putting this on in the background while you drift off to sleep.

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How do you fall asleep in five minutes?

Have the insomnia massage then take yourself off home and go straight to bed.
It’s always best to prepare for your appointment in advance, and to book the latest appointment we have available so that this is feasible.

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