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Karen Botha MAR reflexologist at Essential Feeling Gidea Park, Romford who specialises in fertility

Let’s beat insomnia with the reflexology sleep aid

If you’re looking to beat insomnia with a natural sleep aid, then reflexology is great. A purely natural support which aids sleep, no matter what time of day you have your session.

For sure, if you have a treatment late at night you’ll feel sleepy and be more inclined to fall into a restful sleep. But it doesn’t matter.

Reflexology works as a sleep aid regardless of the time of day you’ve had your session. The effects of reflexology build up over time so that eventually you never remember having suffered with insomnia.

And what’s great is that there are no trips to the doctor involved, and no drugs. In fact, there is no formal medical intervention.

And reflexology sleep aid is safe.

All we’re doing is adapting how your body deals with stimuli so that with sleep time, your body can produce the natural hormone balance to induce peaceful sleep

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Karen Botha MAR

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Questions & Answers


How does this reflexology sleep aid work?

We balance your body by using pressure points in your feet. By so doing, we bring about a state of homeostasis which is a natural balance.

This means that your system then works optimally and can prescribe what it needs to best support your health. Including sleeping well when you head to bed.

You’ll see from this website we work with balancing hormones to improve natural fertility. We use the same reflexology techniques in this natural sleep aid so that your body produces the right levels of e.g. tryptophan, serotonin and melatonin to induce a restful night’s sleep.

There is no additional remedy to buy, we won’t push you into buying sedative add-ons like Valerian or chamomile. We’re not about to prescribe over-the-counter supplements.

We rely on the skill of our experienced reflexologist to bring about effective sleep.


How do treatments work?

It depends why you are coming. If you have a big event coming up, then you can have a few sessions beforehand or even just one on the day before D day.

Remember, the more treatments you have, the better the effects.

If you’re looking to improve your sleep longer term, then we need to put down a treatment plan.

Like any other reflexology session, you come when you can fit in sessions. Ideally twice a week for a few weeks, knocking it back to once a week, and then we work like that to your schedule as your sleep improves. You’ll notice that you have less difficulty with sleeping straight away, but the reason you need frequent sessions to start with is that until the effects of reflexology take hold, the effects will wane.

It takes time to improve your sleep for the longer term.


What experience do you have working with children’s sleep problems?

We regularly work with children and realigning sleep problems. The sessions work exactly the same way with children as they do with adults, although our approach may differ. Again, every session and every client is unique and our approach will always work towards giving you the best approach for your insomnia cure.


Who is the reflexology sleep aid suitable for?

Anyone. Literally. Anyone. Here’s a few.

*Anyone under stress and suffering with anxiety
*Children unable to get into a routine
*Chaotic schedules meaning you’re working on different time-zones
*People kept awake by tummy troubles from dietary issues
*Mothers needing to snatch a few hours of quality sleep rather than sleeping more hours
*Someone needs an enjoyable sleep before an enormous event without medicine

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Why do you balance hormones as an insomnia treatment?

When we talk about hormones, people think about women going crazy at a time of the month. But, we all have hormones, they’re the chemical messenger that carries instruction from our brain on how the rest of our body should relax. Including other parts of our brain.

Therefore drugs affect our hormone balance. It’s why people suffering with depression enjoy hormonal realignment and why we can give sleep therapy through hormones. If our body doesn’t send out the message that it’s time to take our foot off the gas and rest, then no amount of supplemental products will treat insomnia.

We take it back to to the root cause and then your body regulates again. Like pressing a reset button. The trains start to run back on schedule! And how reflexology can treat hormonal disorders such as underlying sleep patterns.




What will happen in the session?

Again, this depends on you and what you need. There is often a cause of your inability to sleep over and above cognitive learned behaviour. We may try to sort this out through chatting during your reflexology. This ability to speak openly can often help lift the load on your life.

Maybe you are just so busy that this alone time is prescription enough. We’ll stay quiet and your session will rely on treating your relaxation as much as your hormone balance.


How will I feel during my treatment?

It depends on how we’re working you. The chances are you’ll feel drowsy during your session and during your first few this may last for the rest of the day. Over time this will clear and you’ll feel refreshed. You’ll still sleep well though.

Some clients mention that particular areas may be more sensitive. For instance, if you have a lot going on in your head then your toes may be more tender. This is normal and you’ll find that as time passes and we make inroads into your symptoms, you’ll also get relief from this sensitivity too.


What are the risk factors?

Reflexology is a natural safe approach to curing insomnia. You should always be careful driving after your session if you feel drowsy, but this period won’t last long. This isn’t something that will debilitate you for the rest of the day. Particularly after time.
As alcohol is a stimulant and also a toxin we’d recommend not drinking after a session. But we work within your life. And if you drink, that’s fine. The sessions will just take longer to be as effective as if you were implementing 100% healthy habits.

We understand that life is for living.

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