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Karen Botha MAR reflexologist at Essential Feeling Gidea Park, Romford who specialises in fertility

What is foot reflexology massage?

Foot reflexology massage is the same as reflexology except that it only uses pressure points on the foot rather the face or hands, ears etc.

Your therapists will use these acupressure points in relation to balancing organs and the systems in your body, and by using these during your foot massage we aim to ease any blockages of energy that are preventing your system from running optimally.

By doing this, we restore homoeostasis which means, in theory, that you’re all balanced and everything functions a lot better. Obviously, depending on how long you have been experiencing the symptoms or issues that we’re working with will depend on how many reflexology sessions you require. One of the first things to improve is your relaxation and ability to sleep.

Karen Botha MAR

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What is the effect of foot reflexology massage?

There are many health benefits to reflexology, you can read some of the research that has been conducted on it here.
However, generally speaking it’s great for relaxing, inducing fabulous sleep and balancing hormones and cancelling out the effects of stress.
All of this leads to a greater feeling of wellbeing.


Are hand and foot reflexology the same things?

Yes, in that they both use acupressure points and the map is broadly the same. However, one uses site on your feet, and the other on your hand.

We do both, foot reflexology and hand reflexology at Essential Feeling. If you’d like to book hand reflexology all you need to do is let us know when you complete your consultation form.


I’ve heard people talk about the big toe with foot reflexology, what is that?

Each place on your foot relate to different areas. There are different spots in the big toe which relate to different areas of your brain, face, head and neck.

This is why people sometimes refer to foot reflexology massage as foot reflex zone massage because the pressure points on the foot are in zones which broadly correspond to how your body is laid out. If you’re interested in this, we have more information, including a foot reflexology chart, here.


What will happen in a foot reflexology session?

When you book, you’ll be sent a link to an online consultation form that you’ll need to complete and submit before your appointment. We’ll then discuss this before we start and then your MAR certified reflexologist will use this information to give you the best possible reflexology session and outcome.

Foot reflexology is like a foot massage in that it is therapeutic and relaxing, but we are able to drill down on specific complaints while you relax, fully clothed in a reclining chair. All you’ll need to remove during your session is your socks and shoes.

Sometimes your reflexologist may give you your reflexology foot massage using a Thai reflexology stick to give you a more thorough treatment and really target some specific reflexology points on your foot.

Some places may give you a foot bath in a foot spa prior to your session. It’s not that we can’t do that, but at Essential Feeling we choose not to. We need your hour’s appointment to talk to you and give you the best possible treatment. If we start adding in niceties like a foot soak, we’re just wasting time and then you’ll end up needing more reflexology treatments before you start to see the effects.

You may notice that your MAR reflexologist’s hands become very warm during your healing therapy. Indeed, sometimes they are hot while they are treating you. This is a result of their energy which they are using as part of your session to help to stimulate balance in your system.

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How does reflexology work?

Some people believed that it is a nerve response. They start in your head and run down to your feet, and so messages are delivered throughout your body by putting thumb and/ or finger pressure in certain places. However, this hasn’t been proven.

The other principle that people say is that your therapist works to balance your body by manipulating the fascia that runs throughout our body from head to toe. You can read more about fascia here.


How will I feel after my session?

It’s natural to feel some fatigue following your treatment. This will usually result in a great night’s sleep. The next day you’ll more than likely feel on top of the world.

Please note.
One thing we would like to note is that some people refer to reflexology as an alternative medicine. This scares the life out of us at Essential Feeling. As it does with every therapy that we offer. This is because we think of it as being complementary. We often work with medical experts to ensure that between us you receive the best holistic therapy and we would urge you to never replace traditional medicine with any kind of natural healing. There is a place for both.

Foot map showing some of the main reflexology points in different colours
reflexology romford

I’d like a relaxing foot massage though, is this for me?

Sure it is. Tell us that’s what you want on your consultation form and when we first meet with you and that’s what you’ll get. Our clients who ask for this type of reflexology treatment very often fall asleep and wake feeling refreshed and soothed.




Does this foot massage include a leg massage too?

Depending on how long you book, we can include a foot massage, a leg massage, specific work on certain reflexology zones and so on. As with all of our complementary treatments at Essential Feeling, we can customise it around your needs. That’s never an issue, in fact we enjoy doing it. But you’ll need to book a session which last 90 minutes or 2 hours so that we have enough time to include this within your session.


Are reflexology and massage therapy the same thing?

We’d say they’re interlinked. Massage uses acupressure to relieve knots (trigger point therapy) and aid some health conditions but it is not the principal focus. Reflexology in contrast, whether this be on your hand, foot or wherever, mainly focuses on these to bring about change in the rest of your body.

One main similarity at Essential Feeling though is that your reflexologist will include a combination of different techniques in order to give you the best possible results. That’s why it’s important for us to learn as much about you and your lifestyle as we can during your consultation and beyond.


Do you still use the ancient Chinese art to give me my reflexology?

Reflexology started pretty simultaneously in the West and in the East. Both have their own traditional techniques which have merged over time, but still maintain some differences. For instance, the fertility areas in western reflexology are in one place, while the Chinese technique concentrates on massages application in the centre of the heel. At Essential Feeling, we are using holistic therapy for the purposes of healing as often as possible, and so we may, from time to time, combine the two.

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