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Mr. Adam Sierakowski Recommends Our Premier Aftercare Services

We are absolutely delighted to have the esteemed Mr. Adam Sierakowski as a trusted partner in recommending his patients to us for their aftercare needs. With a wealth of experience in the fields of both cosmetic and reconstructive plastics, Mr. Sierakowski brings a level of expertise and commitment that truly sets him apart.

As a full member of BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), Mr. Adam Sierakowski exemplifies a dedication to providing exceptional care to his patients. From the moment you step into his practice for your first consultation to your final check-up, Mr. Sierakowski is unwavering in his attentiveness. He takes the time to truly understand your motivations and desires, ensuring that you embark on the best path to achieve your desired results.

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Transparency and care

Before any surgical procedure, Mr. Sierakowski takes great care in explaining every aspect, from the procedure itself to the expected outcomes and potential risks. He creates a comfortable and supportive environment where patients can openly discuss their concerns and make informed decisions about their options. Mr. Sierakowski firmly believes in the transformative power of cosmetic and plastic surgery, empowering individuals to lead confident, happy lives.

Highly qualified

Mr. Sierakowski’s journey in the field of plastic surgery is marked by remarkable achievements. He graduated from King’s College London in 2003 and embarked on specialized training in Plastic Surgery in 2007. Over the next eight years, he honed his skills in some of London’s most prestigious Plastic Surgery Units, including the world-renowned St. Andrew’s Centre for Plastic Surgery and Burns at Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford. His dedication culminated in the prestigious accreditation in Plastic Surgery by the Royal College of Surgeons, FRCS(Plast).

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Seamless Transition: Trust Essential Feeling for Aftercare Excellence Post-Mr Sierakowski Surgery

Specialising in cosmetic surgery in Essex, Mr. Sierakowski has a particular focus on body-contouring and breast surgery, including breast enlargement, breast uplift, and breast reduction procedures.

Body contouring surgeries, such as abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), brachioplasty (upper arm lifts), and thigh reduction surgery, are designed to enhance the body’s profile and silhouette by removing excess skin and fat. Additionally, Mr. Adam Sierakowski offers liposuction to target areas like the thighs, waist, hips, and abdomen.

We will always start your post surgery therapy with MLD (Manual lymphatic drainage massage) which is a light and gentle touch which pumps the lymphatic system within the skin structure. You won’t feel any pain, just relief that the pressure that has been building following the swelling from your surgery is now clearing naturally. Please speak to Mr. Sierakowski regarding when you can start your therapy as everyone’s process is slightly different. And we will take over from there.

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Post Operative Aftercare Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Unparalleled Tailored Expertise at Every Stage

Mr. Sierakowski’s commitment to excellence is further exemplified by his achievement of the new Royal College of Surgeons Certification in Cosmetic Surgery. This prestigious recognition is only bestowed upon surgeons with the requisite training and experience in delivering high-quality cosmetic surgery..



Pioneering Excellence: Mr. Sierakowski's Exceptional Expertise in Hand Surgery

Beyond cosmetic surgery, Mr. Sierakowski is a recognised specialist in hand surgery, holding both British and European Diplomas in Hand Surgery—an exceptional distinction.

These qualifications underscore his exceptional skills and the trust placed in him by industry regulators and boards.


Beyond cosmetic surgery

Beyond cosmetic surgery, Mr. Sierakowski is a recognized specialist in hand surgery, holding both British and European Diplomas in Hand Surgery—an exceptional distinction. These qualifications underscore his exceptional skills and the trust placed in him by industry regulators and boards.

Mr. Sierakowski’s expertise extends to reconstructive microsurgery, where he incorporates the latest techniques to care for both NHS and private patients in the UK. Additionally, he offers dermo cosmetic surgeries, including mole removal and split ear lobe repair.

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We have tailored packages based on the clinical recommendations of Essex Plastic Surgery. Mr. Adam Sierakowski’s dedication to his patients and his outstanding expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive plastics make him an invaluable partner in our commitment to providing top-tier aftercare services. We are proud to collaborate with Mr. Sierakowski, and his recommendation reflects the trust and confidence he inspires in the field.

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