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Essential Feeling: Partnering with Dr. Fateh Ahmad

for Superior Post-Surgical Aftercare and Natural Cosmetic Surgery

At Essential Feeling, we understand that the journey to a renewed self doesn’t end with surgery. Dr. Fateh Ahmad, Natural Cosmetic Surgery, a renowned plastic surgeon renowned for his dedication to natural-looking results, shares this vision. That’s why he entrusts his patients to our expert care for specialized post-surgical aftercare, including the crucial practice of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).

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Dr. Fateh Ahmad Natural Cosmetic Surgery: A Pillar of Expertise and Trust

Dr. Ahmad, a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons and a member of prestigious organizations like BAAPS and BAPRAS, brings unparalleled expertise and experience to the field. His commitment to excellence extends beyond the operating room. He recognizes the significance of comprehensive aftercare in achieving optimal healing and ensuring his patients’ well-being.

Why Essential Feeling for MLD after Dr. Ahmad's Procedures?

Our team at Essential Feeling, led by highly qualified and experienced therapists, offers the perfect complement to Dr. Ahmad’s meticulous surgical artistry. We specialize in personalized MLD treatments, tailored to each patient’s unique needs and recovery journey. MLD, a gentle massage technique, stimulates the lymphatic system to drain excess fluid and reduce swelling, promoting faster healing, minimized scarring, and a smoother, more natural-looking outcome.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Beyond MLD: A Holistic Approach to Aftercare

We believe in a holistic approach to post-surgical care, offering a range of therapeutic services alongside MLD, including:

  • Compression garment fitting and guidance: Ensuring proper garment wear optimises lymphatic drainage and supports healing.
  • Scar therapy: We use advanced techniques to promote scar minimisation and improve appearance.
  • Nutritional and lifestyle coaching: We guide you on optimal nutrition and wellness practices to enhance your recovery.
  • Emotional support and guidance: Our compassionate team is here to address any concerns and ensure your emotional well-being.
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Fateh Ahmed leading plastic surgeon in Essex
Post Operative Aftercare Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Unparalleled Tailored Expertise at Every Stage

Trusted by Dr. Ahmad, Trusted by You

Dr. Ahmad’s confidence in Essential Feeling speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. He invited us to speak at his international conference for plastic surgeons in September 2023, a testament to our expertise in post-surgical care. By choosing Essential Feeling as your aftercare partner, you can be confident that you’re receiving the highest quality care, aligned with Dr. Ahmad’s vision for optimal outcomes and your complete well-being.


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