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When you’ve had a vaser liposuction treatment, whether that be with Dr Mike Comins at his Hans Place practice, or elsewhere, you need post surgery aftercare treatments. These not only secure you the most amazing results possible (as you’d expect from the team at Hans Place Clinic) but also your ongoing wellness as you recover. We’ll discuss more about this later.

The post lipo aftercare procedure comes as MLD (manual lymphatic drainage massage). And this is what we’re specialists in at Essential Feeling.

Operating out of our treatment rooms in Romford and in Central London near Harley Street, we’re easily accessible to Dr Mike Comins’ patients, both in Central London and those on the borders of East London and Essex.

Karen & Charlie Botha

Your post lipo aftercare specialists

post lipo after care

Questions & Answers


What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

When you’ve had an invasive medical surgery such as (but not limited to) liposuction, no matter how professional, how experienced and how highly trained your surgeon is, your body undergoes trauma. Its natural response to this is to send fluid to the area. This acts as an extremely effective cushion to protect your damaged tissue. But it also is the fluid that the body uses for all the good, helpful, providers of healing to swim to the site that needs repair.

The problem is, that whilst this is all great, your body has undergone such sudden trauma. And of impressive effect. So, whilst you need this initial influx of fluid which we know as swelling, it also can be counter-productive if left alone.

Movement and water

Our lymphatic system predominantly operates through movement. And we’re not doing much post surgery. And water, which if we’re honest, very few of us drink enough of. Ao, you may have had surgery performed by an advanced doctor who has listened to your needs and used his wonderful specialist technique to contour your body. But he will have recommended MLD massage as part of your after care for absolutely the best results.

MLD moves fluid, stops stagnation and improves the clinical results. It keeps you healthy by preventing infection, which incidentally, if left alone, will also cause additional scarring. And it also gives you the smoothest finish without lumps and hardening of the fat cells under the skin.

Yep, you got it.

Surgeons agree. The process you follow in the weeks and months after you walk out of the liposuction clinic following surgical procedures is critical to your positive outcome.


Why do you work with Dr Mike Comins at Hans Place?

We have seen horror stories over the ten years we’ve been helping our clients recover from surgery. These range from clients going in for lipo on their thighs or flanks and having the fat injected into their arms. And then in fact getting out of surgery to find the reverse had been done, down to acute infection with no after care advice provided.

Dr Mike Comins, one of the best, in 10 years!

There is none of that with the work we have seen from Dr Mike Comins at Hans Place Practice, Knightsbridge. We have worked on several patients over time and his expertise has stood out as one of the best we have seen. His work is excellent, with very limited swelling considering the level of invasion involved in the aesthetic procedures. And the service that he gives to his patients is not only welcoming but also standout in this medicine field.

We also know from what our clients tell us that his consultation is effective. He will listen to what his patients aim to achieve from their aesthetic surgery and he will use his 20+ years experience to help them select the best services for them.

Follow up care

Once you have decided to have your plastic surgery, and the day has come and gone, he won’t leave you. His follow up care is second to none, with regular meets to focus on your healing. He will continue to answer your questions.

Be in no doubt, he will recommend MLD and if you don’t have it, he will make no bones about explaining to you why your outcomes are not aligned with your expectations.

The same with wearing your compression garment. But, don’t we want this honesty from someone we have trusted with our appearance and the first impression we create with every stranger we pass? For us, this is a sign of someone who really cares about his results, his patients and his reputation.

Approachable team

His team on reception and admin are friendly, and Shazia is also efficient. This is as important as the surgery.Imagine how you’d feel if you’d paid thousands for a service and when you called up they made you feel insignificant. Or you had to wait for an age for the phone to be answered when you had a concern. These small things ease your path to a better journey. And these are the people and clinics that we want to associate our hard build name with.

manual lymphatic drainage

What happens during an MLD, does it hurt?
MLD has no pain, but is all about the gain

The potential pain is most offputting to most clients when they book a manual lymphatic drainage massage with us. They hear massage and assume this we use deep pressure.

We don’t.

Your lymphatic system is really delicate. And it sits just under the surface of your skin. So whilst this is to improve your aesthetic finish and smooth out any stubborn areas where fat is hardening into lumps and clumps. We don’t use a hard pressure.

So if we use any kind of actual pressure, then we hinder your healing.

An effective MLD massage should be a light pumping motion. Kind of like stretching your skin with a little more work on the nodes which are the drainage points. This doesn’t hurt, nor is it even really uncomfortable. Even on clients who have been advised to come to us the day after their surgery. It is totally safe. And many’s feedback, even though this is about your health, is that it’s relaxing because it stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system. And what’s better is that once you are laid down, we don’t need to move you around.

If you’d like to book the red light therapy, then you can do this at each session (London). 

Your lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is the part of your body that acts like a skip for all the junk. It therefore passes around your body from top to toe. We therefore work you from head to toe, regardless of where you’ve had your surgery. Because without doing so, you’ll end up with the junk we moved on from the site of your surgery backed up in another area. So not really helpful.

So, it doesn’t matter if you’ve had work done on your abdomen (tummy), flanks, thighs etc, we’ll still work your face. And if you’ve had your knee done, we’ll still work your underarms and stomach. Sounds crazy, but this is all because the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump in the same way your heart pumps blood, so this is the manual part of the service we are giving you.

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Dr Mike Comins Hans Place Practice Knightsbridge
Post Operative Aftercare Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Bespoke service

Don’t be in any doubt though, you can be confident this isn’t a one size fits all service. We will take action on the areas where we can see you need some extra help. These are the parts that we will focus on, and then we’ll move the fluid into the right places to drain effectively out leaving capacity for your body to repair and rebuild.

post lipo aftercare



How often do I need lymphatic drainage?

Speak to Dr Mike Comins about this as he knows how your body has reacted to the surgery better than anyone. Usually though patients start their treatment a day or so after they have had their cosmetic procedure. And we continue every few days slowing down as your swelling subsides.


It’s realistic to expect to come regularly; every 2 or 3 days at first. Then every week towards the end of your healing. This usually continues from three to six weeks. After that, depending on what you’re told in your follow up consultation, you’ll stop wearing your compression garment. A few weeks later you may need some deep tissue, or myofascial work. This frees up any scar tissue at the site of incision and breaks down any stubborn fatty areas. It’s a process, but we’re with you all the way as we understand your needs. And we’re leading the way in the field of post surgery aftercare.

Confidence in our expertise

We are not only qualified and experienced in adapting our sessions, so you get outstanding results. But we’re also expert enough to know what is normal and when you need to consult with Dr Mike Comins.


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*Text us on 07757 946023 to book an appointment at our Central London near Harley Street location just off Harley St.

*Or get booked in directly at our treatment rooms in Essex via our online booking system.

We have tailored packages based on the clinical recommendations of Doctor Comins and his staff. Then lie back and relax; comfortable knowing that you’re caring for your incredible self in the best possible way.

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