Follow Dr Mike Comins’ aftercare advice and book your MLD now.

We are affiliated with Dr Mike Comins at Hans Place Practice as one of their recommended aftercare providers.

Our commitment to you is that you will not only get the best possible standard of massage, whether this is manual lymphatic drainage, myofascial release or deep tissue; but based on your personal treatment plan we may also use deep oscillation to break down fatty deposits too. So you get two treatments in one session. All included within your price.

Plus, we also have a direct line into Doctor Comins and the rest of the friendly team at the surgery. This means if we or you have any questions or post operative concerns, we can speak direct with the specialists who know you and your care requirements.

We have put together packages based on the Hans Place‘s usual recommendations, but we can flex what we include within the packages based on what is best for you. If you’d like to book the red light therapy, then you can do this at each session (London).

If you are trying to make a booking within 24 hours, or you would prefer a home visit within the Central London area, please call or text us on 07757 946023 when we will be happy to schedule your appointment. Otherwise, feel free to book online.

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