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What is a Swedish full body massage?

A Swedish full body massage is a popular type of massage treatment tailored to your individual needs. In short! We will treat you within the context of your life, looking and taking into consideration the causes of your tension, giving you a Swedish full-body massage treatment that helps you restore your inner balance.

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Questions & Answers


What are the benefits of Swedish full body massage?

There are many benefits to Swedish massage. It eases overall tension & stiffness in muscles (perhaps shoulders or neck from sitting at a desk or driving), poor flexibility and tired muscles following exercise (e.g. tightness from gardening, housework or life!) Emotional tension, anxiety or an over-busy mind, improves sleep pattern, reduces overall stress & anxiety, increases energy levels, mental clarity Improves mobility & flexibility, encourages better circulation and then deeper & more efficient breathing. It also improves skin elasticity, boosts the immune system, balances the digestive system, promotes general relaxation, improves lymph drainage helping to ease conditions such as water retention.


What is the difference between Swedish massage and deep tissue?

We alluded to this earlier. A Swedish massage is one of the best known types of massage, but people don’t always understand the differences between this and the other options. Swedish massage is the most popular with people looking to relax because it is a lighter, more gentle touch than deep tissue which uses a deeper pressure to break down muscle fibres so they can re-heal. Swedish massage is a soothing touch that will help you drift off from reality.


Does a Swedish massage hurt?

There may be some points that are more tender, because this is the nature of tight muscles. However, when people think about a painful massage, they are thinking of a deep tissue. We don’t use deep pressure and elbows during a Swedish massage. We can mix the two therapies if you’d like though, depending on your issues.


What does a Swedish full body massage include?

If you book two hours Swedish massage at Essential Feeling, that gives us time to massage your entire body starting from your head, neck and shoulders. We’ll move down to your back, paying a little more attention to your shoulders which are tight for most people, then down to your lower back and glutes. From there, we’ll work on the back of your legs.

When you turn over, we’ll be able to do a little more work on your calves and your feet and then your quads (front of thighs). Please note, we don’t do your groin because this can be tender and Swedish massage is about relaxing, not deep muscle work. Then we’ll move up to your stomach if you want this. Some people don’t whilst others do. And then we’ll finish with your head and again, if you want it on your face.

As with all our massages at Essential Feeling, we base it around your needs, so if you have an area e.g. head that just doesn’t work for you because you don’t want oil in there, then that’s fine. We’ll adjust around you.

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What is the history of massage?

Classic massage is as old as people. In 460 BC Hippocrates wrote, “The physician must be experienced in many things, but assuredly in rubbing.”

Swedish massage is associated with this era and the best known type of massage. We’ve all seen the historical drama’s showing Roman bathhouses where slaves were used to massage and then the Egyptians came, obsessed with their massage oils. Asian cultures have been pioneers of Ayurveda and energy-based therapies which seek to balance the body.

This is the style of massage that we administer at Essential Feeling today, using touch to break down tension and allow your body to run as it should – a little like a car getting a service.


Is there a consultation process?

Before your first Swedish massage and deep tissue massage services therapy at Essential Feeling, we will require you to complete a comprehensive consultation form to ensure that we give you the best session for your needs and lifestyle. If you have a computer, we’ll email this through to you prior to your session so you can complete it online prior to your appointment.

We will then discuss the contents of your consultation form with you before we start your session and build your therapy around your requirements and lifestyle needs to ensure you get the best viable treatment.


What will happen during my session?

You’ll cover yourself with a soft towel throughout your massage treatment, except the area that we’re working. So for instance, if we’re giving you a back massage then the rest of your body will remain covered. We’ll always maintain your modesty.


What should I do whilst having my massage?

You need not do anything, just lie down, relax and enjoy. If you’re needed to adjust the position at all, your therapist will let you know so there is nothing to worry about. Whilst you’re having your massage, whether this is back massage or full body massage, part of the process means that your body releases toxins. This may mean that your temperature changes so if you feel either too hot or cold then please say. Likewise, if the pressure isn’t as you were expecting, we can adjust this so you mustn’t feel you can’t say; everyone is different so until you say your therapist is just guessing what suits you.


How will I feel after my massage?

You could feel tired but relaxed, you could even feel emotional as everyone is different and it can hit people differently from one time to another. Depending on the pressure that we’ve agreed we’ll use during your massage consultation, you may feel a little bruised for a few days whilst your tissue heals again following your session. However, most people are full of energy after a massage, it’s like rejuvenation.

If you would like to book a massage with Essential Feeling, please follow the online booking form.


Who will do my treatment?

Charlie will do your massage. Here is what our clients say about him in our reviews on Swedish massage:

“I have a couple of full-body massages from Charlton. Apart from being relaxing and alleviating the stresses of life, they have really helped with long-term aches and pains.”

“Highly recommended a great guy and a fantastic service! I have received two full-body massages from Essential Feeling and enjoyed them both very much. I left feeling relaxed, and I have noticed a sustained improvement to longstanding aches and pains.”

“Charlton made me feel totally at ease and provided a professional service in a relaxed setting. I would thoroughly recommend Essential Feeling if you have muscular aches, are feeling stressed or are just feeling indulgent!”

“I’ve had a full body massage and reflexology treatment at Essential Feeling & the services that I received was of an exceptional service that I have not ever received before from any other company that I have used. The staff were very friendly and made me feel at home. Most wonderful experience.”

“Best massage I have had for a long, long time. A full body massage was provided. Very relaxing. Good pressure. Excellent manner – made me feel very comfortable and at ease. The service I received was very professional. The atmosphere was very relaxing, the massage was expertly done, and I left feeling refreshed. One of the best massages I have ever had.”

“Left feeling 100 times more relaxed than when I went in. Full body massage is highly recommended. Aftercare is also very good was given some really useful exercises to do.”

“I have a very stressful job which requires me to work long hours, where I suffer from a lot of shoulder/neck tension as a result of sitting at my desk for long periods of time. I found Essential Feeling extremely helpful, we went through a thorough consultation process at the start, concentrating on troubled spots. I noticed a huge improvement on my first treatment, which is being maintained throughout future sessions I am currently having. One thing I will mention as I do work long hours, Essential Feeling are more than accommodating on timings and would always book me in early mornings or late nights to fit around my schedule. A real pleasure to find such a gem of a company. Thank you.”

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What is the purpose of a massage?

Have you ever rubbed a child’s knee when they’ve fallen? Massage is the same principle. We are highly qualified massage therapists who understands just how much to work your muscles to promote healing.

Swedish massage is a therapeutic massage which breaks down the knots in your muscles to allow your body to work as it should without blockages. When you’re booking the time that you’d like though, it’s work considering that all of your muscles connect so if you just have time for a back massage, this is fine, but your problems may come back quickly as other muscles that are still tight may pull your back out of alignment again.




What massage techniques do you use during my Swedish massage?

Each massage combines soothing effleurage techniques during a Swedish massage. We administer these with a variety of techniques, including stroking and gliding, kneading, rubbing, tapping or pounding and vibration.


What is a massage definition?

This is tricky because as you’ve already seen above, there are many distinct styles of popular massage and each one will differ according to your massage therapists, their certifications and experiences and your particular problems.


Where will I have my treatment?

We’ll have our initial conversation about your treatment plan in our consultation room, after which your therapist will show you in to the softly lit massage therapy room we’ll be using that day. Once in your massage therapy room, you’ll undress to your underwear and lie on the massage couch and cover yourself with the towels which you’ll find at the foot of the bed. You’ll then call your therapist who is waiting outside to let them know that you’re ready and happy for them to enter.

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