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Postnatal reflexology
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Karen Botha MAR reflexologist at Essential Feeling Gidea Park, Romford who specialises in fertility

What is Postnatal Reflexology?

Postnatal reflexology is an extremely gentle and natural way to help you recover from the extraordinary changes that your body has been through after pregnancy. Postnatal reflexology will also give you a much needed opportunity to relax following your pregnancy while giving yourself some much needed care.

Karen Botha MAR

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postnatal reflexology

Questions & Answers


Can I bring baby along?

Yes. While a lot of postpartum mothers choose to leave their baby at home with a trusted friend or relative, we understand that this isn’t always possible. If you do decide to bring along your newborn, you’re more than welcome. We find that they will often fall asleep on your chest during your session, somehow connecting with the peace and tranquility of the treatments. Please always do let us know if you are planning this though so that we can make sure that other clients aren’t disturbed.


What will happen during the postnatal reflexology?

During your postpartum reflexology therapy, you will relax in a reclining chair. You will need to take off your shoes and socks/ stockings. We will keep the foot that isn’t being worked warm by covering it with a soft towel whilst your other foot is being treated. We will then begin assessing your feet visually before gently warming them up.

Then it will be on to the actual post pregnancy treatment.

Your reflexologist, Karen, will work your right foot first, and then your left foot. The emphasis of the treatments plan will depend on your individual needs as every postnatal reflexology is individually tailored. We will rework your particular areas of specialist need before finishing off with a warm down & if you have booked a longer session, a luxury foot and lower leg massage.


What do I do during a postnatal reflexology?

Make yourself comfortable. If your postnatal reflexologist wants you to adjust your position, she will either move you or will ask you to move as necessary.

Many people close their eyes and relax completely during a session; others prefer to talk. It’s up to you. This is your time, whatever feels natural to you is the best way to relax.

Do not hesitate to ask questions, or speak up at any time. For example, during postnatal reflexology your body releases toxins. This process can mean that your temperature can change at any time, so please do say if you become cold. Likewise, if the healing pressure is too light or hard, then please feel free to say as everyone is different.


Postnatal conditions that may benefit from postnatal reflexology after you've given birth:

*Postpartum anxiety
*Recovery following a Caesarean section
*Recovery following an epidural
*Ease breastfeeding discomfort and encourage lactation.
*Postpartum digestive problems
*Haemorrhoids brought on from pregnancy and giving birth
*Encourage the menstrual cycle to return to normal
*Balance pregnancy hormones
*Stimulate uterine contractions to help your figure while easing discomfort
*Acupressure points can assist with urinary incontinence
*Engorged breasts and ease mastitis
*Post maternity constipation
*Backache and hip pain and sciatica
*Feeling emotional
*Stress and anxiety and depression
*Increasing energy levels and help exhaustion
*Postnatal depression

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I had problems with my fertility before getting pregnant/ a difficult labour, am I still okay to have postpartum reflexology?

Yes, in fact at Essential Feeling we work with ladies all the way through from their pre-conception, through their maternity (all trimesters) and then through to their postnatal self care. We adapt your session along the way so that we balance what you need on any one day to ease your recovery and support you with health complaints, both emotionally and physically. Karen, your reflexologist is also a certified counsellor so she’s well used to helping her clients remove stress from their mind as well as their body and help them with relaxation techniques that are important when you’re struggling to deal with being a new mum.


What conditions are not suitable for postnatal reflexology?

Contagious or notifiable diseases. Immediately before or after surgery. Under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor.

Please Note:
Post maternity reflexology is a totally safe and complementary therapy but it does not replace medical treatment. If you are in any doubt at all about whether you should be having a reflexology session as part of your post maternity care, then please consult with your GP prior to booking your appointment.

If you would like to book your postnatal reflexology appointment, please use the online booking form below and then go on to complete your consultation form fully after your order has completed.

Foot map showing some of the main reflexology points in different colours
reflexology romford

How does postnatal reflexology work?

They cite the first 30 to 40 days after giving birth as being the most important for a new mum to care for herself. This is because it’s the point where not only is your usual routine up in the air, along with your hormones and sleep patterns, but your body is also struggling to recover physically from the trauma of giving birth.

There are several health issues that often occur postpartum, but usually the new mum will push these to the side, her sole focus being on her new baby.

However, these issues can have a harmful effect in the long run, and postnatal reflexology, which uses acupressure on your feet (massage pressure points) to balance out some of the effects of being a new mum, can gently help your body heal and avoid some complications.

For example, if you’re suffering with postnatal depression symptoms following your pregnancy and we need to calm your mind and improve your spirit to improve balance, then we may add pressure point HT7 into your routine which is known as the gate of spirit. This point also helps insomnia, panic and nausea.

If you’re having some gynaecological problems following your birth, then we’d be more inclined to work with SP6 on your foot to e.g. balance and soothe the intensity of your uterine contractions and aid your recovery.




Is there a consultation process?

Yes. When you complete your online booking you’ll be directed to confirmation page which will contain a link to a consultation form that you need to complete as soon as possible after your booking so that we have the time to look over this before your appointment.

If you book on the phone, we’ll send you the link in an email.

e’ll send you a consultation form by email to complete before you come along for your postnatal reflexology. This will allow you to go through your medical history and lifestyle as there may be contributory factors such as long working hours, erratic eating patterns and diet, little exercise which may affect your general health and wellbeing. We’ll chat this over before and during your session.


Why would I not be able to have postnatal reflexology?

There are a few illnesses which mean reflexology would not give you the best outcomes. In this instance, we wouldn’t be able to treat you with reflexology, but there are plenty of other therapies that would be more suitable and we can help and advise you in making the best choice.


How will I feel after reflexology?

Most people feel really relaxed after postnatal reflexology and more able to take on the world again. You may experience some aches and pains for around 24 hours after your treatment as the body flushes the toxins that have been released. In order to speed this process along, drink lots of water after reflexology.

However, in relation to your individual reasons for coming, then these will obviously differ. For example, if you’re coming to improve breastfeeding and or lactation then you should find that you have more milk which flows more easily. There is research to support this too, the ladies involved in the study received 6 hours of postpartum reflexology. They experienced a significant difference in not only lactation, but also their appetite, and a reduction in their anxiety and depression scores.

Research also suggests that if you’ve had a Cesarean-section showed a significantly shorter first voiding time compared to the control group.

You’ll also go home with some great tips to help you after your postnatal reflexology session. For example, if you’re struggling to breast feed, we’ll suggest drinking fennel tea as it’s great for increasing your milk supply and soothing your digestion.

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