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How does radio frequency body sculpting work?

As our body ages, it may show more fat deposits despite regular diet and exercise. Our skin could sink and show more cellulite. At Essential Feeling in Romford, Essex, we can use radiofrequency (RF) body sculpting to reduce these signs of aging by sculpting away fat pockets in a non surgical procedure. Or by tightening and plumping skin showing the signs of age.

Karen Botha MAR

Co-Owner & Therapist at Essential Feeling, Romford


Questions & Answers


Risk free

Body sculpting can turn your body into what you’ve been dreaming of. And what’s better is that the procedure is pretty much free of risks. There’s no swelling afterwards, nor any bruising. Because there’s no anaesthesia, no surgery or freezing as there is with coolsculpting or sculpsure. This is one of the few methods of body sculpting where there isn’t any room for complications. We just treat the area with ultrasonic cavitation and then apply heat to predetermined temperatures and that’s it. Your body does the rest. You don’t even need an injection, and these techniques of body sculpting certainly doesn’t involve any incisions.

NB with many of the alternatives whether these be laser or cold techniques, it’s not as easy to target specific areas on your body. The clinician needs to apply an applicator which then sits on your flesh going through a standard cycle. We work freehand, drawing up the area that needs work before you lie down, and then ensure that you reach the desired temperature. That’s why we need to do a proper consultation with you before your session. We’ve written an article on this.


What are my options?

ProMax Lipo radio frequency machine by Lynton’s. This treatment has several portable hand-held devices which we use for specific purposes. Some are suitable for skin tightening whilst others help with fat reduction and body contouring.

We move this over the desired area. When moving the device over the skin, unwanted cells deep in the dermis layer of our skin heat up, causing them to shrink.

At the same time, heat stimulates the production of collagen to firm the skin.

And guess what! This technique shows quick results. But we obtain the best results after six to eight sessions. You’ll ideally have two sessions a week to start with for the first three weeks and then every week after that until the end of your course.


What should I expect?

Before deciding which skin treatment is best for you, you’ll need to have a consultation.

Our skin treatment experts will review the areas you want to treat and discuss your long-term skincare goals. Once this information is collected, we create a personalised treatment plan using the technique that best fits your needs and objectives.

What is this body contouring treatment for?

This sculpting treatment can get rid of:

Reduce loose skin to improve its appearance

Tighten, shape and tone the skin

Increase blood circulation, metabolism and lymphatic drainage

Soft body contours Increase collagen production

Reduce the appearance of cellulite

Reduce the area of fat It can also cause acne scars, fine lines of treatment and wrinkles, cystic acne, stretch marks and uneven skin tone.

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What is RF body sculpting procedures?

This is a non-invasive, non surgical technique that uses heat and RF energy (radio frequency) to shape your body by removing unwanted fat cells in a natural way, without pain. The technology also softens the skin where cellulite or sagging may appear making this method the perfect option for targeted weight reuction if you don’t have the time or inclination to take time off from your busy schedule to recover.

After the fat cells have shrunk, you will see a more desirable, contoured form. The heat used in this skin treatment increases collagen production and gives the skin more firmness.

When your skin contains more collagen, it looks smoother and firmer. Sagging and wrinkles fade.

Scientific treatments using radiofrequency use thermal energy to produce surprising results. Thermal energy is an oscillating electric current that creates collisions between ions and molecules and converts them into heat.

We theorise thermal stimulation of RF to provoke a microinflammatory process that promotes the growth of new collagen, a protein that keeps our skin smooth, firm and supple.

Because of this process, the skin contracts, which softens, tightens and smooths the surface of the skin. By handling skin cooling and supplying radiofrequency energy at precise skin depths, these treatments are highly effective in targeting and then reducing fat pockets.

Thermal stimulation of RF occurs regardless of skin type and is therefore a powerful treatment for patients of all races.

The result? Smooth, Firm and Youthful Skin In addition, cellulite is less obvious and fat cells shrink to enhance your natural beauty.


Does this sculpting treatment help with weightloss?

This sculpting procedure will initially knock off some pounds via nonsurgical fat removal. However, if you continue to eat and follow lifestyle choices that encourage you to gain weight, then you will put on the weight again. It’s important to break the cycle of any bad habits at the same time as your contouring procedure, use it to draw a line in the sand from which to move forward from. Otherwise, eating more calories than you burn will always result in weight gain.


Does this damage muscles?

No, we don’t reach the depth of the muscles with the heat. It stops in the epidermis, so you have no downtime and your safety is never compromised. Some treatments claim to be minimally invasive, this is non invasive. It is safe, approved and used by many an expert including those within the NHS.


Recommendations for best treatment results

Are you ready for high frequency body contouring to achieve your ideal shape?

For best results, follow these tips:

Exercise post treatment, it doesn’t have to be an intense workout. Doing some gentle movement will be effective. Activities immediately after your session will stimulate your lymphatic system which will increase the effectiveness of your session.

Drink two litres of water for at least two days before treatment

No alcohol or caffeinated beverages

Avoid eating two hours before treatment

Do not take hot showers immediately after treatment

Follow a low-carb, low-sugar diet

Promax lipo machine used by Essential Feeling Romford, Essex for fat reduction, BMI, skin tightening RF therapy
radiofrequency skin clinc romford

Where can I have body sculpting procedures?

You can have body sculpting anywhere within reason to get rid of excess fat. But, here are a few places where sculpting treatments work great:

Because this is noninvasive body treatment the double chin is a great candidate as this is a massive job for vaser liposuction to deal with

Contouring can eliminate love handles

Anywhere where you suffer with excess skin, loose, or even wrinkled skin which affect your shape and silhouette (note this isn’t a replacement for a tummy tuck, we can advise on surgeons for this)

Thighs and your abdomen

Target stubborn pockets that the gym and exercise don’t touch

Remove cellulite with ultrasound cavitation

Upper arms




Who is a suitable candidate for radio frequency body sculpting?

There are several prerequisites for identifying the ideal candidate for this treatment.

The most important factor is a healthy and stable weight. They designed RF body contouring to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat. It does not replace diet and exercise for comprehensive weight loss.

Patients with controlled body fat typically get optimal results. These types of bodies see the fastest removal of fat deposits. If you have a larger area of fat, it is probably best to treat it first with vaser liposuction (surgical body sculpting which actually get rid of any body fat) and if this is the case, we will advise you and recommend some fabulous plastic surgeons in London who we have experience of working with. Who we know will get you the best possible results for you and who will care about you after you’ve paid your cash. Just a note on this, although we digress, London treatments are not as expensive as you would expect and where we do a lot of MLD work, we see some horror stories from abroad.

Back to RF therapy, you should also be prepared to undergo multiple sessions, around six depending on your starting point, to ensure that the optimal amount of fat is eliminated.Each session can last anything from ten minutes, to an hour and a half depending on the size and amount of work we need to do.

Age and your health do not have such a great impact on the patient ideal for this skin treatment, although it affects how fast your skin will spring into place. This is because as we age, we naturally produce less collagen, which is why we get sagging and wrinkles. So with less of it, we’re starting from a lower base level to build your reserves back up again. You’ll probably require more sessions than someone younger.

However, in terms of your health, this is a non-invasive, nonsurgical treatment with limited side effects.


Does it hurt?

No. And we’re speaking from experience. We have had this done ourselves. It’s strange when you have the cavitation because this transfers sound into our cells which we can hear whilst no one else around us can.


What is the difference between high frequency body contouring and other treatments?

The fundamental difference between this treatment and traditional vaser liposuction is that this method dissolves fat from within the fat cells and strengthens collagen in the patient’s skin.

The result is a naturally contoured form.

It is also a non-invasive treatment with less risk and less recovery time than liposuction. In fact, there is literally no recovery time because it’s non surgical. and unlike similar treatments such as coolsculpting, we’re not hurting you. You literally have your treatment and leave our clinic to get on with your day. You won’t be tender, you may be a little pink. But other than that, and needing to drink a lot of water, you’ll just knock along nicely!

When we compare this to vaser liposuction, then this is performed by a medical surgeon with the use of drugs to numb the pain in the targeted area. You’ll be on antibiotics post surgery to avoid infection and will need MLD treatment (perhaps with deep oscillation) to ensure a good body contour. In liposuction, the doctor will insert a rod into your body (invasive) and use this to suck out the fat. So it’s not so much destroyed as removed.

Many people think you can’t then put on the weight again, but you can because the fat cells that are left, and there always will be some, will just grow larger as the fat you consume must go somewhere.

Other non surgical options include injection lipolysis; a controversial cosmetic procedure in which they inject drug mixtures into patients to destroy fat cells. This concoction of drugs kill the cells, and fat is visibly less. However, we’re personally not so keen on this because it messes with hormones and we much prefer to keep treatments as natural as possible. Especially where we often work with fertility clients.

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