Deep oscillation therapy (also known under the patented names DEEP OSCILLATION® or HIVAMAT® as was the older technology) is a unique, internationally patented, non-invasive, non-traumatic method of therapy that is a completely different method of treatment than therapies such as ultrasound or shock wave.

It’s gentle, relaxing and therapeutic. What’s brilliant about deep oscillation is that it can be used for remedial work such as encouraging healing; but it’s cosmetic results such as brightening skin and removing toxins to give a tighter and brighter appearance are also fabulous. It’s the perfect treatment for looking and feeling radiant.

Its special structure allows the doctor or therapist to generate pleasant and biologically effective vibrations in the treated tissue through electrostatic attraction and friction without using external mechanical forces. This facilitates the effective application of the massage from your practitioner to you as the patient.

The gentle nature of deep vibration makes it ideal for reducing pain immediately after injury, where normal massage would be contraindicated. This efficient adjuvant treatment is also helpful in the early postoperative stage as it promotes dynamic wound healing with less resulting scar tissue and a faster return to normal activity.

It’s also the perfect way to get rid of dull looking skin and black circles under your eyes as it stimulates your lymphatic system. This allows your body to drain away these toxins giving you tighter, more vibrant and younger looking skin/ appearance.

Complementary therapy

Deep oscillation can complement and intensify all forms of clinical manual lymphatic drainage and manual therapy. The benefit of this is that your blood and we improve lymph delivery around your body, typically meaning that more of the ‘good stuff’ gets where it needs to go.

Unlike other vibration therapies that only work on one element, the surface of the skin, these pleasant vibrations have a clinically proven deep acting effect (8 cm) on all tissue components (skin, connectivedeep oscillation therapy machine tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymphatic vessels) as shown in the figure below.

Deep oscillation penetrates 8 cm deep (Tápanez Hernandez, 2010)

Deep oscillation provides patients with symptomatic relief from conservative management, before and after liposuction of lymphedema and lipedema, as well as in plastic and general surgery.

Intermittent two-phase pulses are delivered directly to the patient’s layers of tissue, either through a vinyl-coated hand applicator (which also allows for self-treatment) or the doctor’s hands gloved with vinyl gloves.

Therapy carries the certification and classification of medical devices, European and international patents [2] Sterile application of biologically effective DEEP OSCILLATION® Practitioner for patients through vinyl gloves for direct work (vinyl is also the medium in which therapy can flow) Patient self-treatment in different sizes Specialized applicator head (1.5 cm, 5 cm, 9.5 cm) applied from doctor to patient through one applicator to another through a special film (via an applicator or gloves) for sterile treatment in wound care, from doctors to patients in the UK and worldwide.

Deep oscillation facial facelift info

Deep Oscillation is NHS Approved

Since 2006, the deep swing has become increasingly popular in the UK and Ireland. PhysioPod UK Limited (NHS approved providers) and particularly as part of our NHS lymphedema (lymphoedema) services and private DLT MLD lymphedema professionals. It is also helpful for the management of lipoedema.

Other countries that benefit from its many advantages include Germany, Cuba, the USA and Canada. Mexico, Costa Rica and Poland. In Costa Rica and Mexico, it is becoming the gold standard instance for oncology post-mastectomy cancer treatment (including to reduce and prevent edema).

20 Key Benefits of Pleasant Deep Oscillation in Conservative and Surgical Treatment of Lymphedema and Lipedema
  • Rapid treatment without surgery, syringe or medication
  • Extremely gentle and well tolerated, applicable immediately after injury or from an early postoperative stage
  • Pain and swelling (oedema) and bruising are reduced, improvement of tissue quality (including burns wound healing), improvement of mobility and quality of life of patients
  • No known side effects whilst delivering radiant skin
  • Proven therapy used for over 30 years and used worldwide
  • Self-treatment at home is an option (ideal in today’s climate – April 2020)
  • Effective conservative treatment of fibrosis caused by lymphedema or later stage lipedema
  • Reducing fibrosis before liposuction gives better results, fibrotic tissue breaks down, fat is removed more easily and we injure tissues less, which facilitates the procedure, reduces bleeding with fewer complications, improves recovery and speeds up therapy does not
  • Early thermal, can be applied through implanted nails and plates, breast implants and prostheses
  • Clinically proven effects even for cosmetic such as helping with premature ageing
  • Pain relief effects in conditions of acute traumatic and chronic pain even for sports injuries and damage from overstraining [3-14] e.g. acute lateral ankle sprains medicine
  • Prevention and reduction of secondary and primary lymphedema and reduction of edema in lipedema [3, 5, 7, 15-18] can help improve your body’s response to surgery if used pre and post procedure
  • Prevention of remodeling processes, reduction of fibrosis [3, 9, 15, 16, 19].
  • Anti-inflammatory effect [14, 20] great for treatment of sports injury or post-operative vaser liposuction and healing scar tissue and surgical wounds
  • Muscle relaxation, mobilisation, functional improvement and improved range of motion (ROM) [5, 8, 19, 21-23]
  • Support wound healing processes and rehabilitation [24-26] and we do not limit the frequency with which we can use this
  • Normalise hemodynamic parameters of the skin, correct aesthetic-neurotic problems and influence biological aging through effect preventive on premature aging [27]
  • Accelerated recovery after intense physical training [28-30]
  • Decongestion and functional improvement in obstructive pulmonary disease [31, 32]
  • Significantly improved volume and movement reduction (ROM) by combining MLD with DOT versus MLD alone [3.17, [33.34]


Deep oscillation uses vibration to reduce oedema. In the article, “Safety and Effectiveness of Vibration Massage by deep oscillations: A prospective Observational Study,” published in Evidence based complementary and alternative medicine, Kraft et al., say “deep oscillation massage is used to stimulate the absorption of edema, to reduce pain, and to ease wound healing and for its anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrous effects.” A deep oscillation machine creates “a pulsating electrostatic field of low intensity and frequency… between the manual applicator and the patients’ tissue” which affects “skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels and presumably an increased local vascular circulation” (2013).

Contraindications Acute infections Acute systemic local inflammation with pat germs

Active tuberculosis Acute venous disease (untreated thrombosis) Untreated tuberculosis Erysipelas or cellulitis Patients with pacemakers or other electronic implants Untreated heart disease and problems Pregnancy hypersensitivity to electrostatic fields Infectious diseases Vertebrobasilar insufficiency (IVB)

Note: for best results for the wear creams, lotions or makeup for sessions as these create a barrier and weaken the effect of the sessions.


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